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Cedar Falls Mask Mandate (Sep 2020) Reviews For Clarity.

Cedar Falls Mask Mandate

Cedar Falls Mask Mandate (Sep 2020) Reviews For Clarity. >> This article talks about the Cedar Falls Mask Mandate, valid only for people who are either five or more than five years old.

The city council of Cedar Falls legislated the resolution that obliges people to wear a facemask in civil places where social distancing is not conceivable. This mandate was imposed as increased figures of confirmed coronavirus cases were seen in the city.

The Cedar Falls Mask Mandate was approved in a 4 to 3 vote on 8th September 2020 in the United States. Council members Mark Miller, Kelly Dunn, Frank Darrah and Simon Harding, voted in support of the resolution.

There were three votes in against this mask mandate by city council members Daryl Kruse, Dave Sires and Susan Debuhr inclined towards the strong recommendation of it rather than just enacting a mandate.

Cedar Falls assembles Waterloo, Des Moines, Dubuque, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Muscatine and Mount Vernon in legislating mask requirements.

What does Cedar Falls Mask Mandate states?

According to Cedar Falls Mask Mandate,every citizen (more than 5years of age) in the city of Cedar Falls must wear a facemask:

  • In public places where maintaining a distance of six feet apart from other people is not possible.
  • While using public transports or private car services.
  • Inside all indoor public settings such as businesses, groceries, retail stores, etc.

Who are all not obliged to follow Cedar Falls Mask Mandate?

The Cedar Falls Mask Mandate does not pertain to following:

  • For 0 to 5 years aged children.
  • For people suffering from breathing problems.
  • People who are having treatment on a ventilator or having oxygen therapy.
  • To people in one’s residence
  • People engaged in the public safety position.

What is the condition in the city during Cedar Falls Mask Mandate?

The necessity for Cedar Falls Mask Mandate was felt as on Wednesday state revealed in twenty-four hours, 478 verified coronavirus patients. Further, there were 12 deaths.

The requirements for the mandate was felt when the state reported 478 confirmed coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours on Wednesday. There were 12 deaths, and the total of 1,185 deaths because of the coronavirus in Iowa.

For how long will Cedar Falls Mask Mandate be into effect

Enlisting with other Iowa cities, the mandate gets on into effect presently, and it will last for next six weeks. Practising it involves all indoor public areas such as corporations and public transport.

Another inspection to access the city’s condition in COVID 19 will be held after the six weeks of exercising the mandate.


The Cedar Falls Mask Mandate was set into effect to improve the city’s situation of increasing coronavirus cases. The impact of this mandate come off to be an excellent take to regulate the number of cases increasing in the city.

However, its aftermath and effectiveness are to be awaited after six weeks. If no noticeable improvements are fetched through this mandate, then a need to stimulate it as a mandatory ordinance

for people might come up.

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