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Beyondking Clothing Review [May] Is a Scam or Legit?

Beyondking Clothing Review [March] Is a Scam or Legit

Beyondking Clothing Review [May] Is a Scam or Legit? -> This post will give you an insight into a new fashion site selling tribal-inspired clothing. It will also tell you if you should buy it from the site.

The years have been kind in the clothing industry. You can now easily buy a pair of pants online without even stepping out of the house. This Beyondking Clothing Review shall tell you all about a new online shopping brand.

Numerous online shopping brands offer you men’s and women’s clothing, but are they worth your money? The garment needs to be made up of good material apart from just being comfortable.

The brand has seen moderate success amongst women in the United States, the United KingdomCanada and Australia. Read the full review to gather an in-depth analysis of Beyondking clothing.

What is Beyondking? 

It is an online shopping website that provides its customers with bohemian style bottoms, tops and dresses. What sets the clothing available on this website from the others is that its outfits are made up of patchwork or tie and die methods. These look very tribal inspired and vintage. outfits look like something you would find when scrolling around on Pinterest! The banner on the top shows that the page offers a “Clearance Sale up to 90% off.” Is this possible? Or a will have a hidden scheme to dupe potential customers.

We all know how enticing schemes attract unknowing customers to make purchases.

What kind of clothing is available on Beyondking clothing? 

It is a site that offers clothing only for women. The items are divided into outerwear’s or jackets/hoodies, bottoms or pants/skirts, tops, dresses and accessories.

The outerwear consists of a lot of casual hoodies that are tie and dyed with a mix of multiple colours. Some have printed mandalas and space-related images on them. 

Beyondking Clothing‘s bottoms consist of a mostly patchwork pants along with vintage tights that have geometric patterns dyed on them.

You will like the pair of vintage yoga pants that have a geometric mandala style pattern happening on the left leg. The dresses available look very DIY. These similar to the bottoms and outerwear these too are dyed, an ombre blue ankle-length dress looks appealing.

They also have accessories such as earrings, shoes, shawls that have butterfly wings printed on it and adjustable leather waist bags.  

The clothing looks like a mix of tribal and bohemian. Anybody who wishes to experiment or casually wear such outfits must purchase from Beyondking clothing

Cons of purchasing from Beyondking clothing

Here are some of the drawbacks for purchasing from Beyondking clothing.

  • There is no phone number provided to reach the company out on. There is, however, an email id.
  • The home page is cluttered and confusing.
  • A return address is not provided. So, there may be a third-person selling the product.
  • It lacks a domain server.
  • The discount of up to 90% off seems shoddy. Seems like just a way to attract customers. May it also make you wonder it is beyondking scam?
  • There are no external links which mean that the website was set up quite recently.
  • Like other new online stores, this site too lacks a social media presence.
  • Most of the outfits look like images the owner of the brand could’ve quickly got off google or Pinterest.
  • You can easily create a lot of the outfits available on the website at home. A lot of DIY videos available online will help you create something similar.

How to purchase products from this website

Since is an online website, you will need to purchase all the products online. The site provides worldwide delivery of all the products on it. However, you will be responsible for paying the shipping charges!

If you are unhappy with the clothing purchased, then you can quickly return them in 30 days and also write them a mail. Keep in mind that the shipping is non-refundable, and a refund will only include the price you paid for the clothing.

Final Verdict- 

Beyondking Clothing is perfect for those looking to wear some tribal or bohemian-inspired clothing. These look a lot like DIY projects we may have worked on over summer vacations in school or college.

Keeping that aside they look comfortable and fashionable. A little messy with the dyeing, but every dyed product looks different from the first. The vintage yoga pants with geometric prints or space inspired prints are catchy.

To conclude, if an outfit catches your eye on this site, then you should buy it! Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

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  1. BeyondKing is a scam. Their product photos are stolen from real artists, the “store” has existed for less than a month, they don’t have any real information, and the posts on Facebook have lots of angry comments from customers before they get deleted while the reviews are all fake “happy customers.”

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up! I knew I recognized some of the designs but couldnt place it. Do you know the real creators of the clothing? TIA

      1. The original designer is wildhorse apparel. There also 2 “sister stores” I guess you could say, cross fox and sew much love clothing. I found them on instagram. She is aware of all the pop ups stealing her images and has tried to fight it and stop them but they keep…popping up.

      2. SCAM! I feel like an idiot because I purchased $100 worth of product from them. Cheaply made, printed tyedye, NOT dyed like advertised. Smells like plastic. And it took 2 months to ship. Plus, the site says you can leave a review if you’ve purchased but no matter what I did it would not allow me to post a review on any of the items I bought. I’m furious to say the least. I sent an email to the “support team” but I’m not expecting much. These products are junk.

    2. Very helpful analysis and comments.
      Now Beyondking has announced is closing due to covid-19, so its prices went “down dramatically” the reason? lack of natural material?… (04/16/2020)

    3. It is a scam! Don’t order anything from this site! I am not even able to leave a review on their website, even though I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering from them. 7 out of 10 items didn’t arrive. And the 3 that did were a fake imitation of what was on the website’s pictures.

  2. Ok, so first off, don’t listen to anything Abigail Hazel has to say as it quite literally ‘stinks of bullshit’!
    Look, I have been pleased with myself over the years for being tinterweb savvy but as this COVID19 takes over the world and we find ourselves exiled to whatever cage we have rented/bought, I AM GOING STIR CRAZY!
    My suspicious nature has been dulled from the lack of human contact, so going onto this website with the enticing pictures of fabulous clothes made me dumb and decide to buy from them.
    I was slightly smart (about 25%) in using PayPal to pay for my purchase so
    A) didn’t give my bank details, and
    2) had a chance at claiming my money back.
    So to conclude (as I’m sure we’re all tired), my predictions for future scams… well, it goes through the roof.
    DON’T get brain lazy and sucked in like I did!

    And any “reply” forum that asks you for your name and email address is going to sell your data!
    (I feel sorry for Loda Boloks

    Stay safe.

  3. Yeah, it’s getting so easy to tell which ones are scams now by their grammar. Kinda like this article. One read thru and it’s obvious English was not your first language, and your optimistic support of them thru most of the article makes you sound affiliated. And why would they fade out the faces of the models in the pics!?? SHAAAADY. Come on, most consumers aren’t THAT dumb

  4. SCAM! Beyond king steals their images from Sew Much Love, Wild Horse and Cross Fox who are all on Insta.
    Beyond Kind (from reviews I’ve read) make cheap knock off copies of the before mentioned real fashion designers.

    1. Thanks for listing the places they got it from, I’m not caring so much about the price so I will be buying it from the original stores. 🙂 By the way to anyone shopping in the originals don’t worry about Cross Fox and Sew Much Love having some of the same photos, they follow each and promote each others stuff. And I guess two separate accounts having over 60 thousand followers each has to be pretty legit.

      1. Thank you so much! I was hunting for the original sites and all I got from Google was knockoff after knock off lol

  5. So is this a scam? Am i gonna receive anything? I’m gonna cry if this is another scam where they just took my money and i get nothing. I used paypal….but i just had 103 dollars stolen from my paypal by a diff company and i can’t dispute cause it came off my card. Please don’t call me stupid i have brain damage and I’m not internet saavy

    1. Sorry, but yes, it is a scam. You’ll be lucky if you receive anything and I can assure you, if you do, it will be an inferior product than advertised.
      Dispute through paypal.

      1. Je trouve ça vraiment répugnant!! Comme abus de confiance, il n’y a pas mieux. J’ai commandé des vêtements la bas. Les taille sont soit hyper grandes soit trop petites. La qualité est plus que médiocre.. notamment pour un manteau ou il y avait différentes matières, ils envoient un tissu super léger imprimé avec les motifs du manteau!! Je me suis liquéfiée qd j’ai reçu ma commande.. méfiez vous!!! Lorsque j’envoie un mail pour un remboursement, ils me répondent qu’ils sont désolés et qu’ils espèrent que les vêtements me plaisent!!

  6. This isn’t the only website they have…. is basically an identical site with identical clothing, offering the same discounts….

  7. is an identical site…..and as for this review? There is an identical review written by someone with a similar name. IDENTICAL.

  8. I placed an order four weeks ago, and it’s still not shipped today. Now seller ignores requests to cancel the order and to issue a refund. I had to open dispute with PayPal. Looks like a scam to me

  9. Oh God.
    I ordered from them and i gave them my bank dates…. It didnt work so i used paypal in the end.
    What am i suppposed to do???

  10. So, I just spent $80.
    How can I get my money back? Anyone have any success?
    After reading the comments, (which I probably should have done in the beginning, but I’m new to online shopping) I don’t think I will receive my products. I didn’t use PayPal..because again, not used to online shopping.

    Should I cancel that card and start a new one? What do you guys think?

    1. Dispute with your bank, they may ask if you contacted the company for a refund, otherwise they may be able to dispute it. But yes, they will likely cancel your card and reissue a new one.

      1. They have the same exact site and selections, the same website, same typeset, and prices as a few other sites and they are a scam SCAM! you will never get your products!!! sTAY CLEAR AWAY!!!

  11. Well, I didnt see any of this, it caught my eye on face book and before I knew it I had hours to make an order or lose the discount, always a con. I’ve tried to cancel the order within hours of making it and there either not responding or are asking if they can have a reason or that they will dispatch quickly, I am continuing to pester them to refund the money, I’m in touch with paypal who I made the payment through am not sure what will happen next am calling paypal tommorrow to figure this rubbish out. I spent a lot as I was buying gifts and it was late. I cant believe these people scam in this way …how do I get my money back!

  12. Holler! Another sucker here! Scam in the sense that they send knock off cheap material. Looks ok for costume but not legit product. Not horrible, close to pic but not real great. I received my over $100 order yesterday. Soooo disappointing. I google imaged one of my items and found another 4 websites all named something else with the same web page set up. this annoyed me and I was not lead to the original photo or maker so thank you above for the name of the original company!

    Good communication however with Beyond King by email requesting refund, HOWEVER, they asked if I wouldnt mind keeping the items and they will give me a $3 credit……yes you read that right THREE DOLLARS!!!!! I mean, wow haha

    So effort made there. I wonder if all these third party online stores are of people (small poor families) struggling hard, in sweatshops making knock offs, offering me $3 because if the product gets returned they loose a hand or something horrible! yes I think about those things lol SO, im going to email them back, ask them to tell me the truth why they are sending me knock offs, they can keep the money if they are that hard up as long as they promote only their products not someone elses.

    Ok this is a way long shot and I doubt this would happen but if I dont get an honest reply I will do everything to stop these people scamming the way they currently are. OR just continue to add feedback and be more aware before ordering online after a couple of wines haha

    Dont stress y’all, you will get something, it will look like the image but the quality and materials just wont hit the mark.

    1. How did you do that? I was looking into the refunds resolutions and I did not find a part to cancel the order. Unfortunately, I fell on this scam too.

    ITS A POPULAR ITEN THEYVSAID TO GIVR IT TO SOMEONE. We all think it’s a ugly color of brown and doesn’t look good on anyone and it’s not the color same item as in their catalog on line
    Every email response from them is a officememo
    All the same . Keep it and they will give me $3 credit. Another country . For sure
    Cheapest fabric and so weird!!!
    Don’t order anything if you get it and you need to send it back you won’t get a refund and it will beThe SAME STORY.
    I said
    You have my $ so I’ll order something else because I can’t send it back says them . No they said NO!
    Back to I should keep it and give it away
    I’m so pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thieves they are
    Witches on a mission
    Not real
    No phone

  14. Total scam! Clothes smells like chemicals and the quality isn’t even worth $10!!! I spent 53 and was taken for a ride I ordered two items only to later realize these images are stolen from the true seller

    Bad bad people . You get a rag . Can’t return it . SUPER SCAM Stay safe . 15 people in my family and friends all agree !! Do not buy from these scammers . EVIL 👿

  16. I wish I could’ve read all this before I made my purchase, I will continue to report these guys to Facebook as a scam and if anyone has the chance to comment on their Facebook ads and pages please do to make sure more people don’t lose money to these guys!

  17. Yes it’s a scam as i have just found out. Oh…they will send you something but not what you ordered. I ordered a khaki/copper plain top and received a purple/cream/flowery/tie dyed hoodie dress (completely not my style at all!!!). The trousers that came were horrible, shiny baggy knockoffs that looked nothing like the picture. Like a previous comment, i got told sorry, and to keep the items and they will let me have a 3$ voucher off my next purchase! No chance mate. I don’t usually get conned by companies like this but this one must have slipped through the net. Thats about 80$ down the drain.
    Shame i can’t leave pictures to give you all a right laugh.

  18. Beyond King is absolutely a scam. I spent a long time looking at the site before I made an order and am thankful for that because otherwise, I would not have been able to find the seller later. The PayPal merchant account is under “Help.pp” and the fake product is sent from a gas station in Alabama. I’m currently in the process of disputing the charge with PayPal. I was able to contact the seller at the contact email I found on the beyondking website but there are two others listed on PayPal. I am getting responses from all of them, all BS. They’ve offered me a $2 credit to purchase more from them instead of offering a refund on the item I did not get or, they will maybe refund a portion of the purchase price if I pay the shipping again, send the item back, and wait for them to get it. The items in the photos are not what they are selling. They have printed out pictures of the items on fabric and made really bad fakes.

  19. After two months, I did not receive what I ordered. What was supposed to be a butterfly Blanket/shawl, turned out to be a see through white moth cape made out of Halloween costume material. The brown tyedie skirt I ordered is not brown but red and made from the same polyester Halloween costume material. I’m looking for a way to return them now.

  20. It upsets me so much to see people still getting scammed by this dispicable “store”. I ordered 85 dollars wortg of stuff back in March and I just now received an email saying it was shipped. So we’ll see what actually comes. But since I found out it’s a scam I’ve been leaving bad comments on their FB and sending threatening/harassing messages to their email just bc it makes me feel better. Don’t judge me.

  21. Oh no! I ordered £160 worth of clothes … it’s the first time in years I have splashed out on myself and now I read these comments.. I’m so sad right now. I can’t believe I didn’t look into the company? What’s bloody wrong with me! To make matters worse my mum (his terminal) treated me to £60 worth? Now I’ve had to tell her I’ve lost her money … I feel such a fool

    1. Well, shit. I ordered from them in late APRIL and had to bug them for a ship date. My order supposedly shipped out a couple of weeks ago but I’m almost positive the tracking is fake. I just messaged them for the shipping site so I can track it, I guess I’ll see what they say. I’m usually more observant than this and should have researched first. Almost got scammed by a wig company on Facebook today too. FML

      1. Michelle I did exactly the same! Treated myself to a few new items with birthday money from my mum. I got sent a pile of useless unflattering crap! I was gutted. Have done disputes with paypal and my bank and got nothing yet. I finally got Beyondking to say they would give me a refund if I sent the stuff back. I took a leap of faith and spent another £20 sending the stuff back to an address in China!! It’s been a month now and I’m still waiting! I’m not letting this go. I’ve reported them to Action fraud. If we all complain about them then hopefully they will be stopped!! Good luck.

  22. I also fell for the scam along with another deal that popped up on Facebook. I ordered 2 go pro cameras 3 months ago and have not received anything. Luckily I took screen shots of my order details and paid through PayPal on both. My USPS tracking number popped up with either entered it wrong or not enough information. It correct. I’m out 220.00 and nothing to show for it. After reading all the comments, I will begin the refund process through PayPal. I’m beyond mad!
    I feel like smashing someone’s face in!

  23. Yep! I’m a dummy . Not sure HOW I fell for it, or why my spidey senses weren’t ON FIRE!! I blame it on the ‘rona. Ugh. Items arrived, quality is hideous, fabric is atrocious, looks nada like photos. The email address “doesn’t exist. “. I reported them to Facebook but it’s still there, the ad, without my negative reviews (they are deleted immediately). I’d be more angry but I feel partly at fault for being so panglossian about it- I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!! “Lesson learned ” and a hard one that set me back $112!!!

  24. SUCH A SCAM!! Stupid Facebook Ad got me! I a received 2 of my 5 items, 1 of which was incorrect and when I asked how I could return it for the correct item they asked for pictures of the codes and packaging, which I sent, and I am still waiting for a reply. It has been 4 months!!!

  25. J’ai passé commande de plusieurs produit ( 3 hauts et 2 legging) le 17 avril 2020. Mon compte a été débité le lendemain. J’en ai eu pour 83 euro avec les frais de port.
    Ma commande a été traitée 15 jours après quand j’ai envoyé un mail disant que soupçonnant une arnaque j’allais demander un remboursement et une annulation de commande.
    Le colis est parti le 11 mai de Chine. Je l’ai reçu le 22 juin.
    Il s’agit de vêtement en matière synthétique alors qu’il est annoncé coton mélangé sur le site. Et il n’y a qu’un legging qui a une étiquette (Polyester + Spandex), les autre ne sont pas étiqueté à part la taille. La qualité est très faible, il y a des coutures qui se défont. Un des legging n’a en plus rien a voir avec la photo du site.
    L’arnaque pour moi et dans le fait que les photos du site sont trompeuses et il n’y a pas un bon rapport qualité prix.
    Quand j’ai commandé il n’y avait pas encore d’avis défavorable et l’annonce du SCAM.
    J’essaye de me faire rembourser par eux et j’ai fait une demande via PayPal.

  26. We need a combat group, like all the pages they have and warn anyone who goes near them, I realised slightly too late to cancel my payment and am fighting for a refund, we have to stop these people

  27. Jennie, I’ve reported them tom Action fraud uk who look ito these cases. If you live somewhere else maybe you should do the same. Yes we can’t let them keep getting away with this.

  28. Scammers don’t buy and wast all the time, money, and frustration on them. Ordered in March revived end of July… not as pictured… asked for order to be cancel in April… they totally ignored my request… HORRIBLE costumer service they just ignore you… SCAMMERS!!!!!

  29. Last time i buy from facebook. I learnt my lesson. I was stupid to not look up the company.

    Really poor quality and strange material used.

    Wrong items sent and now they are refusing to send my correct order. Very disappointing. i suggest not ordering from them!

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