Careinshop com Review [April] Is It Secure to Buy From It

Careinshop com Review 2020

Careinshop com Review [April] Is It Secure to Buy From It? -> If you are looking for online stores to purchase personal care products from then, you must read this.

Numerous sites are made daily, offering discounts and prices that make many of us spend amounts we usually wouldn’t. It is hence to do a thorough analysis of the site before making a purchase.

This Careinshop com Review is going to do the breakdown and analysis of the site for you! The post will be telling you if the site is a fraud or worth purchasing from. 

What is Careinshop? 

It is an online store that is currently selling sanitization products in the United States. These products range from sanitizers and alcohol wipes to toilet papers. All of the products are the ones that the local shops seem to be running out of! 

It’s about us section talks about the site wanting to sell products that help you express yourself. Which is confusing as you will only see personal care products on the site. 

This online store also sells in wholesale and mentions that more the quantity, the better the discount. For example, purchasing anywhere between 50-100 will give you a discount of 10%. 

So, is care in shop legit? This most asked question will be answered as you progress into this post. 

What kind of products are available on this site? 

Like mentioned above, you will majorly see personal care products on the site. Listed below the products along with details. 

  • Sanitizers- these are the most sought-after product currently. A 500ML bottle 75% alcohol sanitizer can be purchased at a discounted price of $27.99. 
  • Wet Wipes- these too contain 75% alcohol, perfect for disinfecting toilet seats and seats if taking the local transport. They can be purchased at a discounted price of $13.99. 
  • Toilet Paper- care in shop sells Ultra-soft, and cushiony two-ply 40 rolls can be purchased for $32.99.
  • Disposable Gloves- these are available in the nitrile and PVC qualities. Twenty pieces can be purchased for as low as $9.99. 

On opening their Bestsellers’ section will tell you that they also sell disposable face masks and even no-touch thermometers. 

Is care in shop legit? 

One of the most asked question regarding the site “is care in shop legit?”. Listed below are some advantages as well as disadvantages of this site. 


  • The site has a valid SSL certificate. This ensures all your details put in while making a purchase will not be misused. 
  • They collaborate with FedEx, Ups and even DHL to deliver products worldwide. 
  • The product categories are carefully divided, which makes it easy for a new customer to make secure purchases. 
  • It has active social media accounts that also provide users with some reviews by other users. 
  • For making online purchases, they accept all visa cards, master cards, diners club, discover etc. 


  • Limited products are available on the carein shop
  • The websites layout, as well as the products offered, are similar to other already existing sites. 
  • They offer unbelievable discounts that sound shady. 
  • The site mentions an address that is not the return address! 
  • Their contact us information is incomplete. They provide no phone number. 

While some pointers tell you that the site lacks transparency some other pointers tell you that you can make easy purchases. All in all, even though the site sounds legit, It will still need to make changes to make it more approachable. The reviews of the carein online store below will give you more clarity regarding this site. 

Customer Reviews of the Carein shop

These customers have been collected from their Facebook page. 

Kathy James comments saying that the prices advertised by the brand are double the regular prices for all the products. Also says that how does the company have these sanitizing products in stock when almost everybody has run out. 

Todd Kramer comments that the site must provide its customers with a phone number and how do we know the products are legit? 

Final Verdict- 

It seems as if every other company wants to benefit at a time of crisis. You, as a customer, must be aware and not be blind to the practices. Which is why it is advised snoop around the site and try to get a hold of reviews. 

You may choose to make a purchase or not to from the carein shop! Give us your good/bad reviews regarding this site in the comments below. 

0 thoughts on “Careinshop com Review [April] Is It Secure to Buy From It

  1. I have already place an order and was told via email that the order was received and being processed this was several days ago . I received an email 2 days ago stating that I would receive an answer with in 24 hrs I have not received an answer this is beginning to give me an attitude WHERE THE HELL IS MY ORDER????

  2. Not a valid shop! Placed an order 4 weeks ago, the website was called something else…have emailed them a dozen times and they kept telling me due to high demand my order was coming,, went in to check tonight for tracking, and the company has changed names- the email I sent tonight to the original company bounced back. Filed complaint with BBB. BEWARE!

  3. Hello am so thankful for yall reviews, Because I was just going to place order for our church and family. I hope everything work out for yall order or unless get your money back:) Be Blessed stay safe.

  4. Thanks. I was going to place an order and decided to checkout company and reviews before I completed the order. Very helpful.

    1. I havent . It’s been more than a month since I ordered from them. Got an email saying that the items I bought has a high demand and may take longer to get it. I texted them back after 10 days and no answer

  5. I do not have a phone number or email address to contact this company. I unfortunately made an order on April 16 and still have not heard from them. Anyone have the phone or email info?

  6. Thank you, all of you, for saving me $300 plus. I was *just* about to checkout when I had this weird notion to research this too good to be true offer. I had the intention of purchasing enough for myself and son, my 98yr old papa, and my 72yr old mother. I’m so disgusted and disappointed that anyone would dare overcharge (which I was willing to overlook), but worse…SCAM!! Thanks again all and be well xx

  7. I ordered on 4/17/20. I received my order today 4/25/20. Happy with my order. I spent $108.99. Because of the reviews here I was worried after I placed my order of masks. This company came through. I don’t feel overcharged. I thank the people who are working to make this product. I sincerely hope everyone here has received their order or will. Bless our world. Judy S

    1. I only received my masks yesterday. I ordered the 89.99 package and it was left out. I sent an email and hoping to get a response. If I don’t receive my merchandise, I will dispute the charge and report to the BBB

  8. I placed an order for masks on April 19th, before checking on this companies reputation. I recieved a confirmation of my order and was told there would be another email when my order shipped. I never got another email but I did receive my order today April 27th.
    It is exactly what I ordered, as pictured on their website.
    For those of you having problems there is no phone number on my shipment but there return address is:
    13901 Yorba Ave
    Chino, Ca 91710

  9. This company is not legit! Do not order from them. The order goes through one company, gets billed through another, and then never ships. I reported as fraud to my bank when my e-mails asking about my order was never answered.

  10. I placed an order from them last week. I never received an email confirmation of the order. Also, I get texts from my credit card company whenever my card is used. I got a text for a charge from FabFashion Ltd. Wanch for the amount of my order and it was also an international charge. That clued me in that this is not a legitimate site. I canceled the charge and got a new card.

  11. I also placed an order April 16. Receive order number, nothing yet.
    My message said deliver April 26-28. Still waiting. Sent a message today. No response.

  12. Phone # 845-481-3538. I placed an order today so my fingers are crossed and I hope it goes smoothly

  13. I orden a supplies two weeks ago N you got it charging me already for my account my bank I never received the supplies and this is the confirmation number #E21200423144808208 if you got it just send me the supplies I want my money back

  14. David Mixter, Anderson Indiana. I ordered from this company on April 12th for hand santizer and wet wipes. As of this date have not received the order. They charged my credit card from Fabfashion LTD. No phone listed on their website. I will will report this to the BBB.

  15. I’m happy to hear these reviews but I’m also upset because I placed an order for disinfectant wipes and face masks. I placed the order on April 17th and still haven’t received it. I’ve sent 2 emails in regards to my order but no response from them. It’s been charged to my account. Paid for over $100.00 worth of merchandise but I haven’t received what I ordered. They aren’t legit!!
    Disappointed in them with this virus spreading like a wild fire. Never again!!!!!!’

  16. Ordered a king quilt & shams. Finally received this HORRIBLE item. Ugly, thin material just AWFUL. Can’t get ahold of anybody to return. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

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