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Bnbur Reviews [June] Is Buying From Here Good or Not!

Bnbur Reviews 2020

Bnbur Reviews [June] Is Buying From Here Good or Not! -> In this article, you got to know about a website that sells everything of basic necessity online.

 Searching for a website that can sell the products you want at the right prices is the real struggle. Are you among those who are facing the similar battle? Bnbur Reviews will help you make through the way of confusions and questions by providing relevant information to the readers.

There can be found many websites that make promises to serves customers with loyalty. Many sites come with unique services; some sell unique products, and some offer exclusive discounts and attract people’s attention. 

But are these all genuine? Is it smart to lay faith on every website that comes to the way? The answer is simple: no! Many aspects need to be kept in mind before proceeding to purchase anything from a website. 

Many cases of fraud websites are coming up in the United State. This has shifted the consumer interest to physical shopping. People trusted a website and made purchases. But, they ended up losing all their bank balance and did not even receive the product. There exist many sites that can easily break the trust of people in web stores for the sake of small amounts of cash.

Please go through the complete article and find out more about Bnbur.Club Reviews.

What is Bnbur?

Bnbur is an e-commerce website where you can see many unique and ordinary products for all kinds of people around. This website claims to sell products like home gifts, jeans, sweaters, gifts and essentials for kids & babies, etc.

The company also claims to sell custom products. Customers can order the product according to his/her specifications. The range of all the products is impressive.

The company also provides free shipping to all over the UK mainlands. They also offer next day doorstep delivery at just £2.99.

Specifications of Bnbur:

  • URL: products: Home gifts, jeans, sweaters, and gifts for kids & babies.
  • Shipping time: 7 to 10 business days to all UK mainland addresses.
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping on all orders. £2.99 for next day delivery.
  • Return: Accept returns within 30 days from the date of dispatch.
  • Exchange: Applicable.
  • Refund: Processed after the inspection of the return.
  • Official address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Phone: +12563695004
  • Email:
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Stripe

Pros of Bnbur:

  • Bnbur provides the best DIY and gift products.
  • The company offers free shipping and delivery to all mainland addresses.
  • If the customer needs a rush delivery, then they have to pay £2.99 for the next day delivery.
  • Easy return and refund policy available.

Cons of Bnbur:

  • Customers do not have the cash on delivery model to make payments.
  • The company may take longer-term to deliver the product, as mentioned on the website.
  • The website is not professionally managed.

What are people saying about Bnbur.Club?

People are full of anger after knowing the real colors of the company. People have shown complete dissatisfaction with the products and the quality of services rendered by the establishment to them.

People are complaining that they have not received the product they have ordered. The most problematic fact is they have already made the payments for the goods they have ordered. This has raised tension among the buyers.

Moreover, the customers are not able t contact the company as the website has not provided any information about the contact details. Also, the company does not have any social media presence. This has made it even more difficult for customers to contact the company.

Final Verdict:

Looking at the various aspects of the website, we will not recommend the site to purchase anything for our readers. We respect the importance of facts, and thus, we have the points to clarify our statement of not recommending the website.

The website has all the content copied from the other websites that are into the same domain. The name of products, their description, and every minute detail is copied. Even the website’s format is not unique; the company has taken in from the other similar site.

The worst part is, the website does not give a clue of the people who are taking the lead to manage it. Without knowing the owner, it becomes tough to build trust in a brand name randomly.

Moreover, the website does not have any clear statements for the necessary certifications like SSL and others. This can be threatening news for the people who have already purchased something from the website.

Keeping such facts and points in mind, we decided not to advise customers to buy products from this website.

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  1. So I am suppose to just take it up the you know what n never get my product or money back? I will contact my lawyer, thank you!

  2. Is a scammer!! They send you a tracking number for the item. Somehow it shows delivered without you receiving anything. The package dimensions In the tracking do not even match the product purchased, but when trying to file a claim through PayPal, the answer from PayPal is that as it shows delivered they honor the seller. Stay away from this website!!!!

  3. BNBUR is a scam!!! I bought a so called Amish swing from them. After hearing nothing for weeks I inquired about the shipment. They claimed it shipped and provided a totally bogus shipper number and bogus carrier name. Now they say I received it and if its missing I have to go to the PO and ask them. The company is a China company and the emails are full of misspelling! To make matters worse Paypal just rejected my dispute so I’m appealing it. Wonder whos side they are on!

  4. Same as what others encountered. I purchased some chairs and received an email with a tracking number. When I received delivery it was a 6×6 envelop that contained 5 paper masks. (No way the chairs would fit in that envelop!) They never had any intention of shipping the correct product but rather sent an envelope with a tracking number to prove delivery (of something) and shift the burden of proof to me and the shipping company. Stay away from this website! Total Scam.

  5. I ordered a 6 x 8 ft gazebo for a gas grill from the bnbur club website it took a while to receive confirmation. So finally they sent me an email with tracking number and everything. I noticed when they sent the email with tracking number it with being delivered by the USPS instead of FedEx or UPS that was the first red flag that something suspicious was going . An big item like that i would think would come through FedEx or UPS. So when it finally arrived it was a 6 x 6 envelope with 5 paper face masks inside! I was like what the flick is this! There was no instructions so most likely they aren’t FDA approved, so who the flick would wear or want them. Now they are going under a different name with same gazebo but a higher price. They need to be shut down for good!

  6. This company/website is a SCAM. Do not order anything from them.
    Ordered 2 chairs. Received face masks. They are a FRAUD.
    Address and contact info are fake.
    PayPal rejected my dispute also.
    I am going to keep chasing them until I get some kind of resolution-see the 2 emails below if you want to chase after them for getting caught in their fraudulent activities.
    ‘’; ‘’

      1. I ordered an Egg Swing Chair and frame. That was in June. They are STILL telling me they will resend for the 5th time. Don’t buy from them!!!

  7. SCAM and Thieves. Don’t do it. Bought furniture and got paper masks. Requested refund and they wouldn’t do it. Disputed with PayPal over charges and this crappy company tried to bargain a price. NOPE. All of it. Don’t buy ANYTHING from this company. Just don’t. You will totally regret the headache it will cause.

  8. Under no circumstances should anyone buy anything from BNBUR. In late May we purchased 2 chase lounge chairs for our yard. A couple of weeks later we received a package of face masks. Upon looking at reviews, this same thing had happened many times. We tried to call their customer service number several times, but the line did not work. I then emailed them back about the issue, and they wanted to resend the chairs, a mix up at their warehouse. We said no, just a refund. This is when the fun really started. They started bartering for a refund, starting at a refund of 75% and my paying for the return of the masks. After several replies of no, we wanted a full refund, I got fed up with dealing with them. We settled on a 90% refund. It took more emails, and 6 weeks for them to refund the 90%. There reply to not doing the refund was it took time, or we submitted it and it must have gotten lost or whatever lies they could think of at the time. This place is a SCAM and should be shut down for business. DO NOT purchase ANYTHING from them.

  9. Stupid piece of shit eating scammers…. I ordered over 100$ of stuff that I never received, been fighting for 6 months now on a refund. They always have some stupid excuse. Told me to wait patiently….I’ve been waiting 6 months!!! Wtf?!?! I hope the person running this website gets coronavirus and dies like the bitch they are for ripping all these innocent people off

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