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Cozynobby com Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Legit Or Not?

Cozynobby com Reviews 2020

Cozynobby com Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Legit Or Not? >> The article, is for a website named Iconic Finds that sells women’s and men’s products online.

Fashion changes more often than seasons. In today’s day and age, one feels the compulsion to keep up to the latest trends in fashion. It is what leads to people shopping often. These days nobody has the time and energy to go out and shop every time they want something. 

So, technology has bought the option of shopping at our fingertips. We can get what we want to be delivered right to our doorstep. Today, we are going to review a United Statesbased website. So, get ready for Cozynobby com Reviews.

Here, you will get a lot of information to help you out with while reading this article.

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What is Cozynobby com?

There are very few sites which will compel you to say a few good things about their layout and collection. Well, this is one of them. For Cozynobby com Reviews, we would first talk about the beautiful layout and the impressive collection that one can witness on this website. The colors are pleasant, and the mood is instantly set right landing on this website. 

One would find clothes of various types and designs on Cozynobby and each of them more attractive than the other.

However, the products and the website are impressive, but when we talk about the website proving its legitimacy, we were in for a big disappointment. 

Cozynobby is made in June 2020; it makes it less than three months old. As we always say, a website which has an age of shorter than six months of existence increases its chances of being a scam website.

This United Statesbased website also has no owner information divulged in the ‘about us’ section; it was our disappointment for Cozynobby com Reviews with the website. Then we found out that the website doesn’t have any contact information mentioned other than an email address.

Specifications of Cozynobby com: 

  • URL:
  • Products: Cozynobby has various categories of women’s clothes online.
  • Address:  Not specified
  • Email Id:
  • Contact number:  Not mentioned
  • Payment Options: Various
  • Time needed for shipping: One month
  • Ships: All over the world

Pros of Cozynobby com:

  • Cozynobby ships globally.
  • The website is user friendly
  • The products are attractive.
  • The products come in a variety of sizes. 

Cons of Cozynobby com:

  • The website doesn’t have a strong social media presence.
  • There is no adequate owner information.
  • The website doesn’t have genuine customer reviews.
  • The website is too new. 

 Is Cozynobby com legit?

The website is made only three months ago; it is one point that cannot be missed while writing Cozynobby com ReviewsThe websites that have the domain name registered less than six months ago are more suspicious. The website doesn’t have any contact information mentioned other than an email address.

There is no mention of any address or phone number. Also, there is no owner information mentioned on the website.

We couldn’t find any genuine customer reviews of the website. Also, the website doesn’t have any section where the users can share their genuine feedback about the website. We searched for this website on other social media platforms. However, we couldn’t find much about the website’s activeness on social media platforms. 

Thus, we cannot say much about the website’s legitimacy as there is not sufficient information available for the website. So, for Cozynobby com Reviews, we would cite the lack of evidence for not being able to conclude.

Customer Reviews:

Though we made many searches, we couldn’t find any genuine customer reviews of the website. Customer reviews are one such level of authentication that helps in ticking off a website in the category of scam or legit. However, the missing customer reviews are not helping in the case of this website. For Cozynobby com Reviews, there are many factors that will help in establishing the inauthenticity of the website.

Final Verdict

So, we would advise our reader not to shop from Cozynobby. For Cozynobby com Reviews, we would say that though, and the website has a beautiful layout and a gorgeous collection, it fails to prove itself a legit site. There are not enough pieces of evidence to clear the air about this website. 

Hence, we would advise our readers to order from the site only after being completely sure of the website’s legitimacy.

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  1. Unfortunately, I was not as smart as I should have been. I jumped too fast without doing the research, impressed by what I saw, prices and the fact that they stated that they were closing shop due to the effect of COVID on the business. So I ordered Sep 12, received an order confirmation immediately, but heard nothing more until today, after I emailed them via Shopping Technology Ltd, yesterday, sep 21st. I asked to cancel the order, in which they emailed saying the order has been processed and sent to the carrier, so cancellation is not possible. Mind you, I have not received any notice or update, so, that seems like a very convenient answer to me. I responded back but have not heard back yet. The jury is still out whether I ever will receive anything or when! I will wait a bit longer before I pursue further action. I could just slap myself for being stupid this time!.

    1. Are you still waiting on your order to come? I was going to order something but I seen your review and second guessed it.

  2. I am right there with you. Almost $200 later. I am going to give it some time, but at the one month mark I will request a refund from paypal.

  3. I, too made an order without reviewing the company thoroughly. No response to my emails and the link they sent me about my clothing being on the way does not work either. Definitely a scam!!

  4. Don’t feel stupid. You responded to something that you thought was legit. The clothing are beautiful to be so poorly made. I ordered as well and may have to get my bank in loved for my dispute.

  5. I jumped in foolish as well. I bought 2 horse blouses from them. They arrived pretty quickly but they are way smaller then the sizes suggest and I am unable to wear them. I cannot find a way to return them. The email address does not work. I am very disappointed and wish I could warn others.

  6. I am right there with you!! After seeing a going out of business ad due to covid on facebook I ordered what I thought was a sweatshirt but turns out it was a weird fabric and a poorly made top with very loose seams and white threads stuck in the collar. I immediately reached out after receiving the item to request a refund. Initially, I had been somewhat corresponding with someone because I received a tracking number and order number, but the tracking number was not active until about 2 or more weeks after. UGH! I can’t get anyone to respond with any info in where to return this item. They just keep saying we are very busy at this time and someone will get back with you. This has been going on for days! Guess I will try and get my bank to dispute the charge! Never again!

  7. I should have read reviews before ordering from this website. I also saw the going out of business advertisement on Facebook and decided to order a few African dresses from them since they looked so beautiful. It took a while but my order came, I didn’t like any of it as the fabric used was something that I wouldn’t wear to the bathroom. It was cheap and nothing close to what the African fabric is. I am still trying to get a return address from them. They won’t give me a refund and stopped all the communication .

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