Biibiibo Puzzles Review {March 2021} Is It Really Legit?

Biibiibo Puzzles Review {March 2021} Is It Really Legit

Biibiibo Puzzles Review {March 2021} Is It Really Legit? >> Want to buy some affordable puzzles and jigsaw puzzles? Please read to know the legality here.

Are you looking for a fun puzzle game and want to buy it at a reasonable rate? With this concern, read this article and know about the website, offering the same. In the article Biibiibo Puzzles Reviewyou will find the authenticity and utility of the website. The website is in a strong discussion in the United States

Read this article and learn about the legitimacy, pros, and cons of the website. Learn more and precise about the jigsaw puzzles-based website, which deals in an all-inclusive collection of jigsaw puzzles

What is Biibiibo Puzzles?

Biibiibo Puzzle is an online website that offers a massive collection of jigsaw puzzles of several animals such as elephants, lion, rooster, butterfly, bear, giraffe, parrot, and horse unicorn, turtle, cat, and many more. At present, 80% off is being given to the shoppers. Biibiibo Puzzles Review makes it clear that the store has adequate services to its patrons. It is in people’s curiosity in the United States and was created on 20th October 2020.


  • Website URL:
  • Email address for customer support and advice:
  • Address: Room-0309 in Xiaoyu-No-58 Kangzhong Road, Street Xianghe, Near Gucheng District in Lijiang City, Province Yunnan.
  • Phone no is: +86-18106973346
  • Tracking facility: Yes
  • Shipping in the International location: 10–20 business days.
  • Payment modes: MasterCard, PayPal, Maestro Card, and VISA.
  • The website is safe and is protected by HTTPS protocols and SSl integration.
  • Returns Policy: Yes (within 14-15 days)
  • Refunds available: Yes 
  • Available Products as per Biibiibo Puzzles Review : Huge Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle, Sea Turtle Jigsaw Puzzle, Horse Jigsaw Puzzle, Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle etc. 

Pros of buying from Biibiibo 

  • It offers many mindful games that can sharpen thinking skills.
  • All wide arrays of puzzle games are cost-effective.
  • 80% off on todays’ buy accessible for the clients. 
  • A newsletter facility enables users to get updated with fresh offers and deals.
  • The games are offered with different exciting animals.
  • The site is hosted on Shopify Inc.
  • Full refund in the case of a damaged product.
  • Full or fractional refund if the product is not as described. 

Cons mentioned for Biibiibo Puzzles Review

  • The trust scorecard of the website is very down.
  • Delivery time is too long.
  • The websites’ age is very new.
  • The provided customer support email is dubious and confusing, as it does not match with the name of the domain.
  • No wide presence on internet. 

Is Biibiibo Puzzles legit?

Registered on 20th October 2020, the site has a domain age of 4 months and 13 days. With this young domain age, it does not seem a very reliable website to invest in. The site has a presence on Facebook, but there is no review or feedback about the product’s policy of feedback.  It suggests that this is a fake address as per Biibiibo Puzzles Review.

The office address is from China, but on the page of “Terms of Use” page, it has been mentioned that Services rendered on the site will be governed by and construed in compliance with the UK laws. It is not possible. We find the website to be a sketchy.

Customer Reviews on Biibiibo 

Customer reviews are the critical factor for all shopping websites to determine their legitimacy. 

On Facebook, people are commenting and asking about the legitimacy and dimensions of the puzzle toys. But no answers or revert are found there. This inactiveness and no Biibiibo Puzzles Review is again a big thing to consider about the legitimacy of the website. Besides, the physical office address given by the website is not an exact match on Google. Google suggests that this is a fake address.

Only on the official site, few positive feedbacks are there, but they are not reliable. Five stars are given on those reviews.


The site has a young domain age and low trust cards, negligible activity on social media sites, and less popularity, we consider this site, not a legit one. Since we did not hear from any original buyer, we are not sure of its legitimacy. The official website has few users’ Biibiibo Puzzles Review.

On this note, we suggest our readers be careful, cautious, and wise before they shop from this place. There are multiple scam websites worldwide that claim to give huge discounts and affordable products. It is not an authentic store to invest in. What do you think of this website? Write below. 

2 thoughts on “Biibiibo Puzzles Review {March 2021} Is It Really Legit?

  1. This is a con! I ordered 6 puzzles. I was shipped 1 puzzle that I ordered and 5 puzzles that I DID NOT ORDER!. I was not contacted if I wanted substitutions. I have tried to contact customer service for a refund or return but have not gotten a return answer. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  2. I bought two reduced price puzzles direct from Biibiibo, via Giantbee , which took awhile to arrive in Australia, but they did. They are amazing puzzles, designed by a maniac to torture puzzlers!! The pieces are small. very tricky shapes which are impossible to keep together. I have resorted to sellotaping the small sections I have managed to combine, for as soon as you touch them, they move apart and so you have to figure them out again. It is absolutely impossible for the pieces to stay together. Plus you need small nimble fingers, which at 79 I do not have. But that’s my problem and whether I will succeed, I just don’t know, It is a real challenger. I may give up and pass the puzzles on to younger folk.

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