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Dona Hair Straightener Reviews (July) Legit Or Scam?

Dona Hair Straightener Reviews

Dona Hair Straightener Reviews (July) Legit Or Scam? >> In this article, you explored a website that offers classic hair straighteners and hairbrushes!!

Do you want to straighten your hair? While you are searching online for a hair straightener, you can check Dona Hair Straighteners. Many brands offer hair straighteners to straighten or curl your hairs faster. Hence, you can check Dona Hair Straightener Reviews to gain trust for buying a classic straightener that is ten times faster than other hair straighteners. For all the details about the website read the information we have provided below that Is Dona Hair Straightener Legit?

While exploring over the Internet for hair straighteners, you want to check the efficiency and quality of the product. Also, you want to know whether it is suitable for all types of hairs or now. And, before buying hair straightener you want to know that, Is Dona Hair Straightener Legit or there are chances to be a scam website. You can explore Dona Hair Straightener Reviews to confirm the legitimacy of the website.

The Dona Hair Straightener is located in the United States, which offers the best quality classic hair straighteners and hairbrushes. Also, the website has provided complete details and technique about their products. Dona Hair Straightener Reviews will assure you that Is Dona Hair Straightener Legit or a scam. We have reviewed all the details provided over the Internet. 

Your feedback will help us improve to provide accurate information that you need before buying hair straightening products online. Kindly leave the comment below at the end of our article about Dona Hair Straighteners.

Is Dona Hair Straightener Legit?

The store launched in the United States sells hair straighteners that can be used for all types of hairs. Also, it claims about the innovative and latest iron technique used and is clinically tested on over 12,000 females with different hair types.

Dona Hair Straightener Reviews and the information available for the online hair straighteners assure that the website is legit and you can buy their hair straighteners and hairbrushes. Therefore, their products gain trust regarding quality and safety.

After a detailed analysis of the store and Dona Hair Straightener Reviews, we can recommend Dona Hair Straightener is a legit store. Further details can be obtained below in this article.

What is Dona Hair Straightener?

Dona hair Straightener is a website that sells hair straighteners and hairbrushes. These straighteners can be used for all hair types. They make hair silky, and you need not wash hair after using straighteners. It can treat and repair hair leaving a smooth, silky and shiny effect that a woman can desire.

Also, it detangles hair and gives 100% natural and desired result in a fraction of seconds. These hair straighteners are efficient, best in quality and give desired softness to hair. The hair straightener store is launched in the United States and provides the best quality products.

Moreover, Dona-hair™ brand was elected as No. 1 French Company by many magazines. Most of the customers are satisfied and recommend buying hair straighteners from this United States-based store.

Specifications of Dona Hair Straightener:

  • Website type: Online Hair Straightener Store 
  • Email id:
  • Location: United States
  • Contact Number: +1 833 480 6633
  • Return of products: Available within 14 days
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Shipping: 7-14 days

Benefits of Dona Hair Straightener:

  • Hair Straighteners & Brush tools for all hair types
  • Washable hair brushes
  • Free shipping provided at times
  • Portable products
  • Efficient results in a few seconds
  • Give your hair silky and smooth effect
  • Massage the scalp
  • Detangle hairs

Cons of Dona Hair Straightener:

  • Price of hair straighteners and brushes is high
  • Few Review available
  • Over-heating of products at times

Customer Reviews:

Dona Hair Straightener Reviews can be seen on the Internet. Customers are satisfied with the products they bought through this website. Many reviews are positive, and most of them have given a 4+ rating. The customers appreciated the results they achieved after using Dona Hair Straighteners and brushes. Besides, they mentioned about the pleasant texture and effect on their hair types.

Final Verdict:

According to the section in this article “Is Dona Hair Straightener Legit?” the hair straightener store launched in the United States is legit. Hence, we recommend you to buy products from this website because there are many positive Dona Hair Straightener Reviews and the chance to get cheated is minimum.

So what are you waiting for!! Straighten your hair and get ready to party!!

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  1. I purchased the straighteners recently, they were sent from China, not the USA. I purchased 2 and as soon as i realised I sent an email asking them to cancel order. My request was ignored and they took two payments from my account. Even though I cancelled within 6 minutes of my.order being confirmed. When the products arrived on the 27th July, i was disappointed to find they look nothing like the product advertised on the website, no branding, no instructions or guarantee and they don’t actually work, no power going through them. I have emailed and left messages via their dona hair website and support email address but no one has responded to my emails. I don’t know where to return the item for a refund and very concerned I have been scammed. I live in the UK and tried to call them but can’t get through.
    How can I contact this company? I want a full refund.
    Sharon E

    1. I had the same thing happen to me.

      Ordered the straightener in July still waiting. They haven’t reimbursed me. Up until October they were answering my e-mails, providing me tracking numbers, followed by blaming it on COVID. Now the replies have stopped.

      They are total scam artists. They are complete theives. I paid U.S. and in Canada it’s like triple the money.

      It’s now December 2020, still no product, company still ignoring my emails!!!

  2. It seems they have in the small print somewhere where nobody sees it that if they have no stock they will send something else similar. It was NOT similar in any way like the slimline fancy straighteners they were advertising. I was sent some from China and they were the old fashioned ones with wide plates which I already have. It seems a number of people are unhappy about this just like me. Customer service is terrible. I should have realised it could be a scam. When they had run out, it should say so on the website page where you order. You then have a choice whether to continue or not. Two different people have written to me and except for about four words the replies are obviously standard that they send to everyone. NOT customer service whatsoever.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I purchased 2 straighteners on August 10 and I just got them last week, October 10. They came rapped in bubble rap inside a plastic mailing bag. No phone # no invoice slip… nothing. I sent an email to an email address in the confirmation mail. This is what they stated “We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the product you have received. Due to a large volume of orders, our main supplier was out of stock. In order to ensure deliveries to our customers, and as mentioned on our website, it may happen that we go through another supplier. This may have the consequence that the product and the packaging are a little different. However, we assure you that the quality of the product remains unchanged.” The straighteners don’t work, they pull and break the hair. I went and purchased another straightener for $ 14.00 and is much better the piece of junk I bought so expensive. There should be a way to stop this company from scamming anyone else.

  3. On July 28th I placed my order for the dona-hair straightener pro. The only reason I bought it so quickly was on the actual site itself it gave a so many hours to buy at a cheaper price. So, that’s what I did. I placed my order to get one dona hair straightener pro. It wasn’t until today August 17th, that I received in my mailbox a package with 2 flat irons that I didn’t even order. In fact the package came from Monroe Township, New Jersey. Which was the shipping company it came from.

    I bought this product directly from the dona hair website. And I’ve never been this disappointed in my life. When buying online that is. I feel I’ve been scammed. Even though they put 2 flat irons in the package it was not by any means from dona hair.
    Maybe they sent me 2 flat irons that in all honesty the dollar general store makes better ones then the ones I received.

    I was skeptical at first buying what I didn’t get anyway. So to be treated like this and take money and then giving the complete opposite of what I ordered. It just goes to prove that people shouldn’t always believe what they see online. I was manipulated into thinking I was getting one of the best hair straighteners out there only to have to wait 6 weeks or so to get anything. But to receive what I did not order is a huge disappointment!! If I don’t get the actual Dona Hair Straightener pro I will have no other choice but to turn this in.

    This was not only a gift to my daughters that they can’t have now before school starts.
    Yet, it truly bothers me to know that you can’t call anyone and talk about this. It’s all done through email. And that is a red flag in my opinion on its own. But you don’t find this out until after you purchase. Someone is taking money and then sending the wrong product. Very disappointed in this site!

    1. Big huge scam you carnt get hold of them to complain I was sent a crap straighner it didn’t work wasn’t the Donna hair as shown was charged 38 pounds wen said 39.99 its a huge scam

      1. Big huge scam you carnt get hold of them to complain I was sent a crap straighner it didn’t work wasn’t the Donna hair as shown was charged 38 pounds wen said 29.99 I carnt get hold of them to complain its like gone off face of earth I’ve been had and not a good feeling shouldn’t be a’ llowed .

  4. Sorry, I disagree. I ordered a Dona- straightner and this is what I received.
    Nothing like the product advertised, and when I emailed to get a refund instead. This was their response…

    ” We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the product you have received.

    Due to a large order volume, our main supplier was out of stock.

    In order to ensure deliveries to our customers, and as mentioned on our site, it may happen that we go through another supplier. This may result in the product and packaging being a little different.

    However, we assure you that the quality of the product remains unchanged. All of this information is available in our shipping policy available on our website.

    We thank you for your understanding and take this opportunity to wish you a great day.

    Best regards


    Team support

    “the quality of the product remains unchanged” my ass!!

    Do not order from this company. They are most certainly a scam!!

    1. I ordered the straightener on August 5, 2020. Keep getting different dates through only e mails, of when it’s coming.It is now the 26th and still NOTHING. Think it’s a scam and will now “ start the process “ How do you take the money ( immediately) and never sent the product? I wouldn’t risk ordering from them!!

  5. Sorry, it wouldn’t let me add a photo of their replacement straightner. It’s a cheap, completely useless, plastic knock off.

  6. I ordered the Dona-hair straightener pro and received a plain nobrand larger straightener that I did not order. I reported this to customer team and they sent me an email stating their main supplier was out of stock and when that happens you may get a different product. No I want what I ordered and paid for. They will not refund my money and they have excuses on top of excuses. I do not recommend these people cause it’s a scam. They pick and choose who they will scam today. I work hard for my money and I spend it on what I want and ordered not what you want to give me in place of. They will not take responsibility, on their site it’s says that it is in stock so they’re lying. Do not buy from these people unless you’re willing to rist that you may or may not get what you ordered and paid for. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. My daughter and I both ordered one. Here’s came in on Friday and it’s that same no named one you have described. I’m looking for mine to come in and I will not be happy if its not what I have ordered. Also I will not stop Complaining to Instagram or my credit card company or anyone else. I don’t like what I seeing here at all.

  7. I ordered the dona hair straighteners and feel I’ve been scammed there nothing at all like the ad not slimline doesn’t say dona hair on them the handle isn’t at all what there showing I got charged 9 pounds shipping when said free I’ve e-mailed them over and over saying want my money back as they stated on the ad and to top it off the cheap nasty looking garbage they sent doesn’t even work
    I get no reply back from them surly this is false advertizing and should be reported trading standards

  8. I too received an unbranded product in half a package. When I placed it on my daughter’s tightly curled hair each hair seemed to repel each other rather than attract. In other words, instead of the sleek finish promised, the hair fanned out as though she had been given an electric shock.. So disappointed in her birthday gift.

  9. It is without a doubt a scam. I received the same crap knock off as everyone else.

    Something needs to be done about this company. Sick of it.

  10. I ordered two Dona hair straightener from their web sight when l saw the advertisement on August 27, today is Sept. 13th l have not received my order as of yet. They said it would take 7-10 days to receive. I hope and pray l have not been scam, and when my order arrive l pray they are the ones advertised.

  11. SCAM !!!! This happened to me – fuming – any ideas what this shows up on your bank statement as i am going to report it

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