Online Websites Reviews Reviews [June] Should I Buy From This Website? 2020 Reviews [June] Should I Buy From This Website? >>  In this post, we will discuss a website that sells furniture and home appliances online.

Are you thinking of buying furniture and home appliances online? is just an ecommerce shop that aims to sell pieces of furniture, including sofas, leather chairs. They have their shipping and delivery around the globe. Dreamuhome is located in the United States.

We analysed and did a review. Before you decide whether to purchase from that kind of online shop, please do read Reviews.

What is promises to sell decent quality items on their web store at really reasonable prices, but would you trust them? We have observed throughout our analysis that perhaps the pricing of their goods provides as a trap to encourage unwary consumers. is using a quite lovely and quite well-designed and the design of its homepage gives it a believable sense.

However, this does not trick you into thinking that is legit because all of these scammers are going the additional mile to seem assured. 

Is Legit? is a fraudulent web store at that claims to offer furniture, sofas, and leather chairs. Online customers stake of receiving falsified items from the same website, or even nothing. 

Dissatisfied online shoppers who purchase on the unreliable webpage are required to contact their banking and financial organizations to suspend their payments and reimburse funds.


  • Product Type: House Appliances, Furniture, and Accessories 
  • Delivery time: 7-12 business days
  • Shipping Fee: Free all over the world
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Credit Card 
  • Return Policy: Applicable within 45 days
  • Return Shipping Fee: Free
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Physical Address: Not Provided
  • Email Address: 


  • Several products line is available on the site 
  • Each category of household appliances you can locate 
  • You also can buy items for decorating your home 
  • Its items offer the interior a unique appearance 
  • The product lines also have the advanced and adorable layout 
  • They give free of cost shipments


  • It may take over a week to deliver 
  • No communication the address was provided upon on homepage 
  • It also does not list the goods 
  • This can be tricky to access and browse 
  • Reduced asset prices make this seem mistrustful

What do customers think about

This platform has a quality rating system allowing its consumers to evaluate the items. All of the reviews on a platform are favourable. This is not, indeed, a reputable source because it could be a fraudulent one. 

And reading reviews of e-commerce websites on other websites is essential.

Some consumers characterized very wrongly, claiming this to be a scam.

On this site, consumers who purchased an item have not ever picked up their shipments. 

They also said that the platform was attempting to use their credit card details to purchase on certain websites. Many consumers, therefore, are unhappy about this site.

Moreover, this platform’s interface is not user-friendly. Buyers thus find it hard to find the item they require.

 If you have any feedback regarding this platform, please share your views with us in the comment section.

Conclusion is an untrusted online platform, and not suggested for use.

They may want your card details so that they might use to cheat into it and withdraw from your bank account. If you purchase from them, there is a danger that you will lose your cash but do not get any item in payback. 

Guard against fraudsters. On the web, there are also several unreliable web sites claiming to offer top-notch goods, however, at highly discount prices. 

It is common to come across these types of e-commerce stores at reasonable rates that sell good looking items. However, these kinds of shops usually turn out to have been fake in the final. provides amazing offers on goods. It helps to compensate for its expenses. It does so. The costs, even so, are also too incredibly low and are thus highly suspect. These schemes typically scam people by providing information about their credit cards. 

Consumers are claiming that the platform afterward asked to pay a quite substantial cost for a low-priced item. only launched four months before, according to specific reports. This further shows that customer reviews are fake as a new site cannot get a vast number of users. The platform did not gain sincere respect and trust from customers.

 So, we suggest keeping away from this platform and advising others to do so.

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  1. I purchased a pool from this Dreamuhome website. I looked at my statement online and the money has been taken out but I didn’t receive any confirmation number. What should I do?

  2. I order a mixer, took more money out than what the item cost. I haven seen the mixer yet! This was back in June and it’s now September. I have the order number but have no way to get in touch with them. You can not trust every one!!!!

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