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Cra Website Down (August) Know More About This Issue.

Cra Website Down

Cra Website Down (August) Know More About This Issue. >> In the above article, you read about an incident of website failure of Canadian revenue agency.

The only concern that troubles this digitalized world is the issue of data security and cyber-attacks.

One such issue has been faced in Canada by its Revenue Agency. It has recently suffered two cyber-attacks, which forced it to close its website for several days. This led to a lot of problems faced by people and businesses in Canada.

Read the following article to know more about the Cra Website Down incident and its impact on the country.  

What is CRA?

Canada Revenue Agency, often referred to as CRA, is the government agency located in Ottawa, Canada. This agency collect taxes, looking into the tax policy and taxation laws, and is responsible for carrying out the benefit programs for the central and provincial governments.

Thus Canada Revenue Agency looks into the matter of all the revenues in the state. 

Cra Website Down

Recently, Canadians faced the problem of Cra Website Down as the official website suffered two cyber-attacks. Thus, to protect the data of thousands of account holders on the site, it was shut down.

Cra Website Down led to the closure of services linked to My Account, My Business Account, and Represent a Client. Approximately 5500 accounts were affected by the suspension of these services from the Canada Revenue Agency website.  

Problems Faced

  • Change in email addresses linked with the CRA accounts.
  • Change in information and details linked to direct deposits of people.
  • Approval of CERB payments, even without the COVID – 19 benefit application.

Impact of Cra Website Down 

The Cra Website Down led to the unavailability of certain emergency benefits, which were essential to people dealing with the COVID – 19 pandemic. Services such as Canada Emergency Response Benefit and Canada Emergency Student Benefit were turned down. No response was available from the CRA’s side as to when these services were expected to be resumed.  

Measures Undertaken

Canadian anti-fraud Centre is already working on several sources and reports to curb this problem of cyber-attacks from its roots. The CRA is contacting all the affected people personally and explaining how they can re-verify their personal details and use their accounts. All the people are advised by a cyber intelligence agency to change their passwords and pick unique passwords that should not be used on other websites.


Cra Website Down has led to a lot of problems for Canadians. Some of them have been deprived of the emergency services. However, many central agencies are working on this issue and are trying to resolve this at the earliest. Considerate steps are being taken to protect the information of the account holders. Protection of data is considered as the foremost issue to be resolved so that no further accounts get in the trap of such cyber frauds.  

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