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Cozxs Review {June 2020} Read Before Order

Cozxs Review 2020

Cozxs Review {June 2020} Read Before Order -> Here you read about an online store where you can get cheap Adidas and Nike shoes.

Do you want to buy branded shoes at affordable rates? Check out Cozxs.

Branded shoes and sneakers like Adidas, Nike, etc. never run out of fashion. People always go gaga over every style that these companies release. But do you know how much these branded shoes cost for?

In this Cozxs Review, we are going to tell you what this company is about. And you will also get to know why we have discussed those branded shoes.

Cozxs is currently popular in the United Kingdom, but the shipping takes place worldwide.

What is Cozxs?

Cozxs is an online store that sells branded shoes from Adidas, Nike, Jordan, and Yeezy at extremely affordable prices. The website has so many styles and designs from these companies. One might not find the very latest edition of the shoes on this website, but still, it has managed to cover different styles from the brands mentioned above.

When we hear about such not so regular websites, the very first question that hits our mind is about its authenticity. Is Cozxs Legit? This question has to cross the mind.

In this review, you will get to know if cozxs is a scam or it is legit.

Why is Cozxs unique?

There are so many online stores these days that sell several items. From wearables to eatables, everything is available online. But does everything possible online catch our attention? No, right?

Then why has Cozxs caught an eye from the public? It is because it is selling these branded shoes from huge companies like Adidas and Nike and pocket-friendly prices. It is very different from the other online stores because of this reason.

You might find the cheaper quality or second/third copies of these brands in your regular store, but it is quite challenging to find stores like Cozxs online. In this Cozxs Com Review, we have tried to cover almost everything that gives clarity of how good is this website.

Is Cozxs legit?

In the tech-advanced world, as much as we have advantages of getting everything online, so are the disadvantages of sharing data online. Some websites use their customers’ data and end up fetching money from the accounts.

In such situations, online shoppers have become alert, and they tend to question the identity and authenticity of online stores like Cozxs that are new in the market or are lesser-known.

There are a few reasons to be suspicious about this online shoe store. The website has not uploaded proper information about company policies, about the owner and the company, and even the delivery time is not mentioned. These are the basics because of which people trust the online stores. 

Specifications of Cozxs:

  • Brands- Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and Yeezy, are available on the website
  • Different sizes, designs, and colors are available at a single online store
  • Returns- the item can be returned under 30 days of receiving the package
  • Refund- takes up to 5 business days
  • Shipping time- not updated on the website
  • Delivery time- no info available on the website

Pros of Cozxs:

  • Branded shoes of Nike, Adidas, etc. are available at lower prices
  • Many new designs and styles are available
  • Different sizes are available
  • You can try so many varieties and styles because of affordable rates

Cons of Cozxs:

  • Only online payment methods available
  • Payment to be made through either PayPal or credit cards
  • The website does not look professional
  • Shipping details are not available on the website
  • The website does not share the information about the owner or background of the company
  • Online payment through debit cards is also not available
  • This site only has four brands. Puma is not available

What are customers saying about Cozxs?

Like every other online store, even the customers of Cozxs have mixed reviews. Some of the customers say that they received the genuine product and they got the original shoes from Adidas and Nike at very affordable costs. Some customers have even compared the shoes from Cozxs and the original companies. They say they look and feel precisely similar.

A few of the buyers feel cheated as they did receive cheap quality shoes, and they think they just got their money wasted.

Some of the buyers did not get their package even after 2-6 weeks of placing the order. The sad part was that they had already paid for the item.

This is what happens when you depend on public reviews. Even known and established companies have mixed reviews from the buyers.

This is why cross-checking the internet always helps. If the company adds different payment methods like COD or adds proper and required information on the website, then one may trust them easily.

Final Verdict

Let us agree that we all love shoes from Adidas and Nike. Not only are the designs super-interesting, but they are also comfortable. No one can beat the style of these companies.

Shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma always come with trendy pieces that are too expensive, and buying them is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is when online stores like Cozxs come as help.

But what could be the reason that they are selling these high-end shoes at much lower prices? Are they also selling copies of those shoe companies? Or are they getting it at much lower prices, and so they are selling it at affordable costs?

Doubts are endless, but solutions are very few. We suggest our readers go through all the social media handles of this company and read the comments where you can find reviews from the buyers.

You can also check it via your network. Ask if anyone has heard or bought from them before. There has to be some reason for selling these expensive shoes at such inexpensive costs. With the increase in several scams in the online sector, it is better to be aware.

If you have bought shoes from Cozxs before then, comment below.

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  1. I have bought a pair of trainers from them and I feel a bit anxious after reading this review any thing you can tell me?

      1. Hi arafat, did u receivw ur pair of trainers that u ordered from cozxs a few months ago ? I’m asking because I don’t want to be scammed

    1. I think I’ve been ripped off, I’ve ordered but have heard nothing I’ve emailed and phoned, has anyone received anything yet?

  2. Ive been bumped i reckon – if you call the number on cozxs site it goes through to a member of the public. Also the address is a home bargain store in Wales !

    I am trying to get a refund through paypal now

  3. I have also just purchased some yeezys and have recieved a tracking Number coming from China. I very high doubt these are authentic shoes but am intrigued to see just how similar they are as I will be comparing them with my real one.

    1. Hi, if they come could you post a pic and your review as I want to buy a pair of yeezys too off the website but don’t know if they can be trusted hmmm

      1. hi mate ordered, they came after 3 weeks as the covid19 and they look legit compared to the same pair from LA Flight Club

  4. total fake website, incorrect email and phone numbers. Address is a completely different shop.
    Fake Chinese shoes

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