Bowl Sparkle Reviews {Feb 2021} Know It All Before Shopping

Bowl Sparkle Reviews 2020

Bowl Sparkle Reviews {Feb 2021} Know It All Before Shopping -> This article informs you about the intrinsic details of the product and the reasons for its recommendations.

What if you could dissolve stubborn dust and limescale from your toilet bowl with a hassle-free method? Bowl Sparkle is here to assist you with an astonishing solution available online.

Bowl Sparkle Reviews suggest that the site is performing exceptionally well in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and is successful in receiving cheerful reviews from its target audience.

Supermarket shelves house a variety of cleaning products such as liquid washers, stick-on buttons and tablets. However, they work adequately, but at a high price – all in the name of hygiene and minimizing the unpleasant factor of cleaning your toilets.

Bowl Sparkel Review Scam

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Bowl Sparkle offers you the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner that returns the sparkle to your toilet and makes it brand new. Not only toilets, but Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner is also great at cleaning your floors, drains, sinks, washing machines, and all kinds of pipes. All of this is available on Exclusive offer 50% Discount.

Between scrubbing stains and blasting away germs, it can take you forever. But the promising after-effects and long-lasting, deep cleaning of this toilet cleaner make a user loves it. It has made cleaning fun and an easy task to perform.

Before you click your mouse button to cherish the advantages of this product, we would ask all our readers to go through the minute details and enlighten yourselves with the working of this cleaner.

What is Bowl Sparkle?

Bowl Sparkle is the ultimate toilet cleaner that uses the power of foam to break down hard stains and leave your toilet bowl pristine and white. 

If you too are interested in deep cleansing the corners of your house then place an order right away to Get up to 50% OFF, offer valid for today.

It is no surprise that there are a plethora of choices when it comes to in-bowl cleaners. Some people lean towards pocket-friendly products, while others are driven by performance. You can select products ranging from liquids to gels which are troublesome to use, or you can opt for the type that easily sanitizes your toilet bowl with zero scrubbings and eliminates any foul odour.

How would it make you feel if I tell you that Bowl Sparkle offers you a product with almost all of these features? Does it sound unrealistic? Then, brace yourselves because we have Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner for you.

Bowl Sparkel Reviews

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Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner Reviews propose that it is widely known for its versatility in cleaning difficult to clean places all over your house. The powerful foaming action, formulated by the oxygen-based bleaching agent, surfactants and enzymes provide an amazing all-around cleaning.

Why is Bowl Sparkle unique?

Bowl Sparkle Foaming Toilet Cleaner is an innovative cleaning package specially formulated to remove stubborn rusts, hidden stains etc. and deodorize with a fresh scent. It comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee, and the customers feel delighted after using this top-notch product.

These factors make this cleaner stand out in the crowd. It has a Limited Stock Available with Free Shipping. So, hurry up and enjoy this wonderful experience till it lasts.

On the other hand, if you are not happy with this magic foam, do not worry. The cleaner comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Let us now discuss the specifications, benefits and detriments of using this cleaner, in the rest of the article.

How to use Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner?

The powdered particles immediately create a foam when it encounters water.

Rinse the space containing foaming cleaner with water to leave the surface patch-free.

A word of caution: keep the product out of reach of children.

Specifications of Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner:

  • Website URL: Official Website
  • Customer care number: 1 (949) 391-4039
  • Email:
  • Mailing address: 1782 View Dr., San Leandro, CA 94577
  • Versatile and powerful foaming action 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 100% safe to use, non-irritating and non-reactive to skin
  • Each pack contains enough cleaning powder for six uses
  • Eliminates stinking odour and leaves a fresh scent
  • Returns are applicable within 90-days from the date of receipt
  • Free of cost shipping of products in all countries mentioned earlier

Bowl Sparkel Review

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Benefits of Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Versatility makes it an exceptional product
  • Safe for your tiles and floors
  • It is non-hazardous to skin
  • Available at great discounts
  • Award-winning customer service available 24/7
  • Free shipping to the customers

Customer Feedback on Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner:

1) Ashley- I am happy that this cleaner makes my washroom more breathable and fresh. It is very easy to use it as it cleans every corner deeply. It also keeps the germs away and thus, it is my no. 1 choice in toilet cleaners.

2) Sarah James- I have little kids and so I need a reliable toilet cleaner that does not only clean the toilet but is also not harmful for humans. Hence, Bowl Sparkle cleaner is my go-to choice.

3) William- I live alone and so I need items that keep my home clean for a long time. This toilet cleaner is one of the best cleaners I have come across. 

Bowl Sparkel Where to Buy smooth

Final Verdict:

The site has a great social media presence and is transparent in marketing and advertising schemes.

The money-back-guarantee gives surety that the customers are loyal towards the brand. The brand is successful in winning the hearts of the customers by providing lucrative offers.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors for an online platform to work efficiently. The Satisfaction guarantee assures satisfied customers and makes them come back to try the products again and again.

The optimistic customer reviews reassure the genuineness of the site and build trust towards the website.

Therefore, we would totally recommend this product to all our customers. Go ahead and get a sample for yourself right now, to enjoy the enticing offers.

Well, if you get a chance to experience the service of this brand, then comment below to share your feedback with us.

0 thoughts on “Bowl Sparkle Reviews {Feb 2021} Know It All Before Shopping

      1. Bowl Sparkle is crap. You can’t even write a review anywhere. I think all of the reviews they have are bogus. If you buy it, then you have wasted every cent you paid.

        1. Just put two scoops in my toilet. My understanding from a video is that is it supposed to foam up to the rim of toilet. It did not. My toilet is always clean but wanted to see if it would sparkle. Has not made any difference. Way to expensive for only six uses. Would not recommend and I cannot be bothered to get money back. So there you have it. Wasted money for sure.

        2. This is billed as a foaming toilet bowl cleaner, but in our toilet it only fizzed slightly and never foamed up to cover the entire inside of the bowl. As the hard water stains are about 1/8 inch above the water line they were completely untouched and even scrubbing did not help. Second dose I poured right on the stains but still not effect even after ½ hour and then scrubbing. If this product will not work in hard well water the manufacturer should have said so in their literature. Cost and effort to return make this just one more expensive lesson. Learn from my experience and avoid this product unless you have soft water and are willing to risk wasting your money.

      2. I seriously wish I would have read this before buying it. Absolute garbage, it doesn’t even foam up. I’ll stick with my 2000 flushes thank you very much

      3. Absolute rubbish. This is a scam and I can’t believe it has been allowed to go on for so long and catch so many people.

    1. Agree with all the comments posted. This product does not foam, does not remove limescale etc. Just use standard proprietary products such as Harpic or similar
      Terence Boley

    2. This stuff doesn’t work. Its a sham! Tried it in a toilet bowl which wasn’t very stained or dirty ….at first it just stayed on top of the water, I had to mix it up to form bubbles…waited 45 minutes NOTHING!! flushed toilet all the same dirt and very little stain was still there…I think a little worse !
      Don’t buy

  1. NEVER NEVER PURCHASE BOWL SPARKLE! I purchased two (2) orders to save costs and paid $34.95 for CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. Product to last a year and I have used all but a small amount to try to get it work as shown in video. The worst part is that the product is made in China and would cost more to return than I paid so no true money back guarantee! IT DOESN’T WORK, PERIOD!

    1. I just received my Packet of Bowl Sparkle. What a load of junk this is. IT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I may as well have rinsed it with water. This white powder is exactly that, white powder. I could have gotten the same results by simply flushing the toilet without anything. I WILL find a few good places to leave messages and my results everywhere possible on line. This is one BIG SCAM. I should have known when I watched the video, it was too good to be true. SCAM SCAM SCAM

      1. Came in mail today. Does absolutely nothing! DO NOT BUY! Poured 2 scoops, waited for it to foam. Poured one more, 3 hours later I am still waiting. JUNK

        1. Hi Sue,

          Yes like everyone else on this feedback site, I agree that Bowl Sparkle is one great big con – and yes I bought 2 packets for AUD $58.45

          In Australia as well as New Zealand, when Credit cards were first introduced in 1974, legislation was passed that if you do not get what you pay for using your credit card, you are entitled to a full refund – but only after trying to contact the seller for a resolution. As shown in various comments below the seller doesn’t respond to complaint emails. You generally have 3 months to make this claim, but in practice, it can be extended by a month or 2.

          I approached Citibank Australia last Friday and a full refund was processed same day.

          You might like to approach your bank to do likewise.

        2. I agree with the others on this site. I am sorry I didn’t find this site BEFORE I purchased the product. It is worthless and not only that, it stained the lime scale blue. This is Junk. Do not believe the videos you see, they are obviously faked as the scoops I put into the bowl fizzed maybe an inch.

    2. I just received my Packet of Bowl Sparkle. What a load of junk this is. IT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I may as well have rinsed it with water. This white powder is exactly that, white powder. I could have gotten the same results by simply flushing the toilet without anything. I WILL find a few good places to leave messages and my results everywhere possible on line. This is one BIG SCAM. I should have known when I watched the video, it was too good to be true. SCAM SCAM SCAM

      1. If you find some websites to get the word out that this is a scam, let us all know. I’ve been looking. You can’t put anything on Bowl Sparkles web site, and I need to know where to complain. Thanks.

        1. Hello Linda,
          I will be trying to send a complaint to my State Attorney General’s office… They might be able to do something there. I would suggest you try to do the same.
          The product is a scam!! I know i bought a set myself.
          Hope this helps.
          Paul Bremer

          1. I can’t believe that no one has made an official complaint before. This firm advertises everywhere and has caught thousands of people and made millions of pounds and dollars. You cannot return the item because it comes from America and I wouldn’t risk losing any further money. Good luck with your official complaint. It’s time they were stopped.

      2. Thank you for your review. I was looking at purchasing then decided to di a google search for reviews of bowlsparkle. Cam across your review. FYI one thing I did notice on the bowlsparkle website is that you are not able to upload reviews and all the reviews on the website are all positive. I have not found that to be the case when researching reviews by “real people.” Again, thank you.

        1. Thanks for your review. When I looked up reviews from actual consumers I saw many negative ones, such as yours, showing it to be a fraudulent product. Thank you for posting this and saving my money.

    3. i AGREE!!!
      This product does not work. Total waste of money and the “guaranty” is worthless too.

      1. Thank you all for the feedback – sorry I didn’t read it before getting suckered into yet another piece of crap product – from China – marketed by someone in North America – sure- I can send the four boxes back – but by the time I pay the postage, would rather just throw in the garbage. The name of the boxes product is not available to goggle online, so had to call Idaho to get the name – the name they gave me to search online – wasn’t so – had to dig around a bit more. I CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT FOOLED INTO BELIEVING THE ADS FOR THE PRODUCT – WHEN IN DOUBT, REMEMBER THE OLD ADAGE, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS.


      1. I’m so glad that I finally found some honest reviews of this product. I read over and over that it’s just crap. At least it’s in the right place, the toilet. I’m sure not wasting my money on this crap. Not when I can produce my own crap by simply going to the bathroom. LOL

    4. Yes like everyone else on this feedback site, I agree that Bowl Sparkle is one great big con – and yes I bought 2 packets for AUD $58.45

      In Australia as well as New Zealand, when Credit cards were first introduced in 1974, legislation was passed that if you do not get what you pay for using your credit card, you are entitled to a full refund – but only after trying to contact the seller for a resolution. As shown in various comments below the seller doesn’t respond to complaint emails. You generally have 3 months to make this claim, but in practice, it can be extended by a month or 2.

      I approached Citibank Australia last Friday and a full refund was processed same day.

      You might like to approach your bank to do likewise.

  2. I agree with Sue this is a sham product! Never purchase this product. First, they screwed up my order as I ordered (2) boxes just like Sue for $34.95 along with ordering the freshener sticks that are supposed to freshen your kitchen sink drain and I received (3) boxes of bowl sparkle and no drain sticks. I used the bowl sparkle just as the directions said to and there was little to no foaming action. I opened a second box and used in my toilet downstairs and the same thing happened…nothing. No foaming like they show in the video. This product is extremely expensive and cleans no better that good ol Comet cleanser. Terrible product!

    1. FALSE ADVERTISING! On the video, it shows BowlSparkle bubbling up and cleaning under the rim all by itself. I have tried this stuff, and it just sits in the bowl and fizzes a little, but does not bubble up like the video showed, and doesn’t clean anything unless I scrub with a toilet brush. It doesn’t remove mildew, or rust, or even dirt unless I use the brush, so they are falsely advertising this product. It’s a scam, because scrubbing the toilet with the brush alone gets it just as clean as scrubbing it with the powder, so the powder is useless. I had to go out and buy another product, which at least cleaned the toilet bowl!

  3. Like Sue, I purchased two boxes of this product. It did not foam as shown on the ad and did not clean further than the water level. I left it overnight thinking it would work wonders. It did not, so I used the brush, which did the job. I was very disappointed. It is a joke.

  4. This product DOES NOT WORK!! It’s not like it doesn’t work as well as expected, it doesn’t work at all!! And to make matters worse, the company gives you the run-around when you ask for a refund. Don’t waste your money on this product, just buy some Lime-Away or CLR or something.

    1. I also had poor to no results with this so-called toilet bowl cleaner. Don’t waste your money here folks. If you wish to throw your money away, give it to charity! I agree 100 percent!

  5. I live in Ireland and I bought bowl sparkle two months ago I just got it delivered now do you not buy this item as your money is wastedit does not do what it says in the ad

  6. This product does not live up to the promises. Does not foam when it gets in water, does not attack the ring in the toilet. Scam, do not purchase,

  7. I agree..this product is over- priced water dye.. don’t waste your money.. instead buy IRON OUT which is cheaper and it works.. this is a big scam period..

  8. I bought bowl sparkle, It doesn’t work at all. It foams up very little and didn’t clean anything. Terrible product.

  9. I don’t usually buy online ad products but due to a disability I bought 3 packs of this product due to high reviews.
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I put two spoon fulls a little foam. Waited awhile added 1 more. Waited 1/2 hour. Just a little foam.

    1. Thank you guys for the reviews. I almost purchased this product until I came across all these negative reviews. You kept me from wasting my money!

  10. Really you have to approve my rating befor publishing it. You are a true scam artist. Disgraceful,

  11. women take viagra how to buy viagra cheap viagra tablets buy viagra online legally viagra online sales

    All you have to do is to add a squirt of dish soap in the bown + 1 cup of vinegar _ 1/2 cup of baking soda and let it sit overnight and it is sparkling in the morning! You must use it in this order.

  13. This BowlSparkle product does not live up to my expectations. Nor does the company. Because I purchased 3 packs of the stuff I got a FREE gift which they charged $14.95 for. No amount of emails has resulted in a refund of the free item. I’ve got no chance of getting a refund for the cleaner which does not work. AT ALL! Very disappointed and angry.

    1. Everyone is right, this BowlSparkle does not work at all. I bought 2 boxes and it did not foam up and clean as stated or was advertized, but it did not clean any part of toilt as promised. Wasted my money and feel frustrated
      I am very disapointed and angry myself. I receive it today May 19, 2020, tried it and it failed. BAD company and bad product. Will not see that money again.

    1. These people are not a nice company to do business with. They take your money and no product it’s almost month since ordering and have not received there ass hole product the lies I heard in the comments how can you do this to your customers you should be shut down from ripping off customers and your emails are a joke completely ignor everything being said. I will take this a step further BBB and my lawyer to back from you bastards ripping people off when there going through this life threatening virus you should be ashamed of yourself but you have no heart or care about people stay the hell away from this company and many more companies that are taking your money. I do wish KARMA that your run out business by your tactics to your customers. You will here from me and it wont be nice you steal from your customers. GO TO HELL BOWL SPARKLE YOU BELONG WITH THE DEVIL.

  14. At least people have go their order after two months mine has still not arrived. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Their customer service is written by a computer with different names attached. They should not be allowed to advertise. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM..

  15. I reside in the UK, the south coast of England in fact. I ordered and paid for the product Bowl Sparkle in mid April 2020, yet here I am the 16th May, 2020 and it was delivered yesterday. The package remains unopened and will do so. I have attempted to contact their ‘support’ department numerous times and the emails are always returned ‘undeliverable’. A PayPal investigation has been launched, and I have requested a full refund. No where, during the ordering process, is it evident that this product is being supplied from the USA, and it takes over a month to be delivered. Dear God, the Americans sent men to the moon and back quicker than that!
    In answer to the question posed, ‘Bowl Sparkle Reviews {May} Is It Legit or Another Scam?’ I am left in no doubt at all. If you live outside of America, it it a complete scam. A site run by crooks who are only interested in stealing your money.
    You have been warned, these people are thieves and rogues, Do NOT make an order, Do NOT buy their products, Do NOT send them any money.
    Absolute con merchants – may they rot in hell.

  16. MY grandpa said “if it sounds to good to be true it is probably NOT true”, it surely applies to this junk.

  17. This product is the biggest ripoff around. It does nothing they claim it is supposed to do. This company should be stopped from advertising this worthless product.


    1. I agree. just used it for the first time. no foming to the top to clean the entire bowl. am going to call the company as well as email and see what they say. Very disappointed.

  19. BEWARE!!! WATCH OUT FOR THE CHECK OUT…. If you click “yes” for additional products it keeps adding more product to your total. I thought I was acknowledging
    my previous choice, instead it was adding MORE product to my total. At the end there is NO WHERE TO CHANGE ANYTHING. IT IS A TRAP!!!! My total was $102 dollars!!!! I am calling my Credit Card company now!!!

  20. I don’t know how these people stay in business. I have had the same experience as everyone above….It does not foam up to underneath the rim, just bubbles a little and sits there. The ad says enough for a year but the box says enough for 6 uses. I, like most people, clean my toilet more than 6 times a year! Total crap and to get your ‘full refund’ you have to pay to ship it back to them. Or you can keep it and get a 60% refund. They still make a mint on it doing that as it costs them pennies to box foamy white powder. DO NOT BUY!!!

  21. bonjour est commander le 7 mai et a se jour est rien reçu de coli ou de commande 802200612992372248 merci de faire le nécessaire pour que je le reçoive surtout que cela a était débiter sur mon compte

  22. I to am disappointed in this product ,does not foam up and clean rim .FALSE ADVERTISING. To mail back and still have shipping deducted will not be worth my time .Save your money

  23. Thank you for your reviews – I AM NOT GOING TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!! After searching the internet, reading reviews and calling their phone #(949) 391-4039, I am not going to purchase. Sounded like a call center when I called the number and were more worried about getting an order than answering my questions. Do your research, make the call and if you are like me – you WON’T BE BUYING THIS PRODUCT!!! THANK YOU!

  24. hacked my card and bank account or tried- SHAM nothing but a sham- don’t let them rip you off-

  25. BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Do not fall for this. I had to put more work into cleaning my bowl because I had to get rid of this useless stuff and then clean my toilet my normal way.

  26. Placed the stuff in toiler per directions and nothing happens. A few bubbles here and a few there not what is advertised. Total crap cleaner, just a scam do not buy!!

  27. The website is NOT user friendly and It was obvious that they had something to hide. After I bought the product, they tricked me into buying 2 more. I was forced to buy the 2nd promotion. I did send an e-mail and they took care of the error on my end. When the product came I was excited to see if my stains would disappear. I put 3x the recommended amount of powder into the toilet as instructed, and it turned blue. There was absolutely NO FOAM. After rinsing hours later, the toilet looked EXACTLY the same as it did before the BowlSparkle treatment. This product is fraudulent. The Commissioner of Commerce will get a letter. I was duped by their “sparkly” presentation.

  28. When I read the advert I thought this is too good to be true. It must be a scam. I watched the foaming video and was convinced to give it a try. But I was right first time, of course. You may as well chuck it straight down the loo. Sadly it won’t clean it though. I was expecting it to foam up like in the video. But it just fizzed a bit. Don’t buy it. It is a complete waste of money.

  29. Terrible stuff. I feel really stupid for falling for this. Too bad they can’t
    be charged with faulse advertising!!!!! and have to return everyone’s money!

  30. This product is crap! I received the product by mail 6/30/20. I used it in two of my toilets, and it did not foam at all or clean as advertised.
    Save yourself time and money and do not order this product.

    I complained to Rio in customer service and my options were to return the product, and I pay the postage, or received 65% of the purchase price.


    1. This is misleading with you; we are sorry and advised to visit the customer care number; they help you to get your original order what you placed…. Thank you…

  31. I was one of the dumb people who did not read the reviews first, I got conned into buying two of these soap powder products and as all the other reviewers it just does not work. The only thing of value was the scoop as at least it does scoop the powder however that is where it stops and the cost of sending the shit back is more than the shit they sent is worth and then you are not guaranteed your money back. DO YOURSELVES A FAVOUR DO NOT BUY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!

      1. I agree with everything you said in your post. It is crap. My only concern is that they will continue to send their product every month and charge you. I have seen that happen to another product I ordered. It was hell to get it to stop and to get my money back.

  32. Just received my bowl sparkle what a piece of crap does not work at all what a waste of money. DO NOT BUY save your money the crap never foamed like it was shown on the internet they should refund all of money

  33. I agree with the previous reviews. I ordered two packs of Bowl Sparkle, which arrived today. Being keen to try it out, I put two measures in the toilet bowl. Disappointment. The result was a few bubbles in the water. During the course of this afternoon, I used four more measures, resulting in blue water, a bit of froth, but no cleaning effect whatsoever.
    I wish I had read these honest reviews before I purchased this expensive, useless rubbish.

    Please, please, please do NOT be tempted by the deceiving, cunning and downright false advertising/video, as I was. In future I will be using bicarbonate of soda and spirit vinegar.
    If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I wish I had followed this adage!

  34. I to have been mislead by the “SCAM COMPANY”. I am filling a complaint with the B.B.B. Hopefully this may stop them from continuing this “SCAM”.

  35. I should have googled this before purchasing. It does absolutely nothing that they advertise it does. What a waist of my money. Lesson learned the hard way. Do not purchase this product.

  36. CRAP….SCAM…don’t buy as it doesn’t do anything. In fact my toilet got stained insted. Product comes from China..who knows what is in the product..yikes

  37. Thank you to everyone who left a review .
    you saved me from wasting my money!!
    I hope you all contact the BBB and put these assholes out of business and get your money back$$


  38. If you live in Australia this product will NOT pass our Biosecurity Act and will be immediately exported back to sender

  39. This is total junk. The video of it roaming up is a fraud, it does not foam up. Don’t waste your money!

  40. This product did not work. Zero foaming, just turned the water blue. I reported them to the Idaho Better Business Bureau. The BBB gave them a “F” rating.

  41. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!What a scam, absolutely crap, crap and crap, does not work, no foam and no action. made in China, cheap packaging in a cardboard box outside, inside a rip lock bag. Seems like product was bought in bulk and put in small packages. No quantity or size on package. What a scam.
    Will not provide refund and wants you to pay for return shipping for something that doesn’t work and they will deduct original shipping cost and restocking fee.

  42. Please do not buy this junk! It doesn’t work nor does it foam. It also states you may need to use several scoops to make it foam and even after the 3rd scoop and 30 minutes later there was never any foam. I simply just flush the toilet and cleaned it myself. Then you have to pay for the shipping to get it and then again to send it back so your also out $30 in shipping

    i received two very small boxes for about $34 and honestly I was exited after seeing the emails and reading the ratings
    My wife looked at me like I was nuts, and about an hour later I realized she was right, but I was also ripped off

    you can maybe get 3-4 cleanings per box, I could higher a Maid for less, originally I thought that maybe it was the acid and light hardness in my water that eliminated the ability to get the foam up, so I did it again (and killed a box at $17) but added baking soda , still no foam above the water line, the bowl did clean from the water line down.

    Lie to me once, damn, but you will not see another order from this sucker, sorry Tina

    I saw like one unsatisfied customer, you should make that 2 now, but I think if you were honest, that scale of satisfied to unsatisfied is upside down, Shame on you

    I did get a response, she said my Toilet must not have been dirty enough, I had iron stains to the rim, not sure what they were saying, wish I had seen this site
    before I wasted $34+ on a nearly worthless product that does not even atempt to foam, the directions said to use 2 scoops about a 1/4 of the box or about $4.50
    worth, when I complained, she said to use only 1, but if 2 did not work………. even if it did work, it was certainly not worth the cost .

    Incidentally she did not mention anything about a money back 30 day garantee, they I just learned about , I guess that is as bogus as their product.


  45. It is so true what many have said. Bowl Sparkle does nothing, It does not foam nor clean. It just sits there. unfortunate I did not read the reviews here but instead went by what reviews were said on their Bowl Sparkle Web Site which turns out to be false and misleading. For me this company is nothing but Scam Artist. Luckily I paid through Pay Pal and they were able to help get my money back and even the return shipping cost I had to pay. If you paid through your credit card, dispute it. AND Do not accept a partial refund.

  46. Dang, I should have come here first and I would not have wasted my money. Thought maybe I just got a bad batch or something because it seem to work so well on the commercial and they had all these great reviews. Well 2 scoops did nothing, so I put 2 more hoping it would foam. Well it did foam but inside the water somewhat but not upward to clean anything. I waited and nothing happened so I poured the whole thing in there just to see if it would even foam up properly then. Nope, I really wasted my money on this but learned a lesson. I will search for REAL reviews before buying from here on out.

  47. Mix a little borax, some blue dye and a few crumbled up Alka-Seltzer tablets, and you’ve got a product you can scam the world with!
    Total crap, and I was a fool for not researching it before buying.

  48. Don’t buy this product. Actually a class action law suit needs to be brought against this company. They will only refund a portion of $ back and are making $ on product that does not work. CRAP!!

  49. This product BowlSparkle is an absolute scam . I was able to obtain a partial refund by calling the number inside the package. There was also numbers in the outside envelope it was delivered on that were different. Complain to Paypal and demand your money back.

  50. I give this product a zero. It foamed to the water line and didn’t rise up at all, even after 1/2 an hour! I have tried this 4 times and
    even added more product to see if the foam would rise and it didn’t. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT – IT IS A SCAM! I am sorry
    that I was so disappointed, but I still needed to scrub above the water line because the product didn’t rise above it. I am on a
    severe budget – I am a retiree, and with the pandemic need to hold on to every penny. I would love a refund, but I doubt that I
    will receive one.

  51. pure scam——-does not foam up like in demo—did not clean one bit after 30 minutes—TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY

  52. Was excited when I received my product yesterday. Followed instructions, and saw so foaming but I walked away thinking it would take a minute. Well, did not work. I did it again today and got same result. I am so disappointed – what a rip off!!

  53. I totally agree with all the comments. This is rubbish. I feel a fool for being sucked in by the hype. I ended up spending £50 in the process. It also said if I completed a questionaire I could get a free gift but after completing the questionaire there was a link to claim the free gift, clicked on the link and got a blank page! When I messaged their ‘award winning customer service staff’ (not) I was basically told that I couldnt of done it properly. I never got a reply to my reply to them.
    This stuff is rubbish. It doesnt foam all the way up the toilet as shown. 2/3 scoops every fortnight is not going to last a year and the 5 blue cistern blocks that I got with it barely lasted a week. This definitely is a scam.

  54. PLEASE READ …. For those who have made the mistake as just as I did and purchased from these scam artist, You can get your money back, the FULL amount. DO NOT go through them and accept a partial refund. However you paid for it, either through your bank debit card, credit card or Pay Pal and etc., dispute it. I paid through Pay Pal and disputed it. Bowl Sparkle did offer a partial refund but I declined it. After doing so, I contacted Pay Pal and they messaged Bowl Sparkle who did accept the return for the full amount back but I needed to ship it back at my own cost. Pay Pal also told me about a special shipping return program that is free so I registered and I also received the shipping return cost I had to pay. After Bowl Sparkle receive their junk back, I contacted Pay Pal that they received it, Bowl Sparkle will not help you, you have to see that Pay Pal knows they got it back. It took weeks but I got ALL my money back. SO HOWEVER YOU PAID FOR IT, DISPUTE IT . Do not accept a partial refund. The worst case scenario is that you have to pay for return shipping. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS

  55. The worst product ever, firstly a month and a half to get, then no foaming, customer service says only works on really dirty toilets and to make sure all services are wet, tried again, no foam, stains are still there. This product should be removed from the market and the owner should be sued for false advertising.
    May you go out of business after ripping off tons of people

  56. Complete scam, I called for a refund and they offered me $11.00 if I did not want to GO TO THE TROUBLE OF SHIPPING PRODUCT BACK.
    My order cost $26.71, I said I would send it back, still have not received a refund, sent product back 3 weeks ago, I try and call customer service and calls connects but then disconnects me.
    I have a feeling I will never see any refund….
    Their website is a devious devil prompting you to add more items, you have to really pay attention or you end up buying multiple boxes of this inert white powder that absolutely does nothing but turn blue.
    I’m calling Clark Howard a consumer radio talk show and see if I can get a state agency after them.

  57. 1) Marketing Videos must be Faked as product does not come anywhere near results show. Tried on 5 toilets of different levels of stain.
    2) I also suspect Positive reviews are of their creation.
    3) If you call for an RMA# you will be on Hold for a very long time then call will disconnect. I suspect they want to make it so Difficult and Frustrating you give up and they keep your money.
    4) Buying this product only Guarantees One thing— You are flushing your Cash down the drain.

    5) I should have know better that it was too good to be true. I’m embarrassed that I fell for this advert pitch. Hope you don’t.

  58. took me a long time to find this website, thank you everyone for saving me grief and ect ect,,Everyone notify google to delete this scam

  59. I have been waiting approximately 5 weeks for a refund from this company.
    Emails have been sent to them and their response is “Your request (xxxxxxx) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.”
    Then the usual reply says, “Thank you for your email. I hope you are doing well.” Then nothing else.
    I’ve done this 3 times.

    I have tried to contact them via Skype, but the telephone number they provide does nothing.

    I’ve just opened a dispute on PayPal concerning this company.
    They are definitely rip-off merchants.
    I wish I’d never heard of them.

  60. Did absolutely nothing! This product is a scam. I doubt that I will even get my money back if I return it, since it came with a slip of paper with a “3rd party fulfillment house” for returns. Sketchy all the way.

  61. I never received my order.
    Bowl Sparkle got my money I got nothing. I called they told me to call FedEx. I called FedEx they told me to call Bowl Sparkle. I’ve been back and forth with both places. No one wants to resolve this issue. I guess i should have just flushed money. FedEx said they left it on my front porch. I was home and I never saw a FedEx truck the day they say it was delivered. Money down the drain. No pun intended.

  62. NOT WORTH IT! This product is total crap! I did as instructed on the box. Barely foamed up. Didn’t remove the stains. Did it again and even scrubbed with a toilet brush. Wouldn’t waste my money again on this product. It’s made in CHINA and the website of full of BS reviews. There’s no place you can leave a review directly on their website. I was skeptical but figured why not try it out.
    Save your money for a product that actually works!

  63. Thank you real people, for highlighting yet another scam, have you shared this on FB and other SM sites? I was about to buy until I investigated it further nothing on their website takes you to the 50% off either it takes you to an eco ball. Apparently Soda white vinegar and a touch of essential oil does the trick. Shame you guys were scammed I definitely put it on Social Media to expose the scam.

  64. Did not work to clean our toilet – it actually says on the box that you may have to scrub on first use to get it clean. I’ve done it twice and the toilet bowl is still dirty – it doesn’t foam hardly at all. All this hype is NOT true – save your money!

  65. This is a scam. I ordered this 2 months ago and am yet to receive anything. Should have looked here before I ordered.

  66. I agree. It’s junk and didn’t foam. I called the support number and complained and they said they would refund my money to the credit card. I will update this if I get my money back. I didn’t have to return anything.

  67. this product is a scam- did not perform as descrivbed even with a scrub brush I will be reporting it to my BBB
    what a shame

  68. I used this product in three toilets and it did nothing to clean the deposit. In my opinion it is worthless and a total waster of money.

  69. I bought this product thinking it would work based on the advertising online. I followed the directions and thought I got a bad batch since it didn’t foam or clean anything. Just tried it again, same results. Each time, my face hands and eyes started tingling and I felt sick. The package does warn that the product is toxic. I put the remaining product in the trash and will never buy this product again. I think it was false advertising and a total waste of money. Do not purchase.

  70. THIS IS THE WORST product ever! Don’t waste your money on this product, it does nothing like it says is does… AND it is not cheap. I am going to try to return what I bought, but we will how that goes.

  71. I wish that I had read these reviews before I bought this useless. exorbitant product. Have the makers been sued for selling this product!?
    I am so annoyed with myself for falling for this scam

  72. Doesn’t work. I don’t know what trick they used to make the video, but it does not foam as shown, even after I used 8 scoops rather than the 2 to 3 advised in the directions. They should be shut down. I would get a refund, but I’d have to send the product back at my own expense.

  73. I’ve never been so disappointed in a product as I am in this BowlSparkle!! I got it just in time to improve the toilet before company comes & just used it…no bubbles, sat for 2 hours, still have the ring in the toilet, and it has NOT done the job! So sad & mad!! Not worth paying a dime for, and yet I spent my total of $26.70- (which was subtotal-$19.95, shipping-$4.95, taxes and fees-$1.80 =$26.70)- and I got ripped off!! I can do better with Ajax or Clorox! This is a dishonest company that scams people!! NO KIDDING!

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