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Clifun Website Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Clifun Website Reviews 2020

Clifun Website Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, you will understand about Clifun and its products.

We are living in a society where everything is now fast, and people have no time to think for themselves in a better way. We always prefer online purchasing over direct market buying. 

Due to this high demand for online shopping, the majority of online stores have also increased. There are many stores with are selling the same products at the same time. 

So, in this situation where a lot of online shops see selling the same products in different prize colors and designs, we cannot trust which is genuine amongst all. There comes the role of a review report, which assists you in finding all the right judgment points for the further purchasing process.

Here in this article, you will understand about Clifun Website Reviews. The company Clifun is from the United States. This review report will explain to you in detail about this online store.

The review article will all tell you that ls Clifun Website Legit or not?. 

Let’s understand about this in detail,

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What is Clifun? 

It is an online shop selling fashionable clothing like fancy tops, gowns, bathing wear, and many more for women globally. It offers impressive styles of attire that fit for every form of function.

The products are available in all suitable sizes and designs to attract customers. The company is giving incredible discounts on purchase. The hot sales of the website deliver massive rebates to the consumers who will buy two and get one free. Also, it is proving 5% off on the first with a unique code, I.e., NEW5.

The website is no doubt a site with amazing pictures and discount offers, but, being a new website, we can’t trust it quickly. This article will help you to understand about Clifun Website Reviews. 

Specifications of Clifun 

  • Website: 
  • Email id: 
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping worldwide on orders of $69+ 
  • Delivery Time: Different for all countries, majorly 5 – 12 days 
  • Return Policy: Within 30 days after receiving the product

Pros of choosing Clifun 

  • The site sells excellent quality of products. 
  • The website offers amazing discounts on its products. 

Cons of choosing Clifun 

  • The site is a new one, so; we can’t trust it quickly. 
  • There is no proper contact information given on the site. 

Is Clifun Website legit or not? 

The online store sells stunning clothes at a reasonable price. The shop is a new one but has a great web page with attractive product images. 

But, the website isn’t giving proper contact information, making it a site under doubt. You must read the article till the end to know more about the given store. 

Customer Reviews 

The site has given the feedback and rating option under the product section of its store. After checking almost all the customer reviews, we find that they are mostly on the positive side of the shop. 

The consumers are satisfied with the products we!l by the site. The size, color, and fit are per cent to the necessity of its customers. This article will tell you that ls Clifun Website Legit or not?. 

Final Verdict 

The website is selling great deals on fashion products. This article will surely help you in finding the correct pointers about the given store.

There are many with shops offering the same discounts in a different style so that the consumers may attract to its items. But, with this review report, you will understand the real side of an online store. 

The site isn’t showing the full information for complaints; instead, providing a complaint form on the site for the consumers. The dresses can also differ in color and size from the pictures revealed on the website. 

But, you must not stress out as we are always here to benefit you in every manner. Our review article will help you in your further buying process. This review report will enable you to understand about  Clifun Website Reviews. 

Also, you will get to know that ls Clifun Website Legit or not?. You may experience different reviews on the internet, but this one will give you the exact pointers for the website. 

It can be a tough situation for you all to judge the best among all the sites, but this article will assist you in every possible way. But, you have to read and understand this article till the end. As you will read it, you will know every pointer in a better way.

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  1. THEY ARE A SCAM AND HAVE STOLEN MY MONEY. Do not purchase from Clifun or their sister store Humansolo. PERIOD.

  2. Agreed. Absolute scam. Takes months to receive your order and then once it comes, its absolute crap. Looks nothing like whats advertised. I tried to “return” using their steps only to receive an email response saying their return email doesn’t exist. Save your money and DO NOT ORDER FROM CLIFUN

  3. SCAM. The same thing has happened to me. They stole my money. I opened a dispute on PayPal with them and made a deal to close the dispute and I could get a full refund. Well once I closed the dispute, they didn’t hold up their end of the deal. I also tried emailing them…… before I received my product (which they responded to) and after receiving my product and trying to get return information to receive my refund (they will not respond to me and the emails are now bouncing back…..which they hadn’t done before) I’m so mad. I’m out like $85.

  4. I finally got the maternity swimsuit I ordered over a month ago. They never sent me a confirmation email, order number, or tracking number. I’m surprised it actually came. I tried cancelling through paypal after reading reviews here but they wouldn’t cancel it for me.

    The quality is actually pretty decent and it looks pretty much how I expected. The only difference is there’s more coverage on the bottom than it showed in the photo.

    I ordered a size medium, I’m 5’8” and normally 140 pounds (but I’m 7 months pregnant right now) and it’s way too short for me. The fit would be perfect if it was longer.

  5. Agree- complete scam. Only received 3 out of 5 items with no note or information about the other two. I saw that I was charged the full amount on PayPal. I was able to get through their Facebook chat pretty easily, but the steps to return anything and to get my refund for items they don’t even have is either not possible or a huge headache. Thie quality of my items, especially the dress is pretty dismal and the swimsuit is ok, but doesn’t fit right, but the sale is final, which I could not find anywhere on their site, until after my purchase. This company really needs to work on their model and customer service. In the time of COVID, online shopping needs to be easy and very transparent. Giving up on returning the items I do not like, but trying to fight for my money with the items I did not receive.

  6. I bought dresses on their page this past June 16th, and paid an extra $20 to get things before the end of the month for family pictures. I never got them, and when I asked for a refund after a month, they said it was too late cause they had ‘just sent them the day before, and that because of Covid they couldn’t do anything about the shipping’. I then waited for the product, but it’s October already and nothing. A misterious empty and small bag came like 3 weeks ago, and the post office had said that whatever was inside was gone. We never knew what it was or where from. Company is unresponsive. So we had to take this to PayPal. But we lost the case because they said they sent a package and had a tracking number for it. Now we are thinking this mysterious and empty bag we got a few weeks ago could of been them, trying to scam the system. I spent over $200, got nothing in return but an empty bag. They are unwilling to respond. I bet this is how they scam people.

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