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Berlimap Scam [June] Is There Any Risk?

Berlimap Scam 2020

Berlimap Scam [June] Is There Any Risk? -> Read this if you want to purchase a budget air conditioner online.

Summers bring it harsh winds and humid days. On such days don’t you wish you were sitting in front of a portable air conditioner? If you are, then you must visit the Berlimap website.

Warm weather brings with it the reason to shed those bulbous layers of clothing. But it also brings with it harsh winds that make the climate hot and unbearable. It brings in the need to purchase coolers and portable air conditioners.

Berlimap is a site providing with suffer perfect cooling devices. Is Berlimap Scam?This question is the most asked question regarding this site. This post aims at giving you a clearer idea of what this United States-based retailer offers.

You will also find out if it is safe to make purchases from this website as you read advance into this post.

Is Berlimap legit?

While online retail stores try to maintain a legitimate front, they often hide the fact they are scam websites. It is seemingly easy to scam people of their money by providing necessary information.

This post’s main aim is to provide you with enough insight so that you can have a safe shopping experience. So, is Berlimap legit? It has a valid SSL certificate and possesses an HTTPS. These two features ensure the safety of users against any attacks from middlemen.

What isBerlimap?

It is an online retail store that sells electronics, kitchen supplies & grills, air cooling devices, art supplies as well as toys. The product categories tell you that the variety isn’t limited to just select customers.

The website lacks an about us section, and that is usually not a good sign. This missing information reduces transparency for the customer; an about us part is mandatory if the website is new.

However, there is a mention of addresses to their offline stores that are up in select locations. You could also check out these stores to assess legitimacy!

What is unique about Berlimap?

Berlimap offers a large variety of products, which means that there will be something for everybody to purchase. Its electronics section boasts of products such as JBL speakers, Google’s chrome cast, Philips light strips, and router range extenders at affordable prices.

These are sure to entice customers to make purchases. They also offer free shipping on every order, every day. Isn’t that amazing? A lot of websites charge hefty delivery charges, which makes customers not want to make purchases.

The website also provides a detailed product description; this usually makes it easy for customers to analyze the product.

Specifications of Berlimap

  • Products: Gadgets, fashion wears, tools and homewares
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone Number- 800-322-6175
  • Shipping/processing time-2-5days
  • Delivery time- 7- 14 days
  • Shipping fee- provide free shipping on orders above $70
  • Return- within 30 days of receiving the product
  • Refunds- no date provided
  • Payment- secure online payment only

Pros of making purchases fromBerlimap

  • The online retailer offers a wide variety to choose from
  • Secure online payments can be made
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You can reach out to them 24/7 to solve queries
  • Provide address which tells you they are shipping out of the United States
  • Shipping details provided are clear and precise

Cons of making purchases fromBerlimap

  • They provide free shipping only on purchases above $70
  • The delivery of products is only available within the United States.
  • Clicking on the social media icons will redirect you to the home page
  • The website lacks an about us page
  • It was set up two months ago
  • No customer reviews available

Customer reviews of Berlimap

Even though the Berlimap website seems to be legit, it does not provide details regarding the company. An about us section gives features that help build trust with customers. The site missing it be blamed on being two months old? Maybe, maybe not!

They also mention “Free shipping,” but reading the shipping section will tell you that it is only applicable on purchases above $70. Such practices shine a bad light on websites and can displease potential customers.

Final verdict-

The website with its padlock and HTTPS tells you that it is legit. You will be able to find some very interesting toys, cooling devices, art, and kitchen supplies on the website. Along with this, the product description also seems to be complete.

So, it is safe to purchase a product of your choice from it. Please share your experience with us in the comments below!

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