Bumble Boost Settlement {Sep} Find Details On Settlement

Bumble Boost Settlement

Bumble Boost Settlement {Sep} Find Details On Settlement >> The article is on a “bumble boost programme” where company was charged for violating state laws.

Today everyone wants to look for the right partner. Earlier, people just used to search partners with references in their family, but with the aid of technology and upcoming new apps, people can find people of their same interest.

There are many introvert people out there and feel shy while talking with the opposite sex. Apps like Bumble is a boon for them.

Bumble is a dating app wherein users can create their profile by adding their photos and adding some small details about themselves. The user can swipe “right” to like and “left” to dislike the opposite personality.

Only women can message the person. If the woman does not message the person in 24hours, the match is lost.

This app is a United States-based company, and there have been some issues regarding Bumble Boost Settlement

What is Bumble Boost?

Bumble boost is a premium subscription feature offered by Bumble. There are a lot of benefits of using bumble boost; some of them are:

  • Unlimited swiping experience
  • Extend chances of getting messaged by 24 hours
  • See everyone who has liked you.
  • Search with unlimited filters.

What is Bumble Boost Settlement?

In the Bumble Boost Settlement case, the company fails to notify its users about the right to cancel its boost subscription program. The lawsuit claimed that it violated the laws of California State and the dating law of New York.

Customers charged from a range of about $8.99 to $139.99. Some people claimed that the subscription was not easy to cancel, and the subscription sometime auto-renewed. Some of the people even stated that the refund was not easy to get.

Who are included in the case?

Two types of people included in the case:

The California class: these are the type of consumers charged for auto-renewal of their subscription program from 13 November 2014- 20 July 2020.

The nationwide class: these are the type of consumers who purchased the Bumble Boost program from 13 November 2014- 20 July 2020.

The Bumble Boost Settlement will provide a total of $22.5 million to both class members. If the consumer is from both the class, he will benefit both the class members.

Legal rights and options in this settlement

The only way to get the settlement is by submitting a valid claim form. The form can be submitted through paper or online. The deadline to submit the state is 23 November 2020.

The person has every right to sue the statement about the case. If anyone has any object about the point, they can reach the court.

If you opt-out of the case before 13 November 2020, you will not receive any payment but will retain the rights for using the company. 


The Bumble Boost Settlement program provides monetary relief for two-class people, including California and nationwide class. The company has agreed to pay $22.5 to the people who have been affected by this situation.

It is not acceptable for a billion-dollar company with a customer base of 55million people to play with their terms and conditions and violate state laws.

If a well-known brand is violating laws and cheating on people, they will look for alternatives.

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