Online Websites Reviews Reviews (Aug) Let Us Know More About It Reviews Reviews (Aug) Let Us Know More About It >> This article tells you about a company that can paint your house, apartment, etc. Please go through the reviews now. Reviews: Are you thinking of getting your house painted? No matter how beautiful or well-built your home is, it won’t look at its best without proper paint that complements its structure. So, you must have your house painted if you want to increase its beauty.

If you’re looking for someone to paint your home, apartment, or condo, or something else, you can contact Condopainting. They will paint your home at very cheap prices. Some reviews tell us that they’re fantastic at their jobs and paint the houses exceptionally well. 

They operate primarily in Canada. They’ve been in existence for a significant amount of time. If you’re looking to hire them to paint your house, keep reading this article. 

We’re going to reveal all the information about them and tell you about an event due to which they found themselves in controversy and gained popularity on the internet.

What is

As we mentioned earlier, is a company or a group of painters operating in Canada who paint houses, apartments, condos, etc. at cheap and reasonable prices. Its founder is Ken Blackburn Jr. and has been working for a significant period. Reviews tell us that their services are said to be excellent. They have painted everything from small homes to million-dollar condos. But, they found themselves in controversy and gained popularity on the internet after a video of them went viral.

The recent controversy of 

William Zhao, a resident of Toronto, has been spreading bad words about this company’s services. His claims also seem to be authentic. All information obtained from various Reviews is given below:

  • William Zhao hired them to paint his kitchen.
  • He has shared a video on YouTube where the painters tell him that they’ll clean and sand the cabinets before painting.
  • However, when they start their job, they don’t do any cleaning or sanding and start painting directly on the cabinets.
  • When asked about it, the painters got into an argument, left the house, and half painted the cabinets.
  • They have also not returned the money they took from him, having left the job incomplete. Customer Reviews

Other than the overwhelming negative response mentioned above, the other Reviews were mostly positive. Users praised them for their quickness and effective painting. Their customer service was also praised. The positive reactions easily outnumbered the negative responses.

Final Verdict

The color of your house plays a huge role in deciding its beauty. The better and more accurate the painting, the better the house looks. Some of the most famous house painters in Canada are from 

Their pricing is affordable, and their services are said to be excellent. But, the recent controversy has slightly damaged their reputation. So, if you’re willing to hire them despite it, based on the other reviews, you can, or you can opt for some other painters.

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