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Broocade Club Reviews {April} Read it Before You Buy!

Broocade Club Reviews 2020

Broocade Club Reviews {April} Read it Before You Buy! >> In this article, we review an online shopping website that sells furniture and home entertainment and decorating accessories. You get to read about all the details related to this website.

Are you looking for an online store to buy furniture, home entertainment, and decoration accessories? Look no further than Broocade Club.

Broocade Club has been around for some time and is reasonably know among the users on the internet.The site follows the latest trends and makes sure to add the latest designs to its shop at reasonable prices.

Currently, Broocade Club is trending in the United States and the United Kingdom and has gained popularity there. But does the site provide items worth your money?

In this review of Broocade Club, we will look at all the specific details of the site. Is it cheap?

Why should I buy from this website? And the main question- is Broocade Club legit or not?

What is Broocade Club? has an extensive product range that spans DIY, furniture, home entertainment, cleaning, storage, heating, garden furniture, and more. Each product is tested and tried, and the site assures you of the quality of the material. Due to the quality of their products, they are published in several prominent magazines. The prices of the products are also affordable.

Specifications of Broocade Club:

  • Website- DIY, Furniture, and Home Entertainment accessories.
  • Shipping time- 3-5 days (within the UK)
  • Delivery time- 7-10 days (within the UK)
  • Return- 30 days from when the product is dispatched
  • Exchange- applicable to a majority of products.
  • Refund- within 30 days after the returned merchandise is received.
  • Mode of payment- Debit Card/Credit Card/ Cash On Delivery
  • Email-

Is Broocade. club Legit?

The site has been around for some time and has gained a significant amount of popularity. All the relevant information, like contact number, email, and address, have been provided on the website. Hence, the site appears trustworthy. Also, it has been featured in several prominent magazines like Independent, Style At Home, Real Homes.

Thus, the site appears legit. But there are a few problems. The site promises to offer quality products but does not allow buyers to rate the product, which helps in getting an idea of the quality of the product. Also, customer reviews are not available as it helps any interested buyer find out more about a product. But, the site is legit. is not a scam.

Pros of buying from Broocade Club:

  • It keeps itself up-to-date with all the latest trends.
  • Products are available at affordable prices.
  • Exchange and return of the products are accessible.
  • The quality of the items is premium.

Cons of buying from Broocade Club:

  • It does not allow customer reviews, so you cannot be sure of the quality of the material.
  • Exchange or return is not available on items like DVDs, CDs, and computer software.
  • You have to bear the cost of returning the product to the provided return address.
  • People outside of the US or UK will find it very expensive.

What are the customers saying about

Customer reviews are not available on the website. However, if you search the internet and read customer reviews on some other platforms. You’ll find that most customers were satisfied with the quality of the products they received. Some people had a few issues as they complained that the design of the product they received was slightly different from what they saw in the image.

Although, a majority of people were satisfied. There were also a few customers who complained that they had received a damaged product. If non-returnable items like CDs are delivered damaged, they might not get returned.

Also, you have to bear the entire cost of returning the damaged product to a provided address, which can be costly if you are not living in the US or UK.

Final Verdict

The site delivers quality materials, which can be confirmed by the fact that they have appeared in several magazines. The site is fairly well known and gets a considerable amount of traffic in the United States.

The site is well maintained and is easy to use. The products are mentioned on the website, along with the images.

Several images so that you can see the product from every angle. The pricing is also very reasonable and is affordable. All the relevant contact and address details have been provided on the website. You can quickly contact them through their mail for any query or assistance.

We suggest that our readers take a leap of faith and order from this website. We have strong evidence to believe that this website is indeed legit and not a scam.

So, is legit.

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  1. No this company is a scam! Don’t order from them. They charge your CC and send something else. I ordered a pair of Hex dumbbells and they sent facemarks that I never ordered and charged me $59.99.

  2. is absolutely a scam. The contact information says they are located in Omaha Nebraska. Their refund policy says they’re in Michigan. I made the mistake of ordering 2 50lb dumbbells and after I discovered they were probably a scam I tried to call and cancel the order. The number didn’t work. I paid through PayPal and the person who took the money was AnPei Lu. I tried emailing which I did for 3 straight days without a response. They finally responded saying they couldn’t cancel my order because the item had shipped and gave me a tracking number. Guess what? Tracking shows that it was shipped from China. When the package finally arrived 3 weeks later it was 2 50lb dumbbells. It was 2 fabric masks. Obviously a huge difference in weight and cost. They tried to offer to send them again but no way was I going through that again and demanded a refund. They initially offered me a partial refund and insisted on the full refund partially because that’s what is the normal thing to do and also I have no doubt that they would not return the money. They have not responded to my recent emails so I have filed a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I have no idea how you determined this was a legitimate site but it absolutely is not.

  3. Scam. I ordered 50 lb dumbbells and they send me 2 face masks. Paid $59.99 , trying to get my money back but PayPal wants me to send it back first. So now I have to spend more money after already being scammed.

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