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Cometvs Reviews [Sep] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Cometvs Reviews

Cometvs Reviews [Sep] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> Select a room, buy decoration supplies, and surprise your loved ones on their birthday.

Is any birthday coming up? Do you want to through a surprise and a big party for your children or friends? Well, you need to make a list of supplies for decoration, catering, and entertaining the guests. Online stores have many designers and extraordinary collections to decorate a room in multiple ways. Cometvs Reviews is the most searched keyword on google. 

The United States is a big country that can digest or hide bigger scams. However, it also has the best companies, technologies, and supplies in the world. It is not an easy task to locate a fraud in the vast online and physical world. To get the details, you need to read our article for your future precautions as well. 

What is Cometvs?

Cometvs is an online enterprise currently selling birthday supplies, such as balloons, paper straw, ribbons, etc. Most of the products are marketed at below 50 dollars. You are sure to get free shipping privilege regardless of your cart value. A single or a pack- you can get it at your doorstep anytime. 

Other than the price range, nothing seems exciting to shop from the store. It raises the question, “Is Cometvs legit or scam?”. To know the answer, please read every detail mentioned in our article.

Specifications of Cometvs:

  • Website Type: Decoration Supplies
  • Products Offered: Balloons, Ribbons, Straws, Cake Toppers, etc. 
  • Price Range: 30-50 Dollars
  • Shipping Period: 1-2 Business Days
  • Shipping Cost: Free
  • Delivery Period: 8-21 Working Days
  • Return: Applicable with a month policy
  • Refund: Applicable after deducting the return charges
  • Exchanges: Not Applicable
  • Order Cancellation: Not Applicable 
  • Delivery Medium: FedEx and USPS
  • Payment Mode: PayPal
  • Company Address: Knoxville, 1224 Kirby Glen Dr, United States, TN 37923
  • Contact Person: Dustin Walters
  • Phone Number: (239) 273-5670
  • Email Address: 

Benefits of Cometvs:

  • Price range between 30-50 Dollars
  • Free shipping on every single order
  • Detailed information on the company’s background
  • All kinds of contact points are available
  • Trendy, colorful, and cost-effective birthday supplies

Cons of Cometvs:

  • The company’s address is residential
  • Website content is duplicate
  • Email ID and Phone number are duped
  • Old Cometvs Reviews are found
  • Un-organized and not so user-friendly website layout
  • Relatively young online store

Is Cometvs Legit?

It is an eyebrow rising question that needs to be answered as soon as feasible. Let’s start with the company’s background! PayPal reviews suggest that the Cometvs company was earlier selling rings and other products. It calls the users and advertises their offers on social media platforms. Earlier, the customers escaped the scam. However, is it going to happen again or not? It is still a question.

Coming back to the current product offering, the balloons, straws, and ribbon can be bought from the local market. The company supplies them to us through an online medium because it has distinctive designs, free shipping, and the lowest cost. The combination of these three aspects can easily lure you into buying the products. 

The current Cometvs Reviews suggest that the company is still doing scam by not standing up to their commitment. How can they stand on their promises? The website content is all copied from 22 other companies. Every detail on the about us, shipping, return, and refund is duplicate. Considering all the aspects, we are sorry to say Cometvs company is a scam. 

Customer feedback:

Cometvs Reviews are mixed up with negative and different product range. Rings and birthday supplies do not match; however, no product has ever been delivered to them. The reviews are filled up with a warning to stay away from the company and its scam.

What do we think?

After reading all the given insights, you do not need our feedback. The Cometvs Reviews are nothing but a warning to all of us. PayPal has a reviewing section on which you can find comments that suggest the company was earlier selling rings. As per the current website design and product offering, we do not know why the company changes with time. 

You can be relaxed by reading the detailed content on shipping, returns, and the company’s background. However, it is copied from more than twenty websites that are all scam. You have better options to decorate a room and throw an exciting party for your loved ones’ birthdays. 

With all the information, you cannot be sure whether the company genuinely sends the products or not. You should be careful. Please stay away from this company and its scam and share your thoughts or suggestions with us. 

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  1. They have a very legitimate looking website but all the contact information is bogus. The phone number is a nursing home as is the address, a different nursing home. The poor woman at the first Nursing home said she had received calls about Refrigerators , chairs, all sorts of appliances. My understanding is that Paypal is presently investigating and have contacted the federal government about mail fraud. I ordered a product yesterday and got the notice it had been delivered the day before I bought it. The scam was that somehow they got a fake delivery history. The history said it was supposedly “Picked Up” (it was to be shipped to the house) already. The shipping history said it was shipped in August. I didn’t order it until Sept. 11. The address was a new home. I had never used that address before. It was to be a house warming gift. Do not buy from this site. I expect it will disappear or be abandoned shortly. I can not explain much of this but I’m out unless paypal backs it up. I am also wondering about this review. Why does this supposed woman in Australian, review a fake website?

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