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Colapastore Com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Colapastore Com Website Reviews

Colapastore Com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to know about Colapastore, an online shopping site for different products at economical prices.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we get all our requirements at one single retail shop or any one of the online stores? Yes, it would definitely be. Colapastore is an online store in the United State which is selling a wide range of products with unbelievable prices. Colapastore Com Reviews are the ones which are making news in the country.

Our specific requirements whether few or many need to get fulfilled and we should get the maximum benefit out of the deals we make. When we find an online store which has quite a lot under its umbrella then we do not need to go any further.

We just need to click a few buttons check the prices and the offers and then there you are with the best deals in shopping. Once the deals are finalized, go for the payments and then wait for the purchase happily. It is just wonderful to get things done with a click of a few buttons, isn’t it?

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WHAT IS Colapastore?

Colapastore is an online shopping site for a huge range of products with prices that match your budget. There are so many categories like, kitchen needs, health equipments, gifts and toys, sports items, etc. They sell everything right from essentials to individually desired items.

The store also intends to expand its horizon and go for more products which is a welcome move for the customers. The website has displayed lot of items and it becomes easy for any eager shopper to see so many products along with a nominal range of price.

The store has been going steady with its product range and its corresponding optimum prices. One should try it out once to establish what is being heard about the store. They have seasonal sales in place for the delight of the customers.

Who is this for?

Colapastore has products for everyone, whether you are a homemaker, professional, student, doctor, or any individual for that matter. It just depends upon what you choose and you get the best price for the chosen product. They have accessories, health equipments, bicycle accessories, toys and everything that sells.

So, just move further and select your preferred category and buy the product. You can also post your comments after the purchase for the benefit of others. These reviews or comments would help all the future buyers when they go for any purchase from the store.

Features of Colapastore

  • Multiple products
  • Economical prices
  • Unique items
  • Quality products
  • Refunds are quick
  • Returns are easy
  • Elaborative website
  • Company contact:

Customer reviews

Many customers are happy with the products and the price ranges of Colapastore, they like whatever is available and displayed in the website. Some of them complain of late deliveries but they love the ultimate products. The cost-effective purchases make them delighted and go for more.

Some customers are of the view that the reviews and remarks from the buyers should be available in the website to have a better opinion. These reviews also help in generating more business. The website is otherwise free from any kind of scams and safe to use.

Pros of Colapastore

  • One stop for all needs
  • Excellent range in prices
  • High quality items
  • Website is unsuspicious
  • All online payments accepted
  • Website is informative

Cons of Colapastore

  • Has many competitors
  • No CODs
  • No contact number


The presence of stores like Colapastore is the need of the hour as every individual is busy in his or her own life and we just need things at a click of a button. The non-availability of time is a big constraint in the present era and this makes the online stores popular.

These kinds of stores come as a big relief for all the busy individuals who do not wish to move out of their homes or offices in search of their desirables. Instead they just want it at their doorstep by clicking a few buttons and making online payments.

These online stores have prices to suit the pocket of every individual so it adds more to one’s lives. We do not need to bargain or negotiate anything and get what we desire at reasonable prices.

When our search ends so easily why do we have to get into big crowds and waste our time and energy? Why not pay a visit to the site, make the first purchase share views and make it a hit with your esteemed initiative for the benefit of everyone.

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  1. Same thing…I have not received my order. Placed order 04/16/2020. When using their contact email all I get is an automated response from a name, Tony Liu. I’ve sent five emails, still no ‘real person’ response. They all say the same thing. Click this link to track your order. Since 04/18/2020 up and including today, I follow that link and it gives me a tracking web site to ‘China Post’, which, I guess, is one of the hundreds of in Chinamail carriers. Through today, the only message I get from them on this site is “package being prepared for dispatch“. For 19 days straight all I get is “package being prepared for dispatch”. Same message today. I am not happy with this company at all. I guess if you are willing to wait six weeks or longer to get your order from them then I guess they are ok. But as of today, I still have not received my order.

  2. I placed an order the beginning of April and still have not received it.. no way to contact them directly. They said 8 business days….still waiting

  3. I haven’t received my articles from order HM51534, bank statement shows is already paid

  4. Ordered 3/24 and have not received even an e-mail for why i have not heard a word. Never again!!!

  5. Ordered on 5-4-2020 and still do not have my order.
    I’ve e-mailed 3 different addresses, 4 different times for them and no reply yet.
    Now I can not log in. It tells me there is no account for my e-mail address, but 5 minutes after that they sent me an e-mail wanting my to “Please confirm subscription!”


  7. Ordered Elastic 4/23/2020 and it STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED!! Very disappointed!!! Not a single response after emailing a “Jack Liu” a Free times also!! So many others not received orders either, I am reporting COLAPA STORE to BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU FOR RIPPING ME OFF!!!!!!!!

  8. I ordered my Mirror Flip Luxury on 5/13/2020 in which I have not received. From what I have read you have by a lot of orders delayed. Today is 6/28/2020 it has been a month and 2weeks approximately. I would appreciate a response regarding my order.

  9. I have not received my order for several weeks now. I emailed them and said it was coming that it was in the mail. 6 days later it has not arrived.

  10. Ok, from reading all of your emails, I’m in the same situation as the rest of you. I placed two orders on 6/4 an 6/6 and haven’t received either of them. I’m beginning to think that we’ve been slammed, but trying to be optimistic since it was a HK on the address. I definitely won’t place another order.

  11. These people are serial scam artists. When a website does not havea phone number and sends you into a iterative loop to ask for a refund, its a scam. These people have been scamming and reposting under several websites over the last year. SCAM ARTISTS

  12. I have placed some orders at here , and all have been received. It is great! The products and services are very satisfactory. I think I will buy things again.

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