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Bio Supply Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam?

Bio Supply Reviews

Bio Supply Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam? -> This read is for those who are searching forhandy medical equipments online.

With COVID-19 on the rise, people are getting increasingly cautious about their health, especially the most vulnerable groups, that’s the individuals above 65 years of age and children below 5 years.

Regular health monitoring won’t be possible anymore in the hospitals or clinics as the doctors are dedicated to much greater cause this hour.

So, why not have kits handy at home, that would check your heart beat rate, blood pressure, paediatric and others?

Here’s introducing ‘Bio Supply’, as the name suggests, the is all about supplying equipments for measuring body temperature, blood pressure and heartbeat rate. 

The company is based in the United State and has the potential to make it big in the e-commerce business.

Let’s analyze how viable is it?

What is Bio Supply? is a company which has manufactured small sized equipments for personal usage in this time of distress. The products are all medically certified, so there’s no cause of concern or dilemma, while buying them.

It is said that the corona virus, when infests the body, it affects the lungs thereby the person’s respiratory system.

These equipments or gadgets are designed in a manner that they can test the level of oxygen present in the blood, which is important.

How does it work?

There are three to four crucial devices enlisted in the website, which are :

  • Adult Pulse Oximeter – This resembles a thermometer that we use in fever. The Pulse Oximeter is meant for checking the oxygen level in blood for adults and is extremely beneficial for athletes, sleep deprived individuals and for an overall well being. The readings are accurate and reliable, while the kit is totally external and non-invasive.
  • Bio 3-in-1 touchless thermometer – This product is very interesting. It won’t allow you to touch the victim’s body and can measure temperature from forehead, ear and surfaces. Apart from human body, it can be used to check the hotness of your baby’s milk or the coldness of your refrigerator. The readings are color coded and the device sets of an alarm on receiving abnormal temperatures. It’s FDA and CE approved.
  • Blood pressure monitor – It’s a wearable wrist equipment that can instantaneously predict your BP. 

Last but not the least, is an interesting product, that’s a 

  • Fetal Doppler – It’s a heartbeat measuring device for the foetus. When the baby is still in the mother’s womb, this gadget will help hear it’s heart beat. The fetal Doppler has a digital display with 3 operable modes. Ideally, it should be used after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Who should buy from here?

Depending upon the need, any individual can buy from here as all the devices are medically acclaimed and proven to produce accurate readings close to your medical practitioner’s observations.

The fetal Doppler is an exceptional buy, meant for only pregnant women.

Why is it famous?

Clearly, is famous for it’s portable and authentic testing devices, which are painless and useful in today’s time.

The products are quite affordable and easy to use and store. They can be your all time companion as you can comfortably carry these portable devices along side.

What are the negative remarks about it?

We human beings are never satisfied, so with such handy and medically certified gadgets, I think the common question that would come to a person’s mind is why not a few more useful products?

There are only four of them, but it would be helpful, if we could get more to our disposal, like sugar level testing device for diabetics or vision testing kits etc. There could be many more to add up.

Well, the company doesn’t furnish any details about it’s whereabouts in terms of location, owner(s) information and return address.

The only information is the address located in America,

BIO Supply Co.
321 W 2nd. St
Casper, WY, 82601
United States

And an e-mail id for communication, which is The service hours are from Monday –Friday, 8.00 in the morning till 18.00 in the evening.

is Bio Supply co legit or scam?

It’s difficult to comment on the legitimacy of because it seems to be a pretty recent launch in the web world. There are no external links and no social media presence till now, which is a negative attribute.

Also, since the owner’s information is missing, it’s difficult to trace it’s founding. The physical address is verifiable. However, the equipments, description and the medical accreditations don’t appear false at all.


One should wait and gather more information about this site before purchasing from here. The company must be contacted and their response should be analyzed.

If you do so, please do share your experience in the comment section below for others to know better.

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  1. I ordered items from this co. on 4/20 and have yet to receive them. As far as I’m concerned…this is a total scam! But…they did get my money, of course!

  2. It’s a total scam. I ordered April 2. Still says shipped from China. Calling better business bureau

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