Black Sheep Scam (Nov 2020) Beware of Such Frauds

Black Sheep Scam 2020

Black Sheep Scam (Nov 2020) Beware of Such Frauds. >> Would you like to know about a complaint regarding a website scam? Do read this article.

Don’t many times the advertisements tantalize the customers to purchase so many products from the online shopping sites? Many things are there, and promotions are there, and their advertisements don’t mean that they are right.

It is crucial to understand the advertisement process because all the ads we see on Google, YouTube, social media platforms, and other things are not authentic.

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Black Sheep Scam found a website where there is a complaint of a customer not getting the product after ordering from the official website, which is from India. Advertising any product is not a bad thing, or advertising any website is also not a sin. Still, promoting something in which there is something fishy, then it becomes an unlawful activity.

What is Black Sheep Scam?

According to the information given on a website on the Internet, we found a channel by the name of black sheep, and it is a YouTube channel. On this YouTube channel, a customer got an advertisement for a website, and from here, a customer ordered a phone.

The customer in the complaint has to say that there is no product delivery, and six months have already passed. The customer also claims that the payment took place with the method of Razorpay.

Black Sheep Scam found that the customer in the complaint also claims that there is no response from the other side while contacting through the phone number and the email ID, and the phone number is also not reachable.

How to protect ourselves from such websites?

Anybody who is an avid online shopper must understand the fact that the Internet is full of information. Still, many times, some kinds of information may also lead to scams of various types.

The website gives a kind of way so that there can be a negotiation to the complaint at, and after the talks, Black Sheep Scam feels that there may be a chance of refund. But it is essential to follow the complete procedure if any scamster has done any cheating to the customer.

It is essential to visit the official website of and then go through the page knows as “raise a request.” There is a box of “I am a customer” after clicking there, then other processes follow like complaints, and there’s a need to enter the payment ID. After the customer gets their refund, there will be a confirmation message on the customer’s mail.

Final verdict

Protecting doesn’t only mean that we should visit the original payment method and its official website to file for the refund; it means that a customer does extensive research so that there won’t be any chance of the customer getting cheated by any scamming website.

And BlackSheepScam analyzed that the customers understand that only advertisement does not suffice for any website’s legitimacy.

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