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Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine?

Crotchdart Com Reviews 2020

Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? -> This article is for those who wish to learn more about

The buzz today is companies are going digital. This is because with the e-commerce world evolving and unfurling in leaps and bounds through the internet, people have become addicted to shopping here, rather than in brick and mortar stores. 

Why is it that companies are following the internet path for businesses? That’s because the initial investment in the virtual world is pretty low. Any individual can set up an online store overnight with the help of elementary web designing.

Once the shop is opened, getting it into fame is also not difficult. Advertising through other popular sites, gaining social media presence happens quite fast, if a company intends to be known.

Whenever we think of purchasing some product or service, we first search the virtual world, so often we make mistakes while being impulsive. Here, I mean the scam companies which we come across. 

They are almost equally convincing like any other true business but differentiate at few vital areas.

Introducing now, yet another online portal, this is registered in the United State.

What is is an online store that sells dinnerware, jewellery, petites, sunglasses and reading glasses. It believes in delivering the best quality items and products and has explicitly mentioned that in it’s ‘About Us’ page. 

Shockingly, there’s the mention of another company here, called ‘TURNNACY’.

What’s does this mean? This signifies that either the content is copied or the business has another name. The latter possibility seems irrelevant.

Apart from this, the website is loaded with images of products and prices marked in red, which are the attractions here. A big sale is announced in the home page with a picture of Christmas as the backdrop.

It seems the company doesn’t keep it’s website updated.

How does it work?

On carting the items that you have selected, the next step is to pay for them through ‘PayPal’, debit or credit cards. Once the payment is done, the company assures a delivery within 3-7 business days.

If you are dissatisfied with the commodities and wish to return any of them then you can contact the company through, Also an address : 1527fruitland dr, BELLINGHAM, WA, 98226, telephone number : +1 8456360200, e-mail : are provided where the goods can be sent.

Thankfully, the company doesn’t have it’s origin in China, from where many fraudulent companies are operating, but that doesn’t certify the former’s legitimacy.

Who should buy from here?

People who are interested in the products available here on will buy from here. The prices are low and the images are eye-catchy. But, there’s no description about the quality, brand or make of the items.

Whatever the images say should be enough for one to decide. Whether the right products will be delivered to you or not is another calling.

Why is it famous?

This company can be famous for two reasons. Firstly, it’s construction is simple. There’s no clutter of content here and there. The website is all about pictures depicting the products and unbelievable prices.

Secondly, has a SSL certification, which ensures secure encryption of data.

What are the negative remarks about it?

There are certain loose ends which are noticeable if look into intently. The website lacks clarity. The content is copied with several errors. The company has no external links to share and no social media presence either.

The website was registered on 16.03.2020 and it has no e-mail server of it’s own. Strangely, the company’s address and phone number that has been flashed in the website are shared by many other scam e-businesses.

is Crotchdart Com legit?

This is more than enough to confirm that is not a safe site to shop from. Such websites may or may not put up to your expectation in terms of quality of products and deliverables.

Money paid here will never be refunded. Be extremely cautious of divulging any kind of vital financial information like credit card passwords, CVVs etc on online shopping sites. It’s a criminal offence to ask for such personal information by any company and such acts are punishable by law.

Fraudulent websites misuse such information and even sell them to other miscreant third parties for monetary gains. Whenever you come across any such spam e-businesses, do spread a word among your friends and family, so that nobody gets exploited.


With the advancement of technology, our lives have become easier but people tend to take advantage of any goodness. We should always keep our eyes and mind wide open while searching through websites.

Also, gaining knowledge about spurious companies helps a lot in the long run.

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  1. I ordered an item on Par. 12, 2020 ,have not received my item . They were quick to in getting their payment . I will never order from this company again . Thank for nothing.

    1. There are fake . I order a sewing machine from them never got it but I reported them and put my bank on them

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