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Bricksmate Scam {Sep 2020} Let’s Read Reviews Here!

Bricksmate Scam

Bricksmate Scam {Sep 2020} Let’s Read Reviews Here! >> This review post will tell you about the validity of the site that sells kids’ toys. Please go through the details now.

Do you want to learn about is Bricksmate Scam or not? Then join us in this review session. 

Nowadays, you can’t trust any site as online fraud is increasing rapidly. Every day you get to see thousands of posts over the internet where people try to update you about the fraud websites and stores created with a motive to do scam. They use different tricks and tactics like selling branded goods at low prices, offering a colossal discount, and displaying fake customer reviews, etc. 

Bricksmate is the ecommerce store that sells lego brand toys, which is quite famous among the United States kids. Besides this, the Bricksmate store has summer clearance sales these days, where the customers can get a massive discount on each of its products. 

The store contains various games to help the kids in many ways, like in the learning, imagination, and creativity skills, as the store’s primary goal is to help the kid’s in their growth and advancement. 

 Is Bricksmate Scam? 

The store has displayed all its products in an organized manner. As you can see, the site also seems informative; it includes all the necessary information such as well-defined product descriptions, specifications, and HD quality pictures, etc

Alternatively, this information is not enough to prove it legit. For this reason, we have gathered some more information regarding the Bricksmate store, and we came to know that the site is not what it claims to be as we have found several controversial points about the store, which are as follows. 

Firstly, the company address mentioned on the website is fake. Secondly, the five-star ratings available on the website under its product name are worthless. And the social media icons displayed on the downside of the site’s homepage are not accessible. Thirdly, the most substantial evidence we have found is the negative reviews regarding the Bricksmate store. 

In addition to this, the Bricksmate store is only seven days old. 

Hence, read further to know more about Bricksmate Scam or not. 

What is Bricksmate? 

Bricksmate is the online store that sells trending lego items, the famous brand in the United States. The store’s claims that its primary purpose is to contribute to the kids’ growth and development by providing them educational toys and games at reasonable prices so that every person can afford to buy from them. 

Moreover, the products that Bricksmate contains are building sets, the princess’s castle, bag packs, analog watch, and many more. 

Bricksmate store has a summer clearance sale on its store these days, where the shoppers can get up to 80% off. 

Besides this, the Bricksmate store has also set it’s per person purchase limit, which is only $130 per person. 

We are getting strong intuitions that the Bricksmate Scam, but this is not the end of these reviews. Keep reading until the end. 

Specifications of Bricksmate

  • Website URL –
  • Products – Kid’s toys and backpacks 
  • Location – The United States 
  • Email address –
  • Contact number – +4582820409
  • Company address – P4J7+9W Billund, Denmark
  • Shipping time – 5-7 days 
  • Shipping charges – Free shipping on order over $69
  • Return policy – 12 months 
  • Refund policy- the time is not mentioned 
  • Order tracker – Yes, available 
  • Order history – available 
  • Discount offer – 80% off 
  • Payment mode – VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, McAfee Secure
  • Newsletter- Yes, available 
  • Guarantee – 30 days return, and money-back guarantee 
  • Purchase limit- $130 per person 

Advantages of Bricksmate

  • The site is providing everything at a discount.
  • Bricksmate is providing a money-back guarantee if you don’t find the product satisfactory. 
  • Bricksmate is taking returns and also has a free shipping policy.
  • Bricksmate has an informative user interface. 
  • You can make payments by using different payment methods. 

Disadvantages of Bricksmate

  • The social media icons presented on the website are useless as it does not work. 
  • The company address mentioned on the website is bogus. 
  • The site doesn’t have customer reviews on it, and the ratings mentioned below the product name are imitative. 
  • The website content also seems clichéd. 
  • Bricksmate stores are only seven days old. 

What have customers said about the Bricksmate? 

The Bricksmate does not hold customer feedback, and it also has no social media existence. But, there are some reviews we have seen over the internet where we got the answer to this question Is Bricksmate scam or not. 

Hence, all the feedbacks that published on the internet are negative. 

Final verdict

Is Bricksmate scam? Yes, the site is a scam. 

We have explained all the reasons that prove the Bricksmate store scam in this post. If we missed out on anything, then kindly contact us via the comment section. 

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