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Comouna Reviews [April] ⇒ Is website a Scam or Legit?

Comouna Reviews [March] ⇒ Is website a Scam or Legit

Comouna Reviews [April] ⇒ Is website a Scam or Legit? -> This post ensures insight into a new fashion brand. Is It legit or a scam, this post will tell you all.

If you are reading this post, then you have been searching for Comouna Reviews. This review will give you an insight into all that the website is.

The website has become famous among women in the United States. With so many fashion websites selling outfits that are worth being in your wardrobe, is this website better than the others? Read till the very end of this review to get a breakdown of this website.

What is Comouna?

It is an online clothing store that sells women’s and selected men’s wear outfits as well. The website layout and designs are very similar.

Both minimalistic and sleek. The colour varies from a muted khaki colour and a lot of black and white.

All the products on the Comouna com look wearable. Something that could be comfortably worn to work, picnics, dates and parties! 

An outfit that you would like is the Grey sheath Vita Dress. The material looks lush and expensive; the front drape would fall beautifully on any body type.

They do not provide a lot of colour options to chose. The styles too are limited, and that may turn you off.   

What kind of products are available on Comouna? 

They provide a limited range of men’s and women’s wear to choose from. The website is sleek and minimal. You will be easily able to navigate your way around the site to get what you want.

Read the list below to see a full analysis of the products available.

  • In the women’s wear section, you get to chose from pants, tops, skirts, jumpsuits, sleepwear sweaters and activewear.
  • The Comouna clothing store’s men’s section is rather small. You get the outerwear or jackets/overcoats and t-shirts. These two are minimal, and if you prefer solid colours, then this is the one-stop for you.
  • The dresses- vary from simple solid colour sheaths to toga some long ones with pockets.
  • The tops are basic, vary from long dress like shirts to a-symmetric fronts. These look perfect to be paired with pencil skirts or denim.
  • Most of the outfits are blends that are generously mixed with polyester. Polyester ensures that the costume fits and sits properly on your body.
  • Comouna com has polyester mixed with cotton outfits; these are particularly shiny. For example, the Santini windbreaker in a sienna brown looks appealing, not only because it has a slight sheen but because of the high straight neck.
  • There isn’t a lot of variety available on this fashion site but whatever you do see looks covered that one would want. But most outfits are wearable and experimental. A significant emphasis is laid on the experimentation of the pattern of the clothing made.  

Cons of purchasing from 

You may be amazed by the clothing offered on this site. So, does it have any drawbacks? Read below.

  • For simple cotton and polyester blends, the Comouna Clothing Store charges upwards of $100. Making you wonder is it worth your money.
  • Cyberbunkers report that the website generates no external links! A low number generated is usually not a good sign. However, it is SSL protected, which means that the site promises to keep all your communication protected.
  • The email id provided is very random and a Gmail address. It is unlike most brands that have a more legit email provided.
  • They are based out of China, which means we cannot be sure of the quality of the fabric provided.
  • It was recently created. We know that from the recent address. It may make you wonder if Comouna scam!
  • They charge a $4.99 amount on shipping.  
  • No customer reviews are put up on the site or anywhere else, which could either mean that people haven’t purchased clothing from it since its new. Or people have been duped.

How to purchase products from this website

You can seek refuge in the fact that they have a return address provided along with a customer care number to call on. These are the first few things that give a customer some solace.

Apart from that, the name of the contact person is also provided. Comouna Com delivers worldwide and charges a $4.99 for shipping.

Final Verdict- 

Like any other online shopping website that has been newly set up, Comouna too is rough on the edges. The price of the clothing may be a turn-off, but the mention of the fabric quality is something you can look forward.

To conclude, Comouna com lacks any reviews, but that should not stop you from experimenting. Getting a first-hand experience is always best.

If you have purchased from this site before then, do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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  2. I ordered two rain barrels from here and never got them. UPS says the address on the tracking number doesn’t match mine. Contacted the email address on the webpage as well as the one provided with the tracking number and got no response. I am having to initiate a charge back on my credit card.

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