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Cozyloves Clothing Reviews (Jan) Is It Offering Scam Deal

Cozyloves Clothing Reviews 2020
Cozyloves Clothing Reviews (Jan) Is It Offering Scam Deal >> Please read this review to know about the legitimacy of the website offering trendy designs of clothes for ladies.

Getting trendy designs of clothes that too just by sitting at home is a challenging task. Are you planning to buy some new fashionable clothes? Do you want them online? Cozyloves Clothing Reviews is here with a new website name

The website claims to solve the problem you may face while buying stuff online and assures to provide the best quality of clothes. The website offers the service to the people living in the United States and some other countries.

The online review of this website will help you to select the right platform for your shopping. It will share all the essential factors that the website should consider to prove themselves legit.

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About the Website

The website is recently registered, and it is the online store for fashion-loving people. The website product list includes long dresses, bottom wears, tops, Halloween designs, etc.

They also deal with sweaters and cardigans that you may love to buy for winter parties and other occasions. The products are available at a very reasonable price and attract the people. Hot sale for outstanding discounts are always active for money-saving shopping.

If you have no idea about, Cozyloves Clothing Reviews will share the essential details with you.


  • Website –
  • Established – 2020-03-27
  • Products – Ladies clothing
  • Contact no – not given.
  • Email address –
  • Address – not given 
  • Processing time – 1-3 business days
  • Delivery time – 9-16 business days
  • Return – within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refund – within 5 to 15 business days.
  • Payment – all kind of online mode is accepted

Pros of Cozyloves

  • It provides all the trendy designs of clothes.
  • The prices are low.
  • They assure safe and secure payment process.
  • They work on a valid HTTPS connection.
  • The company claims 100%  refund policy.
  • The company guarantees to transfer a full refund once the product is checked.

Cons of Cozyloves

  • No customer feedback is available about the website.
  • The website lacks to share an accurate description of the company.
  • The website does not share information like contact number and address.
  • It has low trust index of only 1%.
  • The site is not visited by many people and have low traffic rate.
  • The domain is also seven months old; brief period to trust.
  • No direct contact between the customer and the company is possible.

Is Legit?

The website is legit or not can be judged by the policies they offer to the customer, for example, the return and refund. But sometimes the company claims to provide such approach and attract the customer towards fraud.

Cozyloves Clothing Reviews states that this seven months old website works via a safe platform but holds low trust index. They have return and refund, but no one claimed the policies legit, and while looking towards the traffic rate, people don’t visit this site.

No customer service and lacking contact details such as address and contact number, conclude that the website seems to be suspicious and possibly a scam. Please do comprehensive research if you are planning to buy anything from

Customer Feedback

If the company has the customer reviews, then it can be judged, and in most of the case, the decision depends on the reviews only. 

According to Cozyloves Clothing Reviews, the website is new, and no one has dropped any complaint or a compliment regarding the work of the website. 

Having no customer feedback brings the site under suspect and shows you the red signal for the purchasing stuff. Therefore, we claim the website that seems to be a possible scam and can cause loss to your money.


This article shares the advantages and disadvantages that you may face while using this website. The server is found in the United States, and it claims to provide outstanding service for the people living there.

Cozyloves Clothing Reviews mentioned the policies and facilities that assures to provide for the customers. It also shares the aspects that you may face while considering any of the systems.

We are here with an unbiased review of the website. We do not recommend you to buy anything from the website that holds several drawbacks. It does not worth money and time you invest over the non-realistic prices that lead towards fraud.

We will love it if you share your opinion with us. All the readers are requested to leave their feedback about the website in the comments section below.


  1. I wish I knew more abt this site. It popped up in a video as I was playing a word game on my iPad and it got my attention with the Cute Christmas themed Women’s tops
    I am bummed that I just removed everything from my cart !!!!

  2. CozyLoves is terrible. The quality is not as pictured. It’s cheap nylon. I want to return it but I cannot find the website they told me to. Anyone have similar experiences??

  3. I just received my purchase and need to return one item? I CAN NOT GET INTO the website to do a return.
    They are saying log onto and they will send an email to you so you can do the return
    NOT TRUE!!!! Has anyone ever return a purchase?

  4. I ordered two shirts from CozyLoves and the quality was very poor and not what I ordered. I was able to send an email to ask for a refund. The email I received is in quotations below.
    I would love to post pictures so you can see how the items are similar but the off the shoulder is a regular crew neck and the other is not the right color or material.

    “ We are sorry to hear that.
    Currently all the returns will be processed in our warehouse in China.
    As our policy states, our customers are responsible for the returning shipping fee if they want to return the item.
    From the pics you sent, we can’t check any problem with the items. We are sorry you don’t like them. But if you return the parcel to our warehouse in china, you need to pay for the expensive shipping fee.
    Due to the shipping fee and long transportation, would you like to keep the items and send them to your friends or Charity as a gift?
    Hope for your understanding and waiting for your reply.
    Jesse ”

  5. Have been unable to get a refund or reply to my request to return four Christmas tops. The quality of the material is poor. I can’t give these tops as gifts due to poor quality.

  6. I ordered $100 of merchandise from CozyLoves and got cheap fabric and not at all like the pictures they show. To return the items, it cost more because their warehouse is in China. How do I return ans get my money back??

  7. I placed an order and when received the quality of the product was VERY POOR. One shirt looked like they sewed two pieces of material together no collar or cuffs at all, The other looked like it was sewed inside out with the seams on the outside. Requested a refund and was advised to send pictures, which I did and they advised they could not see any issues and to consider the fact that since they didn’t see anything wrong they now only accept returns to their China address which would cost more the the original amount also that I should consider giving them as a gift…. Really? If I wouldn’t keep do you really think I would give them as a gift? Would NOT recommend ordering product from this website

  8. I had the exact same experience as Teresa above, with the exact same response from CozyLoves customer service. I therefore will not be ordering from the CozyLoves catalog (or website) again and, going forward, will be more careful about where I order from and research any unfamiliar companies first. I did not know up front that any returns or exchanges would have to be sent back to China and that free returns was only applicable if the product arrived damaged or there was a problem on their end. I ordered 2 Christmas shirts, 1 fit but turned out to be much lighter weight fabric than I expected and the other looked like a red and white sweatshirt in the catalog but when it arrived the red was more pink and the fabric more of a heavy T-shirt material. And while both shirts were the same size, one fit but the other didn’t. After spending much time on the computer trying to get to customer service, I was finally successful and, to CozyLoves credit, an email chain was started and Yang, the customer service rep assigned to my case, was very professional (in his broken English). He nicely explained after seeing the pictures that he requested, that he did not detect anything wrong with the items and that it would not be economical for me to ship the items back. He suggested considering gifting the items or donating them to charity as returning them to China would be costly.

  9. This company is a Fraud. Please people do not order from them. It’s like throwing your money out the door. Quality is terrible and returns/refunds impossible. Shop the name brand stores.

  10. I just received my two tops ! Terrible !!!! They are nothing as pictured. One I wanted appeared to be an off the shoulder sweatshirt , it is absolutely nothing like that !!! It’s a t-shirt doesn’t even go near my shoulder and it’s an awful t-shirt material . Second one the material is awful nothing as appears in their ads and I ordered grey , it even says it in the packaging (grey!!!) its an ugly beige ! I tried getting a prepaid return label ! Twice customer service replied that I needed to take a picture and send it to them . I replied , “Why would I send a picture of what you sent me?” These tops probably cost them a few dollars to make , t-shirts and iron on material !!! Cheap, worst customer service I have ever gone through ! Never buy from this company ! Goes to show you can’t trust them !!!!

  11. I wish I would have read these comments before I ordered! I have had the same experience. Complete Bait and Switch SCAM!! Do not fall for it. Fabrics, colors, and quality are not at all what is shown on website. I have had the same run-around on returns and return shipping and are being told I have to pay return shipping to China which is not stated in their Return Policy.
    Please Do Not Order From Them!

  12. I ordered two tops at Christmas for my daughter and granddaughter. I received them the day after Christmas. One of them was fine, but the other was terrible material. I have now emailed them 4 times and have had NO response from them. Now I know why they do not have a cust service # to call. Their return policy was 15 days to return. It has now been two months and 4 emails later with no response from them.

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