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Have you ever tried any online store selling evaporative cooling hat with UV protection online? If you are going to nod your head in a no, you must make a purchase online from And it has become vital to go through Reviews before jumping into any conclusion or final buying decision, it would help you know about the usage and longevity.

People from the United States are already familiar with this amazing cap made with amazing UV ray reflective technology. An Arctic hat is a comfy hat that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and repels up to 80% of the sun’s heat. And it keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the whole hot sunny day.

Although the whole review section has tones of positive reviews, it is still essential to be entirely sure. The buyer will get clarity about the hat and the offers available on the website.

Let’s have a closer look and move ahead to understand more.

What is

The Arctic hat is a special kind of hat that claims to keep you much more relaxed than the outside temperature. This hat is manufactured with an evaporative cooling inner liner that retains cold water and evaporates gradually to keep you up 20 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Moreover, the internet says that the hat is adjustable and is perfect for the entire family. However, the Reviews have some comments saying that the hat doesn’t fit on a kid’s head. Its fantastic technology and breathable and lightweight fabric eliminate takes away all the heat.


  • Website type: innovative arctic hats that keep you cool and comfortable
  • Shipping time: will take around 30 days to get shipped
  • Delivery time: 3 to 6 weeks
  • Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Contact number : 800-838-7719
  • Company’s email id:
  • Address: Arctic hat, 2880 N Lamb Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115
  • Mode of payment: visa, discover, debit card, master card

Pros of buying Arctic Hat from

  • The website offers a double offer where you have to pay just $9.99 and the first hat’s cost only.
  • It is effortless to clean the hat as you can gently wash it with hands using a gentle soap.
  • has a mediocre trust score index of around 60%, convincing enough to try the website.
  • This hat is made with a lightweight and breathable fabric that makes it easy for customers to wear it the whole day without irritation.

Cons of buying Arctic Hat from

  • The customer has to pay $3 as a restocking fee in case of return.
  • The double offer is not available in stores.

Is legit?

All the online shoppers from the United States are wondering about the legitimacy of The site has a trust score index of 60%, specifically the middle of the road. And after doing a lot of research and viewing as many websites as possible, we have found that the website can be trusted for making a small purchase for a trial basis.

Moreover, the website has some mixed reviews in the online Reviews section, which shows that the website has gained some popularity and can be considered while making a purchase.

What are the customers saying about

Online reviews are a great help while making a buying decision and checking for the reliability of the website. Some of the customers have mentioned that the hat works magically and keeps sun off their face and neck for a considerable time.

 Also, some of the customers have concluded that the temperature of the inner lining of the hat has been measured at a bit low temperature as compared to the outside temperature.

Well, in addition to these positive comments, some of the customers have shown disappointment saying that they are still waiting for their hats to get delivered. And they have also mentioned that the customer receives the bill with some hidden charges and the offer it shows, is an actual example of false advertisement.

Final verdict

On visiting the website, you will know that the site has mixed reviews from the previous customers. The site offers exciting discounts on buying two products at the same time and all the features that are mentioned, suggest that this hat is a must-have product.

Since the website has a mediocre trust score index and has buyers having both good and bad shopping experiences. So, we suggest doing complete research before placing an order. And it’s your call whether you want to start a new shopping experience with or not.

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