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Corona Seltzer Reviews {April 2020} Read Then Order!

Corona Seltzer Reviews 2020

Corona Seltzer Reviews {April 2020} Read Then Order! -> This article is about the qualities, benefits, and customer feedback of Corona hard seltzers.

Sitting tiredly at home and missing that day-at-the-beach feeling? Then, go ahead and try the mouth-watering tropical flavors of Corona Seltzer.

After a long day at the office, one needs to relax with good food and a glass of something cold, right beside the meal. How about a chilled can of hard seltzer with alcohol amount, just appropriate, to tickle your taste buds? Sounds soothing, right!

Corona Seltzer Reviews gives an overview that the drink is doing well in the market even though the corona virus has been a hindrance to the brand.

Be it a sunny morning or a lazy warm evening, you might like to sip of different flavors to relax your mind and put all the worrying thoughts away for a moment.

As per the trending opinion, these drinks are widely in demand in the United State and are receiving so much of a positive response in the world of hard seltzers.

Before it gets tempting for you to try a new flavor of Corona Seltzer, we would like you to check out the entire blog and find out about this hard seltzer for yourself.

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What is Corona Seltzer?

Corona Seltzer is a hard liquor with a hint of fruit flavors that allows you to enjoy the moment.

The brand went a different route than other brands in the market and introduced, not just 1 or 2, but 4 flavors i.e. Tropical Lime flavor, Mango flavor, Cherry flavor, and Blueberry Lime flavor. Each flavor is very light and refreshing. The flavors were not overpowering like those provided by other leading brands in the market.

As per the alcohol content is concerned, the Corona Seltzers contain 4.5% alcohol by volume(ABV).

Before moving forth, let us tell you what is so unique about Corona Seltzer.

There are a lot of hard seltzers in the market from other brands. But, unlike hard seltzers from the White claw, it is the only hard seltzer in the market that comes with 0 grams of carbohydrates and sugar.

For all you health-conscious people, each can contain 90 calories. So it does not impact your regular regime as such.

Therefore, Corona seltzer is a unique product. Now, let us inform you about the specifications, advantages, disadvantages and customer reviews of this product.

Specifications of Corona Seltzer:

  • It consists of 4.5% alcohol by volume
  • It comes in 4 flavors, which are Tropical Lime, Mango, Cherry, and Blueberry Lime
  • The flavors are light and refreshing with a pleasant aroma
  • It is the only hard seltzer containing 0 grams carbs and sugar
  • Each can consist of 90 calories

Benefits of Corona Seltzer:

  • The natural fruit flavor enriches the taste for your palate
  • Gluten-free content helps you maintain your health
  • It helps you to relax after a long tiring day
  • It is not high on calories so does not affect your daily calorie intake
  • The pleasant aroma adds to the whole drinking experience

No matter how great a product is, it always has a downside. Some reasons for the negative reviews are as follows:

  • The low alcohol content tends to give a slight hint of flavor and it tastes more like sparkling water
  • Mango flavor has an artificial taste to it so it makes it weak as compared to other products in the same category
  • The similar hard seltzers launched by competitors like White Claw are more flavorful and provide an edge over these drinks

Let us hear what the customers have to say about Corona Seltzer:

Some customers were excited to try the different flavors provided by the brand Corona. These flavors provide a fruit flavor to the hard seltzer, thereby, enhancing the overall experience of tasting a drink. The aroma adds to the beauty of it.

Customers with fitness routines were happy with the low calorie and sugar-free content of Corona seltzers.

A few other customers were disappointed due to the artificial flavors added to these drinks. They also felt that the drink had a mellow effect due to low alcohol content.

Final Verdict:

Corona brand is the only brand in the world of liquor market that has introduced a range of so many flavors of hard seltzers. It not only provides an enriched taste but also gives you a healthy drinking option.

We hope that this review helps you to gain a better awareness of the specifications, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of the product.

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