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Chepeal Reviews [May] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Chepeal Reviews 2020

Chepeal Reviews [May] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? -> In this article, you will read about the legitimacy of the website.

What if the products to make your home more beautiful are available online? If the reviews you read about such sites didn’t suffice you, then we bring you more of Chepeal Reviews so that you are sure of where to shop.

The online shopping has never been a problem for any unless the services if the sites are proper and reliable. The products we get online are no different from what we get near our homes, but the only difference is the products walk to our doors when we shop online. What could be better than that, isn’t it?

One such website which promises to deliver products like DIY, furniture, storage, cleaning, and others is Chepeal which operates in the market of the United State.

But the concern is whether or not to trust this website.

Is Chepeal Legit?

When we talk about a legit website, we mean a website which are abiding the rules laid for similar sites in the world and are legal. Well, let’s talk about the Chepeal Reviewswhich reveal that the website has copied content and plagiarized from another website. 

To know more about the authenticity of Chepeal, we should first understand what it is. 

What is Chepeal?

Set to be operating in the United StateChepeal has a variety of products in its store online. These products include all the necessary items used in a house to make it look more attractive and productive. 

They have products for kids and essentials, lights, room decor, and stationery items. Besides, they do not have any customer review section, which increases the doubt about its reliability. 

Therefore, the site stands in a witness box being a suspicion in a case that says is Chepeal legit.


  • Website link:  
  • Website type: Online shopping store 
  • Delivery time: 7-10 business days
  • Shipping time: Within 24 hours
  • Cancellation: Before shipping
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Return: To be returned within 30 days of purchase
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Shipping cost: $2.99, free to UK mainland
  • Company address: 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: +12054947844
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, PayPal, Discover Car

Who is Chepeal for

This website is best suited for those who love DIYs and those who love making their living space more lively and lovely. The site also consists of products for kids. Overall, the site comprises of products keeping in mind all the customers.

But we barely know this website. Hence, before ordering anything with the site, let us be clear about their pros and cons:


  • Tracking of orders is possible after receiving the tracking number in 46-48 hours.
  • A variety of products are available.
  • They have a different page for returns.
  • The prices are quite reasonable.
  • They use a valid HTTP connection (SSL).


  • The content on the website is copied from other websites.
  • The address of the company is situated in the United States while the free delivery is available to UK mainlands.
  • The privacy policy declares the privacy practice for and not
  • The content of the necessary pages like privacy policy, shipping, delivery, etc. are also a copy of the content of other pages.
  • Even the home page is a copy of another website.
  • No reviews are present online for this website as well.
  • The site is too recent.
  • They have no mail server.
  • They are not widespread and have less traffic on their site.
  • The social media links are invalid.

What are the reviews

A website must have its unique content, be it ‘Home’ page or ‘Terms & Conditions’ or, in that case, any other page. The Chepeal has the same copied the information which is necessary to be present on the website for the customers and other organizations. This information tells about the legitimacy of the company. 

As per this case, the company doesn’t seem genuine and attested.

Also, the best way of connecting between the customer and company is social media sites, which is not available on the website.


As per the reviews and study of the website, we would like to declare that we do not recommend this site because it doesn’t seem reliable much for now. The ‘no-review’ makes it more illegitimate. It is new in the market but has everything plagiarized from another website, which marks a negative impact on the company. 

Have you thought of trying this website lately? Do mention in the comments section below, what do you think about Chepeal.

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  1. Hello. I just read your article. I would not recommend this site to anyone. I called the customer service number abd its a number out of Alabama “which is a non working number”.

    Would love to report them but to whom?

    I have a feeling its a foreign co, maybe China, masked.

    1. I thought I bought a sewing machine from a company in the US but when they sent me the tracking # chepeal is out of China. I never got my sewing machine even though they said they delivered it. The post office said the tracking # shows it’s a very small package. I am fighting to get my money back but I would never use them again and I would never recommend them to anyone!! They are a scam company!

  2. So I made an order for a Brother XM2701 27-Stitch Sewing Machine at $58.92. Really excited!! Because I couldn’t find one anywhere, right?

    I didn’t get the machine – I got 5 masks.

  3. I used this site and they most definitely are not located in the United States. I placed an order on May 2th for a sewing machine with my green dot card. I received a tracking number from China. It is now May 19th and I cannot see any movement on the package. This is very concerning for me because Green Dot has now denied my dispute. Of big concern, the sewing machine I ordered weights 10.5 lbs. The way whatever they sent me is coming is by First Class mail and cannot weight more than 4lbs. My only hope is PayPal, and I hope they have more common sense than Green Dot. I wish I had never placed this order, but the night I placed it I was very sleep deprived and not thinking clearly. I will definitely update with any new information. Of note, I did email them on May 4th and asked for my transaction to be cancelled and they still shipped it on May 5th. To say I am pissed is an understatement….

    1. I received two mask in a zip lock bag and having a hard time getting my money back from PayPal!

    2. I ordered a Crafters Armoire paid $58.92 and finally after a little over two months the package update was DELIVERED. Was it what I was expecting?
      Absolutely NOT! I received 3 masks. ARGGGHHHHH!!!!! I will be filing a complaint to PayPal. This is ridiculous!!!

  4. It is a scam. Lost $200. Never received merchandise. Website is no longer valid. Tracking avenue has disappeared as well.

  5. I got screwed over as well. Ordered a sewing machine, got a headscarf. Of course even though I got emails from them stating they’re sending me another machine after I complained. I doubt I’ll ever see it. I should have checked out the website more thoroughly. Live and learn.

  6. I m trying to locate my purchase of a sewing machine on 05/01/2020, from your website it was 66.82, The tracking # is suppose to be LS335437259CN, still dont have and cant find where it is…………………HELP its now 06/29/2020

  7. I ordered a sewing cabinet in March, never received it. They did send tracking information but it was being shipped from China. The tracking info still indicates waiting at post facility. I used PayPal and so glad I did. After 2 months of pestering PayPal and them waiting on a response from this bogus company, my money was refunded. I ordered a cabinet from a US company with a good reputation (Arrow) and their item was perfect and their customer service exceptional. Bottom line this is a scam company and do not ever order from them.

  8. compre una maquina de coser por suerte pague a traves de paipal despues de na larga espera resibo un paquee pequeno y eran 2 mascaras mande pruevas a paipal y me debolbieron el dinero esta pagina es un fraude no le recomiendo este sitio de compras a nadie

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