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Beyondking Clothing Review [April] Is a Scam or Legit?

Beyondking Clothing Review [March] Is a Scam or Legit

Beyondking Clothing Review [April] Is a Scam or Legit? -> This post will give you an insight into a new fashion site selling tribal-inspired clothing. It will also tell you if you should buy it from the site.

The years have been kind in the clothing industry. You can now easily buy a pair of pants online without even stepping out of the house. This Beyondking Clothing Review shall tell you all about a new online shopping brand.

Numerous online shopping brands offer you men’s and women’s clothing, but are they worth your money? The garment needs to be made up of good material apart from just being comfortable.

The brand has seen moderate success amongst women in the United States, the United KingdomCanada and Australia. Read the full review to gather an in-depth analysis of Beyondking clothing.

What is Beyondking? 

It is an online shopping website that provides its customers with bohemian style bottoms, tops and dresses. What sets the clothing available on this website from the others is that its outfits are made up of patchwork or tie and die methods. These look very tribal inspired and vintage. outfits look like something you would find when scrolling around on Pinterest! The banner on the top shows that the page offers a “Clearance Sale up to 90% off.” Is this possible? Or a will have a hidden scheme to dupe potential customers.

We all know how enticing schemes attract unknowing customers to make purchases.

What kind of clothing is available on Beyondking clothing? 

It is a site that offers clothing only for women. The items are divided into outerwear’s or jackets/hoodies, bottoms or pants/skirts, tops, dresses and accessories.

The outerwear consists of a lot of casual hoodies that are tie and dyed with a mix of multiple colours. Some have printed mandalas and space-related images on them. 

Beyondking Clothing‘s bottoms consist of a mostly patchwork pants along with vintage tights that have geometric patterns dyed on them.

You will like the pair of vintage yoga pants that have a geometric mandala style pattern happening on the left leg. The dresses available look very DIY. These similar to the bottoms and outerwear these too are dyed, an ombre blue ankle-length dress looks appealing.

They also have accessories such as earrings, shoes, shawls that have butterfly wings printed on it and adjustable leather waist bags.  

The clothing looks like a mix of tribal and bohemian. Anybody who wishes to experiment or casually wear such outfits must purchase from Beyondking clothing

Cons of purchasing from Beyondking clothing

Here are some of the drawbacks for purchasing from Beyondking clothing.

  • There is no phone number provided to reach the company out on. There is, however, an email id.
  • The home page is cluttered and confusing.
  • A return address is not provided. So, there may be a third-person selling the product.
  • It lacks a domain server.
  • The discount of up to 90% off seems shoddy. Seems like just a way to attract customers. May it also make you wonder it is beyondking scam?
  • There are no external links which mean that the website was set up quite recently.
  • Like other new online stores, this site too lacks a social media presence.
  • Most of the outfits look like images the owner of the brand could’ve quickly got off google or Pinterest.
  • You can easily create a lot of the outfits available on the website at home. A lot of DIY videos available online will help you create something similar.

How to purchase products from this website

Since is an online website, you will need to purchase all the products online. The site provides worldwide delivery of all the products on it. However, you will be responsible for paying the shipping charges!

If you are unhappy with the clothing purchased, then you can quickly return them in 30 days and also write them a mail. Keep in mind that the shipping is non-refundable, and a refund will only include the price you paid for the clothing.

Final Verdict- 

Beyondking Clothing is perfect for those looking to wear some tribal or bohemian-inspired clothing. These look a lot like DIY projects we may have worked on over summer vacations in school or college.

Keeping that aside they look comfortable and fashionable. A little messy with the dyeing, but every dyed product looks different from the first. The vintage yoga pants with geometric prints or space inspired prints are catchy.

To conclude, if an outfit catches your eye on this site, then you should buy it! Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!


  1. BeyondKing is a scam. Their product photos are stolen from real artists, the “store” has existed for less than a month, they don’t have any real information, and the posts on Facebook have lots of angry comments from customers before they get deleted while the reviews are all fake “happy customers.”

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up! I knew I recognized some of the designs but couldnt place it. Do you know the real creators of the clothing? TIA

  2. Ok, so first off, don’t listen to anything Abigail Hazel has to say as it quite literally ‘stinks of bullshit’!
    Look, I have been pleased with myself over the years for being tinterweb savvy but as this COVID19 takes over the world and we find ourselves exiled to whatever cage we have rented/bought, I AM GOING STIR CRAZY!
    My suspicious nature has been dulled from the lack of human contact, so going onto this website with the enticing pictures of fabulous clothes made me dumb and decide to buy from them.
    I was slightly smart (about 25%) in using PayPal to pay for my purchase so
    A) didn’t give my bank details, and
    2) had a chance at claiming my money back.
    So to conclude (as I’m sure we’re all tired), my predictions for future scams… well, it goes through the roof.
    DON’T get brain lazy and sucked in like I did!

    And any “reply” forum that asks you for your name and email address is going to sell your data!
    (I feel sorry for Loda Boloks

    Stay safe.

  3. Yeah, it’s getting so easy to tell which ones are scams now by their grammar. Kinda like this article. One read thru and it’s obvious English was not your first language, and your optimistic support of them thru most of the article makes you sound affiliated. And why would they fade out the faces of the models in the pics!?? SHAAAADY. Come on, most consumers aren’t THAT dumb

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