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Are you looking for an online store to purchase air coolers? Chances are you might stumble upon an online store called It’s an online store based out of the United States that sells Yeti coolers at cheap prices. Their products are cheap.

Air coolers are an essential product that everyone must own if they’re looking to beat this summer without spending a lot of money on air conditioners and electricity bills. They’re cheaper and much more affordable. So, it’ll be beneficial if you could purchase them at low prices. That’s where Cosmose comes into play. Some Reviews tell us that they sell Yeti Coolers at less than half of the original price, which is extremely cheap.

Keep reading these Cosmos Fun Reviews as we’re going to review this online store and reveal all related information. We’ll provide details regarding delivery, contact, and also address its legitimacy.

What is

Cosmose is an online store that sells air coolers at cheap prices. It’s based out of the United States, most likely. They specifically offer Yeti air coolers at meager prices. Yeti is a significantly famous brand on a global scale known for its portable coolers. 

Not much information is available about this website as it’s very new. There are no Cosmos Fun Reviews available either that can give us any information. Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Yeti Air Coolers.
  • Country: United States.
  • Processing Duration: unclear.
  • Delivery: unclear.
  • Contact Information: unavailable.
  • Payment Method: PayPal only.
  • Return Policy: details unclear.
  • Exchange Policy: details unclear. Pros:

  • They offer quality air coolers by Yeti, a well-recognized brand.
  • The Yeti coolers present in their store are available at extremely cheap prices.
  • They offer hefty discounts on premium products from time to time. Cons: 

  • Cosmos Fun is a scam or fraud, most likely.
  • No information about this site is available anywhere, as its popularity is tiny.
  • They’re not present among the stores that have a license to sell Yeti products.

Is Legit?

It’s clear just by looking at the website that is an online scam store. If you don’t believe us, we’re going to provide you with reasons to back our claim. There are several reasons that we think this site is a scam, let’s take a look at them one by one.

The appearance of the site is somewhat attractive, but it’s poorly maintained. Not a single piece of information that must be present like contact information, including email, phone number, the address is available. Time of delivery or processing the order is also absent. There are several links present on the site, but all of them lead to the same home page or a blank page. Their social media links are also empty. Several reports also call them a fraud.

No Reviews are present either on the site or any other platform. They’re not licensed to sell the Yeti coolers that they offer in their store. The prices of the products are unrealistically low, as far as Yeti products are concerned. All of these facts and reasons are more than enough to consider this online store fraudulent. However, due to a lack of information, we cannot say this with absolute certainty. But, it’s very likely a scam website, as you can quickly tell. Customer and User Reviews

We have already discussed the popularity of this site. Due to the result of its tiny popularity, customer Cosmos Fun Reviews isn’t present. But, some reports that evaluate and comment on this site are present. We looked at some of them. 

According to reports, this site is a scam, but they couldn’t confirm anything due to its lack of popularity and information. But, none of the reports recommended using this site and warned users to stay away from it. 

Final Verdict

Cosmose sells premium portable air coolers by Yeti at unrealistically low prices. They have a small number of air coolers in their collection, all by Yeti. But Reviews call this site a scam and they aren’t registered to sell Yeti products, so it likely sells counterfeit and inferior quality items or loots money from users. In any case, this site poses a threat to users who like shopping online.

In our opinion, you should stay away from this online store as it’s most likely a fraudulent website. If you have some information about this site, please write to us.

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  1. Cart – YETI

    I ordered a yeti cooler on this website for $99 on sale from $399!!!! Once I was ready to pay, the Yeti was cheaper by $20 if I applied for PayPal. I applied for PayPal and got a $20 discount. So at checkout , my supposedly Yeti cost $79.99 and would be delivered to address I provided. So far I have tried to go back to original website ( but it keeps taking me to this clothing website: Going to call or get in contact with a PayPal to get a refund!!!!

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