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Cellbulk pw Reviews [July] Is It a Legit Seller Or Not?

Cellbulk pw Reviews 2020

Cellbulk pw Reviews [July] Is It a Legit Seller Or Not? >> In this article, we are going to provide a website review that claims to proffer coffee makers and find out whether it is legal or not.

Cellbulk pw Reviews: Do you want to shop the best coffee pots on the market right now? But you have some price issues attached to it. So, you are in the right place as here; we have a website offering a wide range of coffee pots as per the customers’ choice and tastes. Let us take a look at the website below.

People love doing shopping online, and it is a trend nowadays. There are no such issues of high pricing policies and going to the real market, and Worldwide Delivery is the best part across the United States

On the flip side, you need to get into the website to know all aspects and find out whether it is worth for shopping or not. Then, we have to thoroughly explore the site to figure out all the issues associated with the site. So, delve into the website and take a peek at the shopping store. 

An intro of

It is an online coffee pot store that provides all types of pots at an affordable price. They provide the products at an ace quality having good design and collaboration with top manufacturers to offer a wide range of products. The shipment rates, as well as delivery timings, are remarkable and fully guaranteed.  

The site belongs to the United States and is available across all corners of the globe to fulfill the customers’ tastes and needs. Let us know more through the Cellbulk pw Reviews.

Specifications on

  • Site’s URL:
  • The office address of this shopping store is 9909 Morgan Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431 United States.
  • The contact number of the store is (660) 223 5342. 
  • The email address of this website is
  • The contact person is Joseph Haft.
  • A broad range of coffee pots are available such as portable coffee pot, handheld stainless-steel coffee pot, Kettle coffee maker, long narrow Spout coffee pot, and so on. 
  • The shipping timings of the products vary between seven to ten days through USPS services. 
  • Return policy lasts for fourteen days, and no product return accepted after that.
  • Online mode of payment is available such as PayPal, to make an instant payment on the web to avoid cash transactions. 
  • HTTPS Protocol presents, and SSL Integration is also present to safeguard the details and payments.  

Positive Aspects of shopping from

  • There is no need to travel to the physical market as they provide all their products at the doorstep.
  • No hassle to choose the product from the local market, and not finding the exact choice is another issue. 
  • The shopping website runs smoothly, and it has no issues related to the user interface, as it is fantastic to use. 
  • The prices of the products are competitive, and there will not leave a dent on your bank balance. 
  • The HTTPS Protocol and SSL Integration are detected that protect the customers’ data and payment transactions.    

Cons of buying products from

  • No social media handles to interact with potential customers and market their products. 
  • No COD and the single choice is available for online payment. 
  • Low traffic volume

Shopper’s Feedback about products on

As you can see on the website that there is no separate section available for reviews. So, it is hard to figure out what their customers think about the website. Apart from this, no social media pages are there to know their shoppers’ opinions if there is any shopping held over the website since its establishment. 

Wrapping Up

While doing Cellbulk pw Reviews, we came to know about some aspects of the shopping store. First off, it is running smoothly, and there are no such issues related to the security of the website, such as HTTPS protocol has detected. 

But this is not enough to declare a site as legal or legit. Other aspects like no social media interaction, no COD, the domain is less than six months old, and low traffic raises suspicious alerts. The site is not ready yet to build up trust among customers, and thus, it is considered a scam. 

If there is any dubious in your mind, then kindly clear it out on the comment part, as given below. You can also share any information related to this site and available products. 

We are happy to help you!!

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  1. I have a charge to my PayPal account through this company with Phillip Wicker as the seller of a TENT. The charge was for $114.08. The tent was ordered
    yesterday. Shipping notice said it was delivered last night. I’ve reported this to PayPal Fraud and also to our bank. because the phone number you list is not
    a working number. Can you tell me what is going on?

  2. I bought a tent that was linked to this site, and paid by PayPal. I did not get any confirmation for my order through this site.
    However, I received a notification from PayPal stating the seller sent shipping information. According to the tracking number, it had been delivered to my mail box. It had not.
    Upon checking at my Post Office, the tracking number showed it was delivered to another address in my city and obviously another person.
    I have tried contacting the seller and the site(which seems to go to the seller). I have not received any response. The phone number provided is not operational.

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