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Dramlate com Reviews [June] Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Dramlate com Reviews

Dramlate com Reviews [June] Is This Authentic or a Scam? >> In this article, you will go through all the details about the website and the information you need before using any website.

Dinning materials and other useful items are something we look for in day-to-day life. Buying such items online can be helpful, and sometimes it becomes painful. 

Dramlate com Reviews states that is found in the United States. The website deals with household items at very affordable prices. In this article, you will come across the necessary policies offered by the company. It also contains the required details of the company.

Here you will acknowledge that the site is legit or it can be a scam. You will get all the answers to the questions like it worth money or what customers have to say about this website.

What is is the online platform that deals with fantastic stuff. The product list includes items like Women watches with outstanding designs, world stock jewelry for different occasions, cutlery, and wine glasses for all-purpose like parties.

The quality of bath mats and rugs will attract people to a great extent. The prices are affordable and have proper policies that could be helpful and satisfying for the customers.


  • Website –
  • Email address –
  • Address – 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Phone number – +12563695004
  • Return – within 30 days
  • Refund – as soon as the parcel receives
  • Shipping – 3-5 days
  • delivery time – 7-10 days 
  • Payment – Online mode of payment is worth money or not?

It is imperative to make sure before spending money on any website. We need to go for an online survey before using any new website. Dramlate com Reviews says that this company does not have any exact reviews. No one can judge the site is legit or a scam without any detailed information. 

The answer to the question that the site worth money or not depends on what you feel as we cannot assure you the site is legit or not. Think many times to decide as your decision is something that can help you.

Pros of the website

  • Site is easy to use
  • Exchange and return applies to all the products
  • The company gave the quality assurance.
  • Affordable prices

Cons of the Website

  • No online reviews available
  • No tracking details 
  • The domain name of the company is not valid.
  • only online payment is possible

What customers have to say about it?

Dramlate com Reviews had gone through the complete research about the website and the company. No exact information and the early customer review are available online. The site is too new and does not have the right amount of customers. The reviews are always based on the users and the feedback they give about the stuff and the work by the team members.

Every site has its pros and cons; you should focus on both sides of the company. Never ignore any point that can affect you and your money in any manner. Invest the money only after being 100% sure about the company as the money is precious. We cannot invest the money at a place where you do not have the assurity of getting the product or the money back.

Is the site legit or scam?

The legit site shares all the details on the official page of the company. But sometimes the given details can be spoofed or have an invalid domain name. Go through all the checks before using the site. Dramlate com Reviews here show you that the site has all details available but no user feedback. The domain is invalid and does not have the exact address of the company that can be problematic. We cannot just trust the site on the assurance given by them. The email address is also not responding correctly. The company offers the stuff at a very affordable price that can be used by everyone.

Dramlate com Reviews shared all the positive and negative sides of the company and did not judge the company too early that it is legit or scam. If you wish to shop on this website, you should go as per your concern.

But you need to go for all the checks and also give feedback about what so ever you feel about the company. The feedback by you can be a helping hand for many. Be safe, and make a wise choice.

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  1. Well thinking I found a good deal I proceeded to purchase a oster barber clippers for around $60.00 I did not receive a confirmation number. I did receive email stating they received the order and once payment was received they’re ship out product. Hoping this is a legit site and not a scam.

    1. I ordered the same item in May 2020. Got an email saying my package was delivered to check with post office or my neighbor & given a bogus tracking number.
      I sent numerous emails requesting a refund…. no response, no item & $60 less in my bank account. Absolute scam! Fml

    2. I would say its a scam! I ordered hair clippers they used covid for it not coming on time a month later still havent gotten it!

  2. Freddie, so did you receive your clippers? I was kind of skeptical of this website, and wanted to know other customers experience. Thank you

  3. Don’t Buy from Dramlate there not in Nebraska,there scamming you from the UK.there phone number is fake and say Alabama,Freddie was right they wait until there paid,then never give you a tracking number.I contacted them 5 times no response. Funny how they answered before I purchased…I turned them into bank fraud .

  4. I bought some clippers well over two weeks ago and have not received them or gotten a return email. The phone number is not legit. Scam id say

  5. Really shitty. I ordered the Oster hair clippers & i got face masks. I tried calling the number & it says disconnected. I also sent an email no reply. Wouldn’t recommend anyone buying anything

  6. I ordered a baber chair, got tracking # and packaged said was delivered 32days after I ordered and here I am still looking for the pakage. And no response from them.

  7. Haha They tried to pull this crap on me but I used paypal and learned minutes after paying they were a rip off. They use a phony tracking site and send masks.

    It took a while since paypal made me wait but I got my money back last week and ,surprise, today I opened a package of shitmasks. Free masks for my trouble.

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