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Cozy Comfy Goody Reviews [June] Should You Use It?

Cozy Comfy Goody Reviews 2020

Cozy Comfy Goody Reviews [June] Should You Use It? -> It is an online website that sells good quality footwear at an affordable cost.

For shoe fanatics and bargain lovers, online shoe shopping is a fantastic way to find whatever you like. The presence of online shopping sites has changed our shopping ways. One of the top features of doing online shopping is that it eliminates the middleman commission. You are always welcome to check out the collection of As here, you will get an ample range of fantastic footwear. As we all know that only a beautiful attire is not only enough to look attractive, but you need presentable shoes to look amazing. Here you can perfectly experiment with the footwears in terms of styles, designs, colors, and patterns. By wearing this footwear, a woman will look elegant and chic. That will make every head turn towards her. The company has its office in the United States, where you must read Cozy Comfy Goody Reviews while, placing your order. 

What does the website cozy, comfy goody deals in? sells optimum quality footwear that would perfectly fit in everyone’s budget. 

The products like sandals, shoes, hooded rain jackets, fast wireless chargers, casual sneaker shoes, platform sandals, leather handbag, can be purchased from here. To know more about the company, we would like you to read the reviews here. 

List down the specifications regarding

The specifications of are:

  • Website Name:
  • Contact Details: 1-877-2534927
  • Mailing Address:
  • For tracking your order: 
  • Return: You will get 30 days to return the product
  • Shipping Schedule: You will get 3-4 days to get your order shipped
  • Shipping Cost: The company does not cost anything as a shipping fee for orders more than the cost of ₹2,262.85.
  • Owner’s Name: Not Mentioned

What do you understand by the pros of

The pros of are:

  • The website has a fantastic collection of trendy footwear that you might not get on other website. 
  • The prices of all the footwear are also affordable. Hence, you do not have to think much while booking your order. 
  • The company claims that it only uses superb quality material while manufacturing its every footwear. 
  • The Company launches excellent offers and discounts to attract lots of traffic on its website. 

What do you mean by the cons of

The cons of are:

  • You will not be able to see the company’s owner name anywhere on the webpage.
  • The company does not have SSL certifications, so there are chances that might fall in their trap.
  • The cost of the footwear are remarkably lower than the market price that means there are chances that you might receive a fake product.
  • The company has not promoted itself on social media platforms. The company has not promoted itself well on various platforms. 

What do customers have to say about

The customer has mixed reactions over the product quality. They said that they did not receive the product in proper condition as there was a massive difference in the size and color pattern which they have collected. They said that the strap of their sandal got damaged after 3 or 4 days of usage. They said that they would never recommend this company to anyone as there is no social media presence in this company. The customer gives topmost priority to comfort while selecting the footwear. Hence, do not select the shoe before ensuring them. The company has its Cozy Comfy Goody Discount Code to attract potential buyers. 

Is a legit website?

No is not at all a legitimate website. Though the look of the website appears to be an authentic and genuine one, but we should not trust the company unless and until we did not gather the complete information about the company. So check properly before making any move. You must read all the returns and policies carefully before paying for it. As we do not want, your money should get wasted by anyhow. 


We always welcome your reviews here, if you want to share any of your experience with us. The difference between quality and price depends upon the product you pick up. You can also try out other shopping portals as this website does not generate the interest of any of its buyers into its product. So go for the company that has excellent brand value and positive reviews on the internet platform.

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  1. er 877–2 from that company would you let me know what’s going on not a happy person at all. says:

    I haven’t got my shoes that I ordered in May they have charged my credit card on May 18,2020. I gave trued to call them with the number that was Provided and that is not a working phone number 877–2 53–4927. I would appreciate it if somebody from that company would you let me know what’s going on not a happy person at all.

    1. I ordered 3 pair of Vionic sandals and received them but they are FAKE!!! I ha e lots of Vionic shoes and I ow how they are to look and fit and they don’t fit at all and look nothing like authentic Bionics. Two of the pairs don’t even have a Vionic name on them. I have attempted to get the shipping info in accordance with their refund policy advertised in their website by AmberleyKelley refuses to provide it. She just tries to get me to accept 10% or $7.00 or $8.00 for a refund and I am to keep the FAKE sandals. Why would I want to keep these ugly fake sandals??? Next step is for me to try to trace the shipping originator from USPS. I have taken pictures of the fake product and will also let Vionic know of the scammer. I am also contacting my credit card company to see what they can do for me since they should be able to trace where the payment was sent and maybe get an address in China. DO NOT buy anything from this company and spread the word to anyone who may be thinking about buying from them.

      1. Hi Missy, the same thing happened to me! And, the same email person AmberleyKelleley is trying to refund me $16.00 when I purchased $107.96 worth of apparently fake Vionic Sandals!! Their refund policy says 30 days but you have to contact them first, which I have been doing to no avail.
        I’d be interested in knowing how you made out with your research and maybe we can help each other out?!

        1. I am in the same position. My initial order was around USD 50. They started by offering me a USD 2 refund. Every time I refuse their offer they keep offering me more. Their last offer was USD18. They will not give me a return shipping address. I will continue to deal with them hoping their refund offer will be more acceptable

        2. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!! Fake Vionics! I ordered $141 and after giving me the run around, she is trying to give me $14. Why would I accept that? I haven’t given up!

        3. Bought 2 pair of sandals, received knock offs. Spent a total of $60. No return address was ever provided. I also requested a refund. At the start they offered me $2. Every response to my emails when requesting a full refund they raised their refund offer by $2. After close to 60 emails I was tired of communicating and settled on $25.
          This is a scam. Save your money

      2. I purchased two pair of Spenco thongs. Took them a month here with their fast shipping charge of $9.95.

        They are FAKE. I have many pairs of Spenco. These aren’t even close.

        I ordered from them before and recognize their response wanting a photo/video.

        They have no intention of giving you a refund.

        They are scam artists selling counterfeit merchandise.

        I’m going to send these shoes to Spenco and maybe they’ll go after them.


  2. I ordered 3 pairs of Vionic shoes on 5/28/2020 and haven’t recieved them yet!!! I have no tracking number on my order #14845. Would appreciate a quick response to this e-mail in regards to my order.
    Linda Dunham

    1. I also ordered in May and have not received my order.
      I emailed Amber and she blamed it on Covid and transportation problems. She asked me to give her 3 more days which ended last week. Still no shoes!
      Already billed!

    2. Ordered my sandals on July 3rd,they finally came today,total knockoff!waste of time and money,no sense in trying to get my money back after reading all these comments.

  3. I have ordered 2 pair of sandals. My monies have been taken out of my acct and no sandals. It has been too long to receive any shipping,tracking information. I have asked to refund my monies and forget the sandals.

  4. I bought more than $100 worth of shoes in May and it has been exactly a month and I have not received anything not even an email or shoes. And yes, they did charge my credit card.

  5. I would definitely not recommend buying anything from this company. 60 days since I ordered puzzles and am still waiting. I was a big advocate of supporting small businesses but after such experiences one wonders if I should go back to the big box stores.

  6. BEWARE!!!! This site is a scam. Money was taken out of my account the day I ordered sandals. There was no confirmation of the order sent to my email. There was no evidence that an order had been made on the site.The sandals never were received after a month. I believe these crooks are in China.

  7. I purchased 3 pairs of vionic sandals over a month ago. Monies were immediately taken out of my account, and have not received anything. Does anyone know best way to just get monies returned? This online commercial was just like a QVC site, and gave me no doubt it wasn’t on the up and up. Has anyone ever got their monies returned?

  8. Do not order from this company!!! Scam artists. Ordered Vionic sandals and after waiting 3 weeks for delivery, they sent me wrong size and they are a take off of the Vionic sandal…not the real deal! I have sent emails to the email address listed, along with photos of the sandals and the order. The final email I received today was the kicker saying that I must have placed a wrong order and ended it with “best wishes”. Cannot return and took my money! BEWARE!!!

  9. I ordered a pair of Vionic sandals and received them but, they are NOTHING like Vionic sandals! I am trying to get a refund and it is almost impossible! Going on 7 emails and they will not give me a shipping address. They have offered $4.00 and $7.00 if I keep them! I am never going to order anything from them and will let Vionic know they are being misrepresented…

  10. I ordered three pair of Vionic sandals on May 25th, 2020. It took over two months to receive my order, and to my complete dismay, the sandals were a fake. I immediately contacted Amberly Kelly, and she is trying to negotiate a partial refund with me, which I have so far refused. I have filed a complaint and lodged a dispute with my credit card company and PayPal. Do not buy anything from this company, they are a scam.

  11. I too ordered three pair of Vionic sandals. They did not fit well and no size on the shoes at all. Thought I was ordering through QVC. Amberely Kelly suggested I give the shies a chance because with wear they will fit better. I told her the shoes will not get longer! She kept trying to give me a discount to keep the shoes. She said I would be responsible for the return shipping of $40 USD. Also suggested I try and sell them myself. Called my credit card company and they are handling it. Got an email immediately that a credit for the full amount had been applied to it.

  12. Fake not vionics at all doesn’t say Vionic on the soles like the real ones rip off don’t order. Took 3 months to receive. They are smashed and arrived NOT in 3 boxes but in plastic bags. They don’t fit (cheaply made) as vionics fit me well. I want a refund and return them don’t like them at all!!!

  13. I ordered 2 vionic sandals and received fake ones. Obviously not vionic because there was very little arch support. I have emailed amberlykelly and received an email stating the return would be reviewed and would I send photos. Why would I need to send photos when they should have my order to look at. I received no response to my second email. And the phone number, 877-253-4927, does not work. And I have no return address. I think I got scammed.

  14. Similar story, waited for weeks for my sandals. Once they arrived they were I’ll fitting plastic knock offs. I worked for days with amber kelley, sent photos and they wouldn’t help on the returning. Offered me $5 toward my $25 shoes not to mention the $10 shipping from China.
    Worst experience ever. Stay away from this scam

  15. DO NOT TRUST THIS “BUSINESS”S AT ALL! I received three different sizes of what were advertised as Vionic sandals, only one being the size I ordered. While the sandals look like those advertised on the Vionic site, it is clear they are knock off brands. When I contacted the company through email it was a complete run around – first they blamed me and asked for pictures; when I sent the pictures they replied that they did not receive them in the email to which I had attached, so I snipped and pasted the pictures into the body of the email they replied that they did not know what I was asking; I replied that I wanted a copy of their records with my order, they replied that it was the U.S. postal service’s responsibility and I should contact them. My final communication to the company will be a copy of my complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

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