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Cango Store Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy!

Cango Store Reviews

Cango Store Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy! -> This article is about the authenticity of a website that is dealing with metal frames for a swimming pool.

Are you looking for the best quality metal frame for the home swimming pool to enjoy summer days with your kids? You can choose the Cango Store. It is one of the buzzing names in the field of an ecommerce website that are dealing with metal frames.

Most of the people are aware of the scam and hacking website on the digital platform. However, they do not know the signs that detect an autunitic site. Since you are a new buyer, get some knowledge about the Cango Store Reviews anyway. There are a lot of open forums and hidden tools to detect a scam. Therefore, you need to know it before finalizing the order.

Do you know Is Cango Store Legit or not? There are a lot of illicit and scam sites that not only drain your money but also get your information through your participation in those websites. As per the reliable reports, the United States has become the adobe of illicit digital activities. In this article, we will provide enough information to find out a legit website easily. So, keep reading. 

What is the Cango Store?

If you are looking for a fantastic facility time in summer, Congo Store is suitable as they are dealing with metal frames in different shapes that are used for making a home swimming pool. This seller and manufacturer are dealing with two types of frames other than the metal frames- prism frames and ultra-frames. Also, the natural frames are set to anywhere in your home. These are the ideal frame for children.

Specifications of Cango Store:

  • Product detail: Swimming pool frame for a home setup 
  • Website:
  • Official email address:
  • Office address: Not mentioned on the website
  • Contact No.: Not mentioned on the website. 
  • Shipping time: 1-2 business days
  • Shipping charge:  Free shipping
  • Delivery time: Right after the shipping process is done.
  • Return/ Refund: Return process can be applied within 90 days from the delivery date, and refund will be completed with two business days. 
  • Mode of payment: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover.

What are the prime benefits of choosing Cango Store?

  • There is a massive collection of a metal frame. 
  • All type of frame in a different size is available here.
  • They are the manufacturer and the seller of the frames.
  • Most of the frames are unique in design.
  • Three types of frames are available- metal frame, prism frame, and ultra-frame.
  • They delivery product in a concise time.
  • They are providing 13% discount and free shipping due to covid-19.
  • Almost all sorts of online transactions are available.

What are the drawbacks of Congo Store?

  • The price of the frames is a little higher than the market prices.
  • Sellers are not active in social media.
  • A lot of vital information, such as office address, contact no, is not there on the website.
  • Confusing email addresses are there on the site.
  • “About us” section is not cleared about the selling and service detail.
  • No cash on delivery is available.

Customer review of Congo Store:

Since you are a first-time buyer of the website, you are looking for an authentic product review. Each product provides you are review section. However, each of the sections is empty. Nobody gave his (or her) review on the site. Also, it should be a sign to be a zero visitor’s site. 

Another red flag is no engagement in social sites. People love to get in touched with their favourite brand through social media. An account on a social page provides the sellers with a percentage of authenticity among the buyers. Also, the buyers communicate directly through the rating, review, comment and message with the sellers.

Looking at its official website, you may find a lot of inconsistency. The sellers do not provide fundamental information like the official address, phone no, etc. on the other hand, they have mentioned two different email ids without any ultimate purpose. Plus, the website has mentioned a different name, product and service detail in the “About Us” section.

As per some insiders and the SEO-friendly analytical tools, the website is not older than six months. Also, it has a deficient rank both in Google search engine pages and Bing.  No definite article in favour of the site is there on the internet. Also, no one is talking about the sellers on the popular review sites. 

The final verdict:

As per the customer reviews and the analytical result, we conclude that there is a huge chance to be a scam. So, we do not recommend our readers to buy anything here.

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