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Cvaluely com Reviews [July] Is This A Scam Website?

Cvaluely com Reviews 2020

Cvaluely com Reviews [July] Is This A Scam Website? >> In this article, you will get to know about a website that claims to deal with accessories and clothing products.

Do you also get suspicious before buying clothes or any other products from a new website? Let’s check out Cvaluely com Reviews and analyze if you can trust this website or not.

The majority of customers from the United States prefer to shop online at their comfort and avoid the long queues and fixed store timings and many more tiring situations that they face when they go to the store.

Nowadays, there is an immense amount of websites emerging in the online market, offering customers the best deals and exciting offers. But the doubt is how to trust a site without any reviews or experience. Therefore, we will answer your question – Is Cvaluely com Legit?

We have gone through an extensive research to look into the website review in terms of customer experience and technical safety aspects. All you have to do is go through this report and an overall insight of the website’s authenticity and features.

What is is an e-commerce website launched on 17 June 2020 and is brand new in the online trading market. 

The product category offered by the website is quite confusing. The site claims to deal in clothing and accessories, but there is no clothing products and accessories showcased on the website for selling purpose. The website has showcased some random categories of products like gym equipment, machinery, and painting.

The HTTPS safety network protocol is detected on the website server. The newness of the website raises questions, Is Cvaluely com Legit.

Why is unique? 

The website offers you free shipping on all the orders placed on the United States address. There is multiple payment currency options available. 

The website has authorized its copyrights in 2020. The site has a login system and gift certification section, which gives you detailed information on how you can use your gift card on this website. 

Specifications of

  • Product Type: Clothing, Accessories, Gym Equipment, Machinery, etc.
  • Website Link:
  • Email Link:
  • Phone Number: +18183373525
  • Address: 30 Fuller st. Apt.202,Brookline,Massachusetts,2446
  • Delivery Time: 10-22 Days 
  • Shipping Charges: Free for United States address
  • Return and Exchange option: Available 
  • Refund Option: Applicable 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payments only 

Pros of shopping from

  • Free Shipping 
  • Return / Exchange and refund option available 
  • Clear contact information 
  • Newsletter services available 
  • Secure payment mode 
  • HTTPS network protocol 

Cons of shopping from

  • The website Is disoriented 
  • Product claims in “About Us” is false 
  • Bulk ordering of product seems suspicious 
  • The item tabs on the website do not work 
  • No social media involvement 
  • Low traffic on the website server

Is Cvaluely com legit?

Once you open the website’s homepage, you will instantly get an idea that it is focused on the clothing products. But the truth there is not even a single clothing material available on the website. The address given on the website is an address of the apartment. Hence there is a high possibility that a single person is operating the site.

Any legit website won’t allow you to bulk order any product as per their terms of service policy. Bulk orders can be used for personal merchandise. Imagine ordering machinery in bulk orders and paying thousands of dollars for the same. No legit online seller will allow you to order bulk orders of machinery products.

Cvaluely com Reviews from the customers not available. Any product button that can take you to the list of the products does not work. Therefore to clear your doubt about Is Cvaluely com Legit we found this website a scam.

What is customer feedback about

There is no Cvaluely com Reviews available from the consumers to confirm that the website’s services are legit.

Other reviewing website claims that the site is a scam and should not be trusted. Technically the website is potentially safe to browse on Google. 

Final Verdict

After the in-depth analysis of the various aspects of the website, we will advise you not to trust it. Do not enter your sensitive data on this website. 

The website is highly disoriented in terms of its product claims; therefore, we will tell you not to get fooled by the tempting home page. Please do not enter any of your sensitive data on this website. The website is not legit.

We would love to hear how you liked our research quality. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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  1. it is a scam….first charged more than my bill….then when i called no. on order receipt-the no. was no good…it says massachusetts,but it is china….do not buy anything

    1. I just purchased some gym equipment, got no response when emailed to ask how long the shipping would be. Did I just get screwed?

  2. It’s a scam. Ordered a 7ft 45 pound olympic barbell. Cheap at $70 but I figured things were cheaper in China. They accepted PayPal so I thought that gave more credibility. I was under the impression PayPal screened it’s users. I just received a handful of disposable COVID masks in the mail. They do this so there is something being shipped that you can get a tracking # for.


  3. Yup! China is being used for the BIG Rip OFF! No specky english? phone number doesn’t work, sent E-mails, run around, tell no shipping charges on Items and then they charge you! Just came back from my Bank to start the dispute! Might never see my money? More Snakes in the grass! From China!

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