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Cleanyos Com Reviews [July] A Proper Scam or Legit One?

Cleanyos Com Reviews 2020
Cleanyos Com Reviews [July] A Proper Scam or Legit One? -> In the above-given article, you will come to know about an online shopping store delivering various home cleaning products.

Are you looking for some products to sanitize your homes in this Covid-19 crisis? Have you visited different websites to buy such products but are confused about choosing the right source? If yes, then we will let you know about a website delivering similar products.

In Cleanyos Com Reviews, you will learn about a website known as Cleanyos Com, which provides home cleaning products. This website has its servers located in the United States.

To provide you with a reliable shopping experience, we will verify the authenticity of this website. Accordingly, in our review, we will disclose ‘Is Cleanyos Com legitor a possible scam. 

What is the Cleanyos Com website? 

The Cleanyos Com website is an online shopping store that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus by providing all-purpose cleaners. 

Its variety includes bathroom cleaners, laundry sanitizer, disinfectant spray, cleaning wipes, etc.

This website was created recently to provide products to sanitize houses and other belongings to resist the spread of any type of viruses.

It delivers all its products under the brand name ‘LYSOL.’ Also, all these products are available on sale.

The Specifications of the Cleanyos Com website: 

  • Website link:
  • This website has a new domain name. 
  • The common brand name for the website’s product is ‘LYSOL.’
  • The product is shipped within 2 – 3 business days.
  • The website provides a 90 days return policy. 
  • Office Address for the website is 2180 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236
  • Contact number: +1 (330) 650-3333.
  • Some options on the website are not accessible.
  • The Cleanyos Com website shows copy-paste work. 
  • The fax for the website is +1 (330) 650-3333
  • The website’s email address is
  • The payment option provided on the website is only PayPal. 

Is the Cleanyos Com legit? 

After making a detailed inquiry of this website, we found that this website was created only 2days ago ( i e., on 07.07.2020). Thus, it is too new to rely upon. Also, no customer reviews are displayed on the website.

Further, all the products on the website are priced low and have a new brand name, which seems suspicious. Therefore, this website does not seem to be a legit one.

The positive remarks of the Cleanyos Com website: 

  • The products displayed on this seem to be helpful.
  • The website shows a valid HTTPS connection. (SSL certificate)
  • This website was not detected under any blacklist engine. 
  • The website has a good return policy.
  • All the products are available at huge discounts.
  • The website is easily accessible. 
  • The website displays different social media icons.
  • The website displays a variety of home cleaning products.

The negative remarks of the Cleanyos Com website: 

  • The Cleanyos website shows sloppy work.
  • This website shows multiple return policy details.
  • The website displays a copied work. 
  • No cash on delivery option is provided on this website. 
  • All the social media icons provided on the website are fake.
  • Many important details are missing on the website.
  • This website was created only two days ago.
  • The Cleanyos Com website seems to be a possible scam. 
  • The contact details provided on the website are fake.
  • This website provides a limited payment option. 

What are people saying about the Cleanyos Com website?

 A few customer reviews were seen for this website, as its domain name was registered recently. No customer reviews could be seen on the Cleanyos Com website. 

However, some people have posted their comments on some other websites.  

People regret buying from this website as this website neither delivered the product ordered nor provided any refund for their money. 

Also, this website shows low traffic on it and, thus, has a poor trust index. Consequently, it can be declared that this website is not worth your money.


In Cleanyos Com Reviews, we could discover many scams signs such as fake contact details, copy paste work, fake social media signs, limited payment choice, etc. Therefore this website doesn’t seem to be a reliable source to shop from.  

Moreover, this website was registered only two days ago and therefore is too new for reliance. 

Therefore we won’t recommend you to shop on this website as this website appears to be a scam. 

We advise you to assure the validity of a website and its product before making any purchase. 

So be cautious while making payment and make sure you purchase the promising product.

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  1. I believe I have been scammed by this web site. I ordered Lysol from this company. When I went to pay the name it was sent to was Ed Farmer, not the company name. This was very suspicious. I am trying to have the payment reversed.

    1. its a scam dont purchase anything im already filing for fraud it leads to little tikes in ohio .. they are aware of it..

  2. Agreed, something fishy with this site. When you google the address it is for Little Tyke and I was unable to search that location for this business working from that location.

  3. is fraudulent and a scam. The domain name is an acronym for Clean Your Own

    The Paypal account the site uses for payment is registered to KELVIN-HAROLD

    The contact phone number 800-524-3880 is a spoofed number or is setup with robokiller to go to a voicemail message that the number is busy.

    Many links on the website are non functioning

  4. I can verify this is a scam. I received a tracking number that showed it was delivered to my address. But I checked with the post office and the tracking number I received is a totally different address ( the post office would not give out that info) si I know this is a scam. Yes I did pay through PayPal and there is a email address on my credit account but no one responded. I put a claim through my credit card.
    It is a scam

  5. I placed my Lysol order through and I paid through PayPal. Paypal payment sheet shows Alexander Hernandez as the seller and as point of contact. I immediately received shipping status with USPS tracking #. After a few days, checking the USPS Tracking #, Supposedly, this item had been delivered to my house mailbox, one day before my order was placed. I have not received my order. I have no doubt it is an SCAM.

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