Did Wincosin Cheat In The Elections (Nov 2020) Reveal the Facts.

Did Wincosin Cheat In The Elections 2020

Did Wincosin Cheat In The Elections (Nov 2020) Reveal the Facts.>>In this news article, you will discover if the Democratic Party’s Wisconsin win is a fluke or real.

Will Biden be or not be? Not only the United States but the entire world is eagerly awaiting the answer to this question for the past few months.

As the Democrat Joe Biden emerges winner in the Northern industrial states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, what does it infer?

It was clear until today that most of the United States loved Donald Trump and his witty one-liners.

Then what went wrong? How did this unexpected turn of events happen? Did Wisconsin Cheat in the Election?

Did Wisconsin Cheat in the Election?

Sadly, Trump’s defeat links to his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. His love of being with the masses led to his downfall this time.

Talking about Joe Biden, it was crucial to winning back these three states, the key Democratic strongholds.

Biden was confident that he stated in his pre-campaign speech in April 2019 that he will defeat Trump in any of these states if it happens.

Now that his words have come true, the Trump camp demands a recount is claiming the manipulation of votes.

For this reason, many might think Did Wisconsin Cheat in the Election?

The following facts will let us discover the truth. Firstly, let us understand what it means to Joe Biden to win in Wisconsin.

What does Wisconsin win mean for Democrats?

As Joe Biden wins Wisconsin today, ten electoral votes, he reclaims an integral part of the “blue-wall states” that slipped from Democrats 4 years back.

Democrats had lost the election in 2016 by a thin margin of 80,000 votes in the three democratic states.

Therefore, winning back Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin was a part of Biden’s strategy.

And we must tell you this was not luck by chance.

As per the New York Times, Joe Biden knew from the start that the industrial trio represented his most straightforward path to the presidency.

From the very beginning of his campaign, Biden focused on rebuilding the “blue wall.”

He strategically planned his campaign with a discipline that is rarely seen in presidential politics.

Therefore, the question Did Wisconsin Cheat in the Election is baseless. It stems from the acute chagrin of Trump-supporters who are unable to fathom his defeat.

Final verdict:

Joe Biden laid his path to victory in Wisconsin by spending time and money on this state.

As per statistics, Joe Biden spent almost three times more on advertising in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin than Texas and Arizona.

His decision to concentrate on these states comes by calculations of political math as well as cultural affinity.

Mr. Biden identifies himself as a typical working-class American who loves to train to work like any “middle-class Joe.” He strikes a chord with the common man, and people relate to him in a way they could not connect to the earlier president.

In conclusion, Did Wisconsin Cheat in the Election ? No, it did not.

Joe Biden’s Wisconsin win is a well-planned strategy. His well-crafted approach with a campaign that integrates with voter outreach programs is instrumental in shaping his success.

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