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Clinical Supplies USA Legit {July} Check The Reviews!

Clinical Supplies USA Legit 2020

Clinical Supplies USA Legit {July} Check The Reviews! >> The article includes information related to an online store that sells clinical products.

Web-based shopping is assistance that offers access to all the purchasers that they can pick and spot their preferred items from anywhere. Be that as it may, these days, the number of trick sites effectively makes fake promises and procures cash by unlawful methods. In this article, we will examine a website and will answer – Is Clinical Supplies USA Legit or not. 

This article will give an exact idea about the site and whether it is from the United States or not, as a few reviews or articles are accessible on the convoluted web. Be that as it may, in this article, we will attempt to cover all the related data on this site. Because of trick sites, individuals are losing confidence in online shops, yet it doesn’t imply that every online store is phony. 

This way, how about we examine the site and talk about whether the Clinical Supplies USA Legit or not, its surveys and user experiences by the customers.

Is Clinical Supplies USA Legit?

As per our study, we found that the site is not new, and there are several general reviews related to the website that are available over the internet. In the trust index score it is given only 1% which is not a good sign. The company is also not having enough buyers’ positive remarks that show that the site is mistrustful from our point of view.

We also found that the site is found suspicious because we explored some reviews where it is mentioned as a scam, and the trust index is also shallow, as mentioned above. There is no complete return address available on the website, and due to this, it makes us unsure to give a verdict of Clinical Supplies USA Legit or notbut from our point of view, it is suspicious.

What is Clinical Supplies USA?

Clinical Supplies USA is an online shop that provides all types of clinical equipment’s N95 mask, surgical mask, dis-infector, thermometer, cleaner, face shield, hand gloves, and all kinds of stuff required for clinical purposes. The website offers free shipping facilities from San Diego on orders over $200 to all the customers.

The company is also offering an abundant quality PPE kit, and according to the company, they reached more than 20,000 customers. All the products are made in the United States. As per the company, they also participated in charity were donated on every aspect.


  • Contact Number – 801-215-9185
  • Product Shipped from – San Diego, CA 92126, United States Offering free shipping on the order of over $200
  • Products – N95, 3M mask and other accessories are available 

Pros of Clinical Supplies USA

  • It is an online shop with a wide range of clinical products like N95 cover, careful veil, dis-infector, thermometer, cleaner, face shield, and hand gloves. 
  • Free shipping is allowed all over the US but a buyer has to order in an appropriate amount.
  • The organization is likewise offering vibrant quality PPE packs
  • All the products are 100% made in the USA. 

Cons of Clinical Supplies USA

  • We found a few comments where the customers are not satisfied with the product.
  • There is no proper return address available, although they mentioned the customer care number for assistance
  • There is no return or refund policy by the website available
  • The site seems suspicious because it has not positive feedbacks which identify its legitimacy

What are the customers saying about Clinical Supplies USA?

We follow the website and review from each fact and found that the site is doubtful, and it is not clear due to the absence of positive comments by the customers. 

There is no return address provided by on the webpage, and there is no refund and return policy, so we advise you go for a thorough research about it before purchasing anything.


By analyzing all the points, we concluded that the site is not clear in their view, and if Clinical Supplies USA Legit then why they are hiding the official address. Lack of customer response makes this website an apprehensive one, so if a buyer is thinking of buying any product from this website, we suggest you check all the website’s perspectives before making any order. 

Meanwhile, if you have any experience, then share with us in the comment section so that the others can get bright cut ideas about the website.

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  1. Hi — I am a representative from Clinical Supplies. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our website, but would love to clarify several points with you! We are a young organization but can verify our legitimacy, including by pointing you to Rolling Stone, NBC, and the San Diego County Office of education!

    We would be happy to provide our address and explain / provide proof for all the other concerns raised. We can provide batch numbers and other legal verification on our masks, and would love to discuss with you further.

    It is very important that people have the right information when trying to buy PPE, and we appreciate you taking the time to investigate different sites like ours!

  2. Does BBB have this company’s official address registered in the file for the public access? How did their ratings and comments go in the BBB?

  3. The rep from Clinical Supplies stated:

    verify our legitimacy, including by pointing you to Rolling Stone, NBC, and the San Diego County Office of education!

    For example, in the Rolling Stone and NY Post the article is clearly labelled BRANDED CONTENT and Dispatch (which means they sent press releases). I would love to know their masks are legit and that is why I started researching them. As of now I don’t know…

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