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Bollnova Reviews {June} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Bollnova Reviews,

Bollnova Reviews {June} Is It Offering Scam Deals? >> Here, in this article, we are going to share whether the site is a scam or not and explore all nuts and bolts to make a fair decision.

Are you looking for a site to purchase fashionable clothes and other accessories? Then, you have landed on the right page as we are getting into a website that is providing a broad range of products for women at a budget-friendly cost.

Nowadays, people love to do shopping online due to the easy accessibility to the website and also, lure you with huge discounts as well as offer that does not leave a dent on your budget. Further, it is the convenient option to get the products at the doorstep. Delivery is available across all regions of the United States

However, some of such website is not legit stores, and they need a proper investigation to figure out whether Is Bollnova Com Legit or not. 

So, let us delve into the Bollnova Reviews to make a proper decision.

Is Bollnova Com Legit or not?

Bollnova is an online shopping store that claims to offer all products as essential for women such as wearable and shoes. 

On the flip side, the site has a fake address as we have explored through Google Maps, and the domain name is too new, so it is hard to build up trust among customers. Further, it has no presence on social media outlets, and the site’s theme is a bit tidy. Hence, it is a scam.

What precisely the site all about is?

As it has hinted from the site, the site is a new addition to the online shopping stores provides a lot of clothes and accessories for women. The quality of their items is remarkable, and they are offering all these at a pocket-friendly cost.

Let us get more into the Bollnova Reviews to know more. 

What has specified on

  • The site has a URL that is
  • The varieties of products are available such as dresses, tops, jumpsuits, pants, lounge intimates, jewellery, bags, and others. 
  • The site is an online store. 
  • It has its server.
  • PayPal is available as a method of online payment.
  • The email address has provided to get in touch with customer care such as
  • The site has a contact number that is (712) 435-8096.
  • The contact person on behalf of the site is Kim Hood.
  • It has a physical address that is 42 Circle Lane, Bayshore, NY 11706 United States.
  • The site has shipping charges of $4.99.
  • Shipping takes not more than two business days.
  • The site has 256 bit SSL integration.

What are the positive aspects of

  • The site is easy to access from any devices, due to the impressive user interface.
  • There is no need to commute to the local market to get the products of your choices.
  • The site has a lot of products, and you can pick up the best outcome.
  • The site has all protections such as SSL Integration and HTTPS Protocols to safeguard all details related to buyers.
  • The site has an online payment option available.
  • All the items are of premium quality.

What are the negative remarks of this site?

  • The site is not accessible.
  • The site is too new as it created four months ago and it is a bad sign.
  • No social media presence.

What are the shopper’s reviews about

No ratings are available on the site, and it is unpredictable to get to know about the product’s quality and services as provided by the site. Apart from this, no review has given on social media websites as it has no social media presence to market and advertise their products among potential shoppers.  

What do we conclude at the end?

After getting into the Bollnova Reviews, we get to know that the site has a fantastic user interface. But it has some loopholes that you need to consider such as new domain name, no online presence to promote products and site, not popular enough, and no review section available.

So, the site is not recommended for shopping as the site failed when we explore whether is Bollnova Com Legit or not, and it is a part of scammers.

If you have any questions relating to the site, then get in touch with us through the comment section as given below. Moreover, if you have any experiences with the same, then share the same with us as it is useful for future buyers.

We are happy to help you!

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  1. I have purchased something from this website not knowing what I have just read about the site now I’m wondering if I got taken from them and now wondering what I can do about it.

  2. I ordered something and never got an email verification. I emailed them twice with no response but they already charged me. I’m calling PayPal to get my money back.

  3. This website is 100% a scam. I ordered something that weighed 77lbs and they “shipped” me something (which I never received) that weight .7lbs to throw off PayPal. I’m very disappointed and have opened a dispute.

    1. I ordered 2x 50lbs of peanuts for $83.99 total.. a great deal if true…on 6/21/20. I just received an email from PayPal stating the tracking # from UPS. When I tracked the # on UPS, it said it had been delivered on 6/24/20, which did not happen. So I really believe I was scammed. I am contacting PayPal next.

  4. After reading the reviews I canceled my order. I order a pet trailer for my bike. Tried to get a hold of the number on file and it was busy constantly. Tried to log into my account to see when my order was but they said my password was wrong. I requested a reset password multiple times and never received one back. I thought maybe I registered with the wrong email address? So when I tried to sign up for the newsletter it said that there is an email address already so stated with my account. So that obviously wasn’t the case. That’s in the red flags started to go up.Called my bank to dispute it and they told me I needed to go through PayPal. Now I have a open case with them. Don’t fall for the scam. I

  5. I ordered 2 rockers from this site. Never received a word from them about the items or the mailing but PayPal paid them. I am starting a complaint.

  6. I ordered a foldable trampoline. I never received a receipt via email or anything but I dismissed the idea because there is at least a record of my payment on PayPal as well as with my bank. HOWEVER, the record had only an email address and some characters from a different language. UPS delivered it to a different person at a different address and told me that the shipper either put the wrong address on my package or gave me the wrong tracking number. Oh and similar to the other reviews, the UPS confirmation listed the package as being 2 lbs. I attempted to call the number on the site and it doesn’t even ring.

  7. An update from above….my outdoor rocker weighs 17 pounds. Today I got an email with a tracking that it was delivered on Monday, June 29,2020. I went to the post office. They said a package weighing 11 ounces was delivered supposedly to my house on Monday but it never remained on my step. This whole thing is a scam.

  8. I ordered a propane tank monies not suppose to be withdrawn till item shipped money taken out immediately and same as others no response to emails and number is always busy. Scam

  9. I also was scammed from this website. I ordered a stroller/car seat combo and received tracking but the package never showed up. When I contacted my local post office the tracking number was for someone else that lived in the same city. The package only weighed 5 ounces so could not have been mine. The post office said it was the 4th call that day with similar info that was fraudulent. All 4 purchases were made through PayPal. Buyers beware. I’ve started my dispute with PayPal.

  10. I ordered I baby playmat on Jun 24. First they charged me more than what I had agreed to pay on the website. Second i never received any confirmation email, nor tracking number. Then I tried to cancel but they never answered my emails and the contact phone number is always busy. When I check on my PayPal account the transaction was made to this Mario Finkel person whom I assumed it’s not Kim Hood, and PayPal gets in touch with this person when I couldn’t and he provides this tracking number that says the item was delivered when it never was, so now I’m afraid I will loose my money, this makes me so mad!

  11. The site was a scam they got me for 100 bucks on a rabbit hutch and said it shipped in 2 days and only weighed 2 half pounds. Mind u this was a full size hutch trying to sort it out with PayPal

  12. I ordered something at an unbelievable good price. Well it was too good to be true. I emailed them right away, no response. Then I got a shipment notice with tracking that was already delivered, to that city and state, before I had purchased it. It is total scam. The email associated with PayPal did not match the email on the website. I tried to call it and only got a busy signal. (They still have that sound) thankfully it was ordered through PayPal and I got my money back right away.

  13. Hola, soy Mehmet. Pedí 2 máquinas de afeitar wahl de Hice el pago por PayPal, pero los productos no me llegaron. Ordené los productos de Los productos fueron enviados desde newserjey en nombre de otra compañía llamada jaqurisma jorque. El vendedor declaró la declaración de PayPal y el número de seguimiento de FedEx a mi domicilio. sin embargo, cuando llamé al mismo número de seguimiento de fedex, resultó que solo se envió a la oficina de mi estado. Entonces fraude. Daré esta herramienta de fraude (FEDEX y PAYPAL) a la corte ya que son socios indirectos en el fraude. Los sistemas Paypal y Fedex no son míos. y habrá $ 250,000 de cada compañía equivalente.

  14. Hello, this is Mehmet. I ordered 2 wahl shavers from I made the payment by paypal, but the products did not arrive to me. I ordered the products from The products were shipped from newserjey on behalf of another company called jaqurisma jorque. seller declared paypal declaration and fedex tracking number to my home address. however, when I called the same tracking number from fedex, it turned out that it was only sent to the office of my state. So fraud. I will give this fraud tool (FEDEX and PAYPAL) to the court as they are indirect partners in fraud. Paypal and fedex systems are not mine. and there will be $ 250,000 from each peer company.

  15. Yes, most definitely a SCAM tracking states delivered but I never received it. I have an open dispute with PayPal but they keep pushing the date back. It’s never taken this long for a dispute to get resolved! Please do not buy from this website!

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