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Caerula Mar Club Reviews (July) Is It Worth The Money?

Caerula Mar Club Reviews

Caerula Mar Club Reviews (July) Is It Worth The Money? >> In the given article, you come to know about s beautiful resort named Caerula Mar Club.

Going out on vacations with your friends and family is an exciting thing to do. Such outings and breaks refresh one’s mind and give a relaxing break from the monotonous day-to-day schedule. 

But don’t you think that your outing’s success depends on your choice of the hotel as hotels with impressive views and facilities can double your joy and provide you with a satisfactory experience. 

Aren’t you looking for such a fantastic hotel for yourself? If yes, in this article, we will provide you with Caerula Mar Club Reviews, in which you will get unbiased information regarding the Caerula Mar Club hotel. 

This hotel is situated in Andros (the largest island of the Bahamas), United States. In this article, we will also let you know Is Caerula Mar Club Legit or not. 

What is Caerula Mar club? 

Caerula Mar Club is an island-based luxury boutique resort. It is located in one of the fascinating fresh destinations, i.e., in Andros, the Bahamas, on South Andros

This resort’s name was appointed to be “Caerula Mar” in consideration of the cerulean colour, i.e., deep blue colour of the sea. Being a luxury hotel, the introductory price for its rooms is around $350 to $1100 per night.

This resort also has an International airport of entry (AOE) at a distance of just a few minutes. It has been constructed around an eco-friendly environment.   

To find the answer to Is Caerula Mar Club legit? Let’s explore this resort further. 

Specifications of the Caerula Mar club:

  • To visit the resort’s official website, click on
  • The Caerula Mar Club resort is located near Congo Town International Airport.
  • Owners of the resort are Bryan & Sarah Baumler.
  • There are 18 rooms in the resort. 
  • The has a peaceful environment. 
  • Facilities provided in the resort include Pool bar, 22 villas, beach, palm forest, shed, clubhouse, spa, etc.

The pros of the Caerula Mar Club: 

  • All rooms of the resort provide a beautiful ocean and pool view. 
  • This resort also offers a bar and non-smoking rooms. 
  • The resort offers free parking, and also offers bicycles on rent. 
  • The resort offers a gym, spa, and free internet services. 

The cons of the Caerula Mar Club: 

  • The rooms at the resort are quite expensive. 
  • Most of the services provided at the resort are paid.

Is Caerula Mar Club Legit?

We made an in-depth inquiry of the Caerula Mar Club resort in our Caerula Mar Club Reviews. In our research, we found that this resort shows an actual presence at the mentioned location. 

Moreover, we came to know that this resort has many positive customer reviews based on the beautiful view of the resort, delicious food, and excellent customer service. 

Accordingly, reply to Is Caerula Mar Club Legit is Yes! As this resort seems legit, it exhibits substantial social media following on different social media platforms, and it also shows excellent customer reviews. 

What are people saying about the Caerula Mar Club? 

We came to know that people were delighted with their visit to Caerula Mar Club resort as the Caerula Mar Club shows excellent customer reviews over different social media platforms. 

People enjoyed the delicious food of the resort and cycling around the lovely surroundings. 

Also, this resort seems to be quite popular based on its vast following. People loved the peaceful environment and beautiful views around the resort. 

Further, they could enjoy almost all the facilities in the resort. Thus, it can be said that people had comfortable and gratified experiences at this resort. Accordingly, this place is worth visiting.

And, also, they have mentioned that they would happily recommend it to their known ones to have a visit at this place.


 In our research, we found much legitimate information regarding the Caerula Mar Club hotel. Noting impressive customer declarations regarding this place, we could conclude that this place is loved and admired by people.

We could also find the website presence with a good following on different social media platforms.

Therefore, answer to your query, I.e., Is Caerula Mar Club legit?is yes as this place and its specifications are authentic. 

Accordingly, we recommend this beautiful resort for you to visit once. For it is one of the beautiful destinations with almost all facilities. 

We further advise you to check customer reviews and do detailed research regarding resorts and locations before spending your valuable money.

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  1. It sounds and looks lovely and I loved watching the show, but as a newly retired single woman, the prices are beyond what i could afford.

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