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Breathe Pure Mask Reviews [May] Read, Understand, Decide!

Breathe Pure Mask 2020
Breathe Pure Mask 2020

Breathe Pure Mask Reviews [May] Read, Understand, Decide! -> In this post, you get an understanding of the reliability of the given website.

Are you considering buying a mask that acts as a protective shield? Breathe Pure Mask claims to be the best solution to your needs. 

Going by Breathe Pure Mask reviews, it is seen that it is doing pretty well in the United State.  

The following post will answer whether it is safe to use Breathe Pure Mask or not. It will throw light on the most common question that pops in your mind when doing any online purchasing. Is Breathe Pure Mask legit or not? Let us find out.

Breathe Pure Mask

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Is Breathe Pure Mask legit?

The Breathe Pure mask website is well-drafted, provides an Email address, phone number, and a proper customer care page. This makes it look like a legitimate site. 

Their website is operated by Tristar Products, Inc, a United State based company that has been in business for more than 25 years.

The Breathe Pure Mask reviews, though not many, say positive things about the company. 

Let us understand better and get your questions answered about the legitimacy of Breathe Pure Mask through this article.

What is Breathe Pure Mask?

Breathe Pure Mask is a three-layered face-protective mask that guards you against a host of things. It is your shield against pollutants, infectious diseases, and many more factors that cause respiratory trouble.

Why is Breathe Pure Mask unique?

This three-layered mask covers your mouth, nose, and chin, thus providing maximum protection. It is a great protective shield for health professionals and essential workers. It works best for someone getting outdoor exercise, or even doing grocery shopping.

The mask is breathable and lightweight. It is easy to carry; it fits well into your purse or pocket. The soft fabric of the mask makes it supremely comfortable. The mask has an adjustable elastic loop that snugly fits on to your ears. 

Moreover, it does not come in stark colours that stand out. The light tone of the mask blends well with almost all outfits. 

Breath Pure Mask Review Work

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The light fabric and soft colour are suitable to wear even in the hot and humid weather. The mask can be worn for long hours without any discomfort.

It comes with a 10+10 free offer, which means you pay for ten masks and get an additional ten free. For the other ten free masks, you only pay for postage and handling. These masks can be shipped directly to your home address. The contactless delivery minimizes any risk of infection.

There is also a rush shipping option if you want faster delivery.

No need of store-hopping or visiting any pharmacy for buying masks. This means you have ample stock that allows continuous wearing for several weeks. You can even help family and friends by dispensing some if required.

Their website is available 24/7 and tells you how to wear the mask for the best protection.

Specifications of Breathe Pure Mask:

  • Product type- Protective face masks
  • Email- 
  • Website- 
  • Phone- 1-800-491-8923
  • Delivery Time- Not Specified
  • Exchange/Return- Not possible. Damaged package or items can be returned if proper guidelines are followed
  • Mode of Payment- Online through credit cards, or telephone

Breath Pure Mask work

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Pros of Breathe Pure Mask:

  • Masks are disposable
  • Three-layered protection
  • Masks are flexible to fit all sizes
  • Telephonic order is possible
  • Checkout is easy
  • You can track your order

Cons of Breathe Pure Mask:

  • The mask is for one-time use only
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Safe disposable practices need to be adhered to while disposing off the mask
  • Masks are not returnable
  • Masks cannot be exchanged
  • Shipping is not free
  • Delivery time is not specified

Customer reviews of Breathe Pure Mask:

Their website is not very old, so there are not many customer reviews about the masks. The few Breathe Pure Mask reviews that are available tell us that customers are satisfied with the product.

Some have, however, expressed concern if the masks were too big to fit the kids. But the masks have adjustable loops that can fit well on everyone’s ears.

Breath Pure Mask Where to Buy

Final verdict:

If you are anxious about safe-guarding yourself against infectious germs and pollutants, then we recommend Breathe Pure Masks for you.

The three-layered masks come with attractive prices and combo deals. 

In conclusion, we do advise you to go through all the specifications and do your research before placing an order. There might be better alternatives available online and at better pricing.

 Please leave a response if you have used this product. This will help people know the product better.


  1. Placed an order on 5-4-20. Advertising still states available and in stock ready to ship. Now am informed that the product is on back order and won’t ship until 6-8-20. If advertising in stock and available, but not having the product that is false advertising and FRAUDULENT activity. Not trust worthy!!!!!!!!!

  2. False advertising!!!!! Not in stock and not available to ship!!!! Three e-mails sent- standard reply of wait longer for shipping. Stayed on hold for 1 hour and 18 minutes for continued standard reply of wait a bit longer for shipping information. FRAUDULENT advertising.

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