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Drone X Pro Australia Reviews 2020 Smooth

Drone X Pro Australia Reviews (2020) 50% off + Free Ship -> This article talks about the design and function of Drone X Pro Australia. You can also find where to order from and major customer reviews on

Drone X Pro Australia Reviews It is the land of Kangaroos. It is the biggest island in Oceania and the sixth-largest country in the world. The country is most famous for the Royal Opera House in Sydney. The other various attractions in Australia are its vast beaches. One of the most popular and beautiful ones is called Bondi beach. Another reason for Australia to be popular is the presence of The Great Barrier Reef which has over 2,900 reefs which is a whopping number. The Sydney harbor beach is another famous tourist spot. Australia also has several different kinds of animals ranging from Koalas to Kangaroos. 

One can go on a hiking trail and enjoy the sights. Australians are also big on filming and photography. History witnessed a long list of talented photographers whose work has been appreciated worldwide. Some famous photographers include – Trent Parke, Bill Henson, Narelle Autio, Anne Geddes, Tracey Moffatt, etc. There’s a lot to capture in the Australian country.

Who can use Drone X Pro Australia?

Drone X Pro Australia Reviews can be used by people who are photography and travel enthusiasts. The small size and lightweight of the drone makes up for practical use. People who never used a drone before but always wanted one can start with Drone X Pro Australia. It comes in handy to take selfies and capture beautiful views from a bird’s eye perspective. 

People with a low budget for drones will find this gadget priceless. Australians have a keen eye for photography and filming. Hence, Drone X Pro Australia is a steal deal for them.

What is Drone X Pro Australia?

Drone X Pro is a smaller version of the big drones. A drone is a quad copter that flies to great heights and captures scenic beauty from a height. It will be loved by children and adults alike. 

How to use Drone X Pro Australia?

As you get your new Drone X Pro Australia, unpack the content. You have to put everything together as given in the instruction list. Once you have put the propellers in place, charge the drone for about seventy minutes. This will keep the drone flying for about ten minutes. 

After getting the drone connected to the controller switch on the black power button located on the top of the drone. As you do that, three blue lights will get switched on simultaneously. All LED lights on the front and back will be turned on. Switch on the toggle button and do a forward and backward throttle. Your drone x pro is ready to fly.

How does Drone X Pro Australia work?

Drone X Pro works on the flying signals it receives from the controller. The drone can be manually controlled to change directions, click picture and land.

Technical Specifications of Drone X Pro Australia

  1. The approx. weight of Drone X Pro is 360 g.
  2. It has front and back LED lights.
  3. The mobile controlled app can be installed in both android and IOS devices.
  4. A frequency of 2.4 GHz is used to control the drone.
  5. The distance from FPV is 50 m.
  6. The size of the drone is 27*19.5*5 cm
  7. The size of the package is 17.5*16*7 cm
  8. It has a 2 MP camera with a wide-angle of 720 P.
  9. A distance of 80-100 m is required to ensure a great control.
  10. The battery has 3.7 V 500 mAh.

Pros of Drone X Pro Australia

Below is the list of advantages of using this drone.

  1. Drone X Pro can be folded to save space.
  2. The compact design and portable version make it ideal for children to carry it along too.
  3. The camera comes with 2 megapixels to click pictures and videos. 
  4. It has enough space to store around three thousand pictures and videos.
  5. It takes very little time to take off which makes it a fast drone of its kind.
  6. The prime USP of Drone X Pro is its in-built ability to detect land and land safely. 
  7. It is built from a strong body which also makes it durable.
  8. The highly affordable price makes it very accessible.

How is Drone X Pro Australia better than other drones?

Drone X Pro Australia is priced very low as compared to other highly expensive drones of its kind. It is portable and lightweight. One can easily put it in a back pocket or backpack without having to worry about breaking. It looks stylish and has a hard durable body that one cannot resist. It is a must have for all budding photography enthusiasts and travel vloggers.

Customer Reviews

Drone X Pro Australia has got many positive reviews from people of all ages. Here are some of our favorites.

Juno Track, a 16-year-old student says, “I got Drone X Pro Australia as a gift from my parents on my birthday. It was surely the best gift ever. I can easily carry this drone in my college bag and use it to click pictures on my way back.”

Loisa Jonnas, a 38-year-old housewife says, “I have always wanted to take great pictures and also did a photography course. It was only after I bought this drone that I have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming a part-time photographer. It comes handy and is very powerful.”

Where to buy Drone X Pro Australia today?

As our reader, you go directly to the manufacturer’s official website for Australia and order for yourself. 


Drone X Pro Australia is a must-buy for anyone venturing into the world of photography and filming. The high power drone with classy looks will uplift your gadget collection. Choose your drone today and click amazing pictures as you go about traveling the world.

Article description – This article talks about the design and function of Drone X Pro Australia. You can also find where to order from and major customer reviews on our site. The reasonable price makes it all the more affordable.

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