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Car Dealerships LTD Reviews [August 2020] Visit carsdealershipltd com

Car Dealerships LTD Reviews 2020

Car Dealerships LTD Reviews [August 2020] Visit carsdealershipltd com >> This article is related to the car dealership website that offers used cars at a low price and finds out whether it is a scam or legit.

Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews: Are you a car lover? But the budget does not allow you to get the one as you want. Then, you are at the right corner of the internet, where we have a site that is offering a wide range of cars at a reasonable price. 

Car lovers have a passion for buying cars, but they may low at the budget, and this website is fulfilling the wishes of such buyers. The site has all the vehicles collected from the car auctions organized by the government in the United Kingdom

It is essential to know whether the site is good to use or not, so we will try to find out Is Car Dealerships Ltd Legit or not. Let us get started with the same below. 

What is

In simple words, it is an online car dealing website that proffers second-hand and used cars at a low price. Neither a vehicle is damaged, nor they are old too. The condition of these cars is excellent, and they all are available with free shipping across the United Kingdom. Moreover, there is no sales tax imposed on vehicles, and they are precise with HPI. 

Let us have a look at the Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews.

What has specified on the

  • The URL of this website is
  • The website is operated from the United Kingdom
  • Email support is available at
  • The physical address of this company is 93 Nursery Road, Sunderland, SR3 1NU, United Kingdom. 
  • The working hours of the site vary from Monday to Friday (9 am to 7 pm). 
  • The website has the presence of HTTPS protocol and SSL integration to safeguard all details. 
  • The shipment takes two working days to reach the customer. 
  • Free Shipping is available within the United Kingdom. 
  • Three-days return policy is available on the received vehicle. 
  • Bank transfer is available as a mode of payment to buy a car.   

What positive aspects are there about

  • Return policies are available if the customer gets dissatisfied with the received car. 
  • Product quality is excellent and available in an appropriate condition
  • No registration and insurance fees are there.
  • Free delivery is available.  
  • All payment transactions are secured through SSL integration.
  • Email support is available to contact the company. 
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The customer’s details are secured.    

What negative aspects are there on 

  • Misleading office address as the address belongs to a residential area.
  • No social media handles to interact with buyers and grabs the attention by posting a vehicle with all details.
  • Lack of contact number 
  • New domain name as the site is only twenty days old. 
  • One option is available for payment that is bank transfer.

Is Car Dealerships Ltd Legit?

While exploring the website, we explain the site and know about its ins and outs and figure out whether it is legit for potential buyers.

We found some setbacks of the site such as misleading office address, no social media handles, lack of contact number, new domain name, and one option is available for payment. So, the website is a scam and not a legit one.    

What are the buyer’s reviews about

There is a lot of customer Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews available on the website, but these may be fake. We failed to find any opinions and thoughts about the site from the customers’ side, and there is no social media account that indicates any idea about such cars. Therefore, we failed to find the customer experience.  

Bottom line: 

After getting into the website to find out the answer to Is Car Dealerships Ltd Legit, then we get to know that this site runs smoothly and provides a broad range of cars at a very reasonable price. 

But there are some negative aspects of this site that might prevent interested buyers from buying anything from this site. It includes the misleading office address, no social media handles, lack of contact number, new domain name, and one option is available for payment. Because of all such reasons, the site is a scam and not a good one.  

Kindly mention all the doubts and thoughts below in the comment section and clear all your doubts. 

We are delighted to help you.

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