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Canvasn Reviews [May 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit


Canvasn Reviews [May 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit -> In the article, you will know about the details of a website that sells accessories, tools, and glasses

We assume that you must have bought sunglasses, Petites, dinnerware, and other items from different websites. Are we right? Let’s check Canvasn. 

While surfing commercial websites, we came across Canvasn Reviews. The site is new; therefore, we decided to analyze its thoroughly to give intact details to you for a pleasant shopping experience. 

As a fully functional creature of nature, we are keen to look out for options before investing our money. It is how new websites are gaining audience and face-value on varied online platforms. Canvasn is a newly launched website that is gaining popularity in the United State market. It has covered a vast market by providing sunglasses, reading glasses, jewelry, and other items. 

When you are inclined to invest your money to buy different items of excellent quality, then the site is perfect for you. We are now taking you on our exploration ride on this website.

What is Canvasn? is a newly launched website that sells jewelry, glasses, technical gadgets, and other items. It has cost-effective and innovative products that are perfect for you to use regularly. The site is entirely committed to bringing the best and attractive deals on different products. But are our payments and personal details secure on this site? Is Canvasn legit or scam? Is Canvasn Club Legit?

When the details of sites do not look right to us, we consider such sites scam. Now, let’s see if this site stands on our expectations to buy from it.

Specifications of Canvasn:

  • Website type: Clothing and Accessories 
  • Shipping time: 1-5 Business Days
  • Delivery time: 7-9 Working Days
  • Return: Applicable
  • Order cancellation: Applicable
  • Company contact number: +18456360200
  • Company address:1527 Fruitland Dr, BELLINGHAM, WA, 98226
  • Email address: 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal and Credit Card

Is Canvasn legit or scam? 

As the site does not have much information on its background, we assume that it is new in the market. The site has a vast product range for you to choose from. We can find some hope in the products because they have detailed pictures and mentioned features. We cannot claim this website as legit because it has no background history, no customer reviews, and SSL certification that can make us believe that the products are excellent and our details are safe.

Pros of shopping from Canvasn:

  • Vast product range.
  • Return and refund is applicable.
  • Different payment options.

Cons of shopping from Canvasn:

  • Product pricing is high.
  • Shipment and delivery details are unsure.
  • The site is not SSL certified.
  • Newly launched site.

What are buyers saying about Canvasn?

When we searched for reviews from buyers like you, we find that nobody has said anything good about the products and the company. Many customers claim that they have never received the ordered products even after waiting over a month. It is not a good sign to start with, or is it? We dig deep into the reviews and find that neither the payment nor the personal information is safe with this site. Most of the buyers have claimed that the contact number and email address are unreachable and fraudulent. 

All these were said not about the website, and as not anyone has ever received a product, we are unable to contrast the product quality and product pictures for you. 

Final Words on Canvasn 

As the site has not even completed a month and we cannot claim whether it is scam or legit, we suggest you to never shop from newly launched websites. The site is not affiliated with SSL certification that makes our personal information and bank details unsafe to a great extent. Besides, the data of this company entirely match with most scammed websites. The product and category listing are scattered, which makes us search continuously for our desire product and order it. You can search for options online for similar products at the same product price. However, the main worry arises when they counterclaim their delivery and shipment period by either saying 3-5 or 7-9 working days. 

Many users like you have claimed that they receive their order tracking number, but it is not valid at all. All they receive is mails about their shipped item, which they have not received to date. We can finally conclude that is a scam. We welcome your insight and experience so that other buyers can make their mind before shopping from this website.

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  1. Defiantly a scam! Do not order from them. I ordered a greenhouse and got a pack of masks from China. Lost my money and no greenhouse, Even the tracking information is BOGUS

  2. CANVASN is a total SCAM site. I reported it to the FBI Internet Crime unit and filed a resolution claim wit my credit card to get a full refund on my $50.95 I paid to CANVASN for 2 Compost Bins. They start by sending you a tracking number you can follow on another totally SCAM site called 17TRACKING. That site provides false information on tracking and leads you to believe your product “shipped” but is stuck in the mailing process. In reality, it NEVER shipped! The phone number on the CANVASN website is false and not working. The address on their website is false too. Call the number and look up the address on Google Maps street view as proof. Their address is used by several SCAM companies. They will ship you 2 face masks and then say it was a shipping mistake and ask you to return the package at YOUR OWN EXPENSE. The whole process they use is to SCAM you out of your money then delay – delay – delay and hope you fall for it and report nothing to your credit card company or the FBI. If you wait past the 30-180 days your credit card company uses to refund money on disputes than they get to keep your money! Report ANY purchase with CANVASN to your credit card company ASAP and then report it to the FBI Internet Crimes unit online. Do not forget to make post everywhere you can bad reviews about CANVASN and 17TRACK to warn others of their SCAM. I will be making a YouTube review on their SCAM.

  3. Yes, this website is a scam. I ordered a garden composter for over $60 and 3-1/2 months later J received 3 N95 masks. They will not refund my money so I am filing a claim with PayPal. CANVASN is a fraudulent website!

  4. It’s a scam site shows based in USA but is actually run by these frauds from China. Ordered a greenhouse in April and paid the entire money and these frauds cheated me firstly by sending 2 face masks and then when I complained then they sent another email saying item being shipped from another scam site matching similar description as fedex and never received the item. They sent the email as I raised the case with PayPal and nothing worked and I lost my money!! Never buy anything from these cheats!!

  5. I ordered a agra fab lawn aerator in April 2020 and received some cheap Chinese face masks. They told me three different times my order would be resent, it wasn’t. They refused to give me a refund. I filed a complaint with the FTC. This company is a scam do not waste your money with them. They will rip you off.

  6. Yes, unfortunately, I too never received my composter that I ordered in early May. I too, received three face masks after I complained that my order never was delivered. Checking with the post office, they never made my delivery. I requested a refund and got a reply that there would be a ten dollar charge. I did not argue with that because restocking fees sometimes are charged. I was told that a refund of 49 dollars would be forthcoming. Here it is September 17th and I still have not received the refund. Every time I write about having not received the refund I get an e-mail reply “Please be patient. We are processing your refund.” Well, I have run out of patience! This company is definitely a scam! If you order from CANVASN, expect no delivery of your order and no refund when requested. Again, IT IS A SCAM!

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