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Are you a BTS fan? BTS group- a band of 7 boys has a massive fan following Worldwide. The fans want to know all the information about the new launch of the group’s movies or any upcoming shows or events. will give you all the details about the releases of the BTS group. 

What is is a worldwide online platform/website that provides you with the details of newly launched movies, shows, and events of the BTS group. Also, it provides a list of regions where the movie is going to release. 

The movie dates are announced on the platform, and the fans can also get their tickets online through this platform. Burn the Stage the Movie was the most massive event cinema release of the BTS group in 2018. The group has recently announced the release of “Break the Silence” on this platform.

For each movie or show released the will guide you and determine whether the release will work for you. As a producer, you can get consultation and guidance from production to release movies or events.

What is Trafalgar Releasing in

It is a subsidiary of Trafalgar entertainment, a global leader in the distribution of event cinema. It takes care of the production, acquisition, distribution, and marketing of the event/movie in more than 4000 cinemas and 100 countries worldwide.

What are the services provided by has been launched since 2006, and they have long-term relationships with the cinemas over the world to make your event/launch reach a successful height. It helps arrange the technical staff to edit or to capture the event. 

It also helps in sales and identifies the best country worldwide to make your event or movie successful. You can contact through the website for any release or event for your cinema.

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Can help in Fan Marketing? helps to plan or manage a campaign. Besides, it can produce in-cinema advertisements, posters, trailers, micro-content for social media, and customizing ticketing websites. It understands the kind of content or project requirements for the success of a particular cinema. 

You can make a booking of the events of the BTS group worldwide. Hence, provide all that is needed for a campaign for successful fan marketing. 

How well is the technical distribution of ensures the quality maintained for the audio and visual presentation. It is required because a big-screen release needs specifications that are highest possible at every stage. The production and delivery process provided is best so that the audiences and fans have the best experience of their movie.


The BTS group has organized many events, shows, and movies with larger audiences, giving their fans the best experience they look for in an event. If you need a booking of the BTS group releases for any cinema worldwide, you can contact

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