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Cerxin com Reviews [June] – Is This an Online Scam Site?

Cerxin com Reviews 2020

Cerxin com Reviews [June] – Is This an Online Scam Site? >> In this article, you get to read about an online site that offers a wide range of products for everyone with massive discounts and offers.

Are you looking for some stylish house items or outdoor entertainment items or clothes or toys and gifts? Come to

Some Cerxin com Reviews available online, say it is trending in the United States in the online market placeand buyers are going in the direction of the site. Is it safe to buy from such a new website? 

That’s why we are here to clear all your doubts about this site. We would like you to go through this blog until the end and find out is Cerxin com legit or scamming its customers?

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What is Cerxin com?

Cerxin com is an online ecommerce site that has just begun its journey a few days ago. It sells all products related to home items, outdoor entertainment, toy and gifts, and others. 

Its sells adhesive hooks, gloves for cats, dogs and horses, car universal window shade, educational magnetic board, wooden memory chess game, luxury clam chair, solar-powered fountain, wireless earphones, a bubble ball, car net pocket, dust cleaning sweeper, a vegetable cutter and slicer, and a lot more things at such a heavy discounted price.

Purchasing from a new website always raises a concern related to its quality and security. 

But before you spend some of your hard-earned money to these products, let’s give you the insight about its specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and what its customers have to say.

Specifications of

  • Products: home, outdoor, clothing etc
  • Website:· 
  • Free Shipping: Free for orders over $40 (2-4 weeks)
  • Standard Shipping: $5 postage for orders under $40 (2-4 weeks)
  • Fast Shipping: $12 postage (1-3 weeks)
  • International Expedited Shipping: $15 postage (1-2 weeks)
  • International Delivery time: 7 -30 business days
  • U.S. Delivery time: 10-20 business days
  • Return: within 45 business days of receiving an order
  • Exchange: Available only if the order is modified or cancelled
  • Refund: Applicable to the item
  • Mode of payment: Online(Credit card, Debit card or Paypal)
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned
  • Address: Not Mentioned

Is Legit?

The Cerxin com is a newbie in the highly competitive market of the e-commerce industry. They give massive discounts to its customers when we compare it with other online market stores. This makes us think that something is fishy about this site.

The website even does not have a valid contact number or address. The email id also seems fake as nobody ever heard from them through that email id. The images they have used are also not real.

The website says they are located in the heart of London, and they were inspired by the calm of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. We all know London is more than 4800 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Even they don’t have any social media presence and the domain name is also registered just a few days ago.Thus, the website seems a complete scam.

Pros of

  • Products for everyone
  • Substantial discounts are available on many items
  • Easy return is available
  • The site is simple 
  • Free shipping available on orders above dollar 39
  • No restocking fee

Cons of

  • Delivery takes too long
  • Images are not real
  • Easy policies are there
  • No Cerxin com Reviews or ratings
  • Not much information is available on Contact us page
  • Only Online mode is available for payment
  • No details like the address and contact number 

What are people saying about

There are not much Cerxin com Reviews or ratings available on the internetWe have tried to gather as much information about this site from other sources available online.

According to one of the customers, there is no way that the offer they are offering for a waterproof aircraft is real. The very similar aircraft through some legit site costs it almost double a price.

Thus, the site seems a total scam that is fooling its customers with luring discount offers and even selling some items at half a price.

Final Verdict

This site offers a wide range of products to everyone that comes by. Neither has it had any address nor even a contact number which gain buyers trust easily. Also, an email id seems to be fraudulent. 

The site that does not care about its customer or its reputation even in this highly competitive online market seems illicit.

Thus, we suggest that the buyers consider this website a scam and think again and again before they spend a single penny to buy from this site. 

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  1. I did actually get a response to my email. It just said no further details were available, look on the online store for details/information. I was inquiring about differences between the regular & limited edition radio controlled aircraft. Needless to say, I will not be ordering from them. Have a blessed day & Stay Well.

  2. All I know is I took a gamble and so far I have a tracking number and upon tracking it’s moving. Now whether or not product is what appears on cerxin that has yet to be determined. I will let you know. Iv taken gamble on other sites been pleased except for wish. It’s a joke and definitely get what you pay for. A dollar item and probably overpaid.

  3. cerxin is definitely a scam. I have been scammed by this seller. This is how the scam works: Seller advertises an item at a reasonable price that looks like it’s probably worth the cost. The seller then sends a substantially different, crappy item. Seller then claims buyer must pay return shipping for crappy item and since return shipping is more than the cost of the item, the buyer should abandon their claim.

  4. This company sent me a $5 model airplane when it was supposed to be remote control airplane I have emailed them w no response just beware that this website is total scam

  5. I just stung on this also but what they don’t know is I’ll find out who owns the company and attack them with all that I’ve got. They’ve messed with the wrong person!

  6. They practice Bait and Switch. I watched their videos and images of a toy plane, really cool. But what I received was nothing like the product I saw on their website. I received a cheap little plane made out of styrofoam one third the size of what was on their website. I am trying to get a refund. I sent them pictures and videos proving my case but they just do not get it, won’t admit their fraud. I would like to find a way to make them very sorry for their dishonesty.

  7. I also was scammed by ther bait and switch tactics. Thought I was buying a rc airplane but recieved a toy airplane that was absolutely not a rc airplane. Seller would not accept any responsibility for the switch. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SCAMMER!

  8. Total scam. Ordered the father’s day special 70 percent off remote controlled plane. Actually two of them. Took forever and today in a ratty looking bag came two smashed boxes that contained 1:100 scale model plane that is a pull back toy for a 3 year old. So pissed. I’ve emailed the company but really don’t have high hopes for an acceptable response.

  9. Scammers all the way got 5 dollar toy “plastic “ not the big 2’ RC jet. Won’t refund unless you ship back for $20 +

  10. I agree with others on this page. Total scam. I ordered 2 remote control planes and ended up with 2 model planes designed to sit on a shelf. After numerous emails they have offered me 25% refund of the purchase price. Totally unacceptable. I simply want what I ordered and if this is not forthcoming then I expect a full refund. Bloodsucking crooks that I will never use again. I have reported them to our local authorities in the hope that other people will not be scammed like I have.

  11. Cerxin sent me a piece of paper/plastic without any 2.4G remote control included, as advertised. So, it was significantly different to how it was described in their website.

    Along with this colourful and useless paper, they sent a business card asking not to report it to third parties, if there were any complain about the item.

    When I asked for my money back, they offered a 10% refund, regardless I sent pictures and evidence saying this was not what I bought. I refused it.

    They answered to me, “Dear customer, Thanks for your support and concern on our store. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. This is our hot selling product and it is praised by many guests. It’s regret for us to hear that the product can’t meet your expectation”

    So, since it wasn’t an issue about expectations, but a direct scam with a different product, I reported it to Paypal. I got my money back after about 30 days later.
    Thanks Paypay!

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