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Berletti Leather Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Berletti Leather Reviews 2020

Berletti Leather Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store that sells a variety of leather clothing and accessories.

From how many online shops have you purchased leather items like jackets and belts? Now let’s take a look at Berlettileather. 

We found a plethora of Berletti leather reviews online. As we aim to inform our readers about new and established e-commerce sites, we thought of sharing a few vital details about the e-shop. 

Fashion enthusiasts are always on a lookout for new e-commerce sites that sell stylish items made with leather for affordable rates. 

Currently, this online portal is attracting buyers’ attention all over the world in places like the United States, Canada, etc. A lot of the buyers have given a positive response to this site. 

If you wish to add a stylish leather fashion item to your wardrobe, then this online store is the ideal destination. Here we share certain must-know things about the site. 

What is Berletti Leather? is an e-commerce site that sells a wide array of leather clothing items and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a leather jacket for men or a leather backpack for women, this site has got you covered. 

Some of the categories of leather products you can find on the site are jackets, belts, caps, and bags. The items feature well-crafted elegant designs. The site offers amazing discounts on various products. 

The site shares its story with the visitors and informs them how the creators of the site aim to make luxury fashion items accessible for everyone. But is it safe to buy leather products from this website? Is Berletti Leather a legit website or scam? Here we examine the various factors of the site to determine its trustworthiness. 

Specifications of Berletti Leather:

  • Website type – an online shop selling leather goods 
  • Shipping time – 10-22 working days
  • Shipping fee – free shipping
  • Return – not available 
  • Exchange – not available
  • Refund – not available 
  • Cancellation of order – within 12 hours
  • Company phone number – 18886609350 
  • Company email id – 
  • Company address – USA
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover 

Pros of buying products from Berletti Leather:

  • You can buy a wide array of top-quality leather products.
  • The e-shop offers huge discounts. 
  • The store offers free worldwide shipping to various places like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.  
  • There are plenty of options you can select from. 

Cons of buying products from Berletti Leather:

  • The site does not offer cash on delivery option. 
  • The website does not provide a physical address. 
  • The site does not let you return or exchange an item. 

Is legit?

The website maintains clear communication with visitors by sharing its history. The site clearly states its policies regarding important services like shipping and return. The website has an SSL certification, and the content appears to be original and clear. These are good signs.

However, the site does not provide a physical address, and some of the items are available for heavily slashed prices. These are alarming signs but nothing out of the ordinary. In our opinion, the website is legit and can be trusted for online shopping. 

What are the customers saying about Berletti Leather?

Even though the online platform is relatively new, we found numerous customer reviews available on the website. A majority of these reviews are positive, as the customers appear to be really impressed with the quality of leather. 

The buyers share their satisfaction with the fit and design of leather products like jackets. Most of the reviews are in favor of the site and its products. 

However, we found a few negative reviews on the internet tagged as Berlettti Leather scam. In these reviews, customers complain about various issues like the site deducting money and not delivering the product to the delivery of faulty products. 

While these reviews are quite alarming, it is expected for an e-shop to receive both negative and positive reviews. 

Final Verdict 

The site is quite new to the world of e-commerce, and thereby there is a shortage of proper customer reviews on the internet. The store has an active Facebook page with over 2000 followers. 

On the site, customers can find important information about the products and services. All these are great signs that indicate the trustworthiness of the e-commerce store. After clearly evaluating these factors, we think that this site can be trusted. We suggest our readers give it a try and share their shopping experiences with us. 

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  1. A site that started with a lie that it’s “closing down”
    A banner is there every day that say’s “FINAL SALE ENDS TODAY | 70% OFF + WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING”
    They inflate the price of cheap mass produced items to the point that if you cancel an order, the 15% which they won’t refund, (an arbitrarily decided upon percentage for supposedly adjusting the number of items on their website, which is free with every other company) will in fact be about half the cost of the EXACT SAME product on another website.
    Sure they may actually ship what you purchase at some point and it may not be faulty but at more than triple the cost of the same product elsewhere.
    How can anyone not see that as a scam is beyond me.

    1. Just received my order. Order May 31 got it on August 11. As soon as I open the bag I could smell the plastic. The jacket look like the picture but totally was not. Order a xxl just to be on the safe side and it was still to small. The bag had a fabric freshener inside to combat the strong order of plastic DIDN’T HELP! Now the site is down and no way to contact about return . I have already taken legal action against the company who just let these people start company’s and not take the time to verify at least the products that there selling. They are not getting away with this one. Periodt

  2. It is a scam, I placed an order June 2 and as of today, June 29 I have not received my item. Calling customer support since Friday and they are asking you to leave a message, What kind of company wont answer calls Mondays?

  3. Same me .. I place an order on 350$ June 4 and also a have not received my items ..!!😡😡🤬🤬 so , how I can get my money back ?? Can somebody tell me ?! 😞

  4. Go look at all the complaints on their Facebook page, no response except standardized emails that include “confusion of what our product actually is (Polyurethane 100% Vegan Leather),”
    ITS FAKE LEATHER and non delivery so obviously a SCAM…over a month and not even shipped

  5. In less than 24 hours saw them block me on Facebook and remove my and dozens of other’s posting exposing their scam…how many more people going to lose their money???


    Takes more than 4 weeks to obtain a tracking number and more than two weeks for the tracking number to work on the China Post website – YES, their products are shipped from CHINA contrary to what they claim on the website.

    No customer service at all, all leather products are PU leather, manufactured by China factories, and sold to the customers around the globe at insanely inflated prices.

    Their FACEBOOK PAGE is full of awful reviews (see:, contrary to the ones they posted on their own website.

    If you must fall for the trap for the fun of it, at least use Paypal for its dispute resolution centre.

    1. Total scam. They deleted all the comments and created a new page. Ordered in late May and never received. They kept blaming covid and riots

  7. I purchased June 2 and have not received my item. It’s July 5th. No response to email or phone. Looks like I got duped. 😑

  8. I ordered a belt and two jackets on May 28th. I received the belt today. The tracking # says they were shipped together. I’m pretty sure I was scammed. 😟

  9. If this website thinks Berletti leather is legit, then I suspect you are in on the deal and a scammer too. Either update your review to warn others that the Berletti website is a scam or eat shit and die. I’m guessing you will stick with the former given your fake review.

  10. Same here — was charged on 6/7 multiple emails not returned or returned with an email to please resend as they are having trouble with their email system — really — they respond to an email they did not get?!?

  11. Scam! Fake leather, misleading site, merchandise comes from China, if it gets to you at all. BEWARE if you happen to receive your purchase it will be way too small, damaged, faulty, etc., and good luck returning. Put you money towards something made in your own country with care and quality.

  12. Absolutely horrible
    Rip off ordered 2 jackets on June 5 my sister in law did as well !! Haven’t received anything impossible for a response what can be done about this !
    6 weeks later still nothing 🤬 I Don’t even want the product anymore I want my money back very upsetting

  13. Although I still expect to get my item, my impression is that this company is not trustworthy. I have a tracking number, and am checking on its shipment every few weeks. (I’ve had items shipped from China for a bargain rate and it takes a long time. Packages seem to “hang” in certain facilities.) Judging from the time that I ordered (May 24) to the time that my item shipped (June 8), I believe that they made the jacket when I ordered it. I will get it, but it won’t be the leather they falsely claimed it to be. I’m expecting polyurethane jacket. I’m also not seeing any unusual charges on my credit card.

    In short, I’m not expecting to receive what they advertised, but I am expecting to get something that is hopefully worth what I paid for. Since it isn’t what they advertised, it is a scam.

  14. Made my purchase over a month ago and still no jacket,they offered no viable response to my queries and keep sending the same computer generated bullshit reply. How has this not been addressed by consumer affairs,,? ABSOLUTE SCAM! DO NOT BUY!!



  17. Fraud!!! Purchased a jacket at beginning of June, no product ever sent. No response to where my jacket is. Send me my jacket or refund my money !!!

  18. Totally got scammed out of 170 dollars. It’s been two months and never received an email to say my order was shipped. The website has now magically disappeared, and their emails are not helpful at all, nobody to say they are looking into it, just keeps forwarding me to contact a different email. This review is part of the reason I bought from this fake scam company because to me it showed it was legit. I wish I had dug deeper ! Shame on you for promoting these thieves.

  19. Just received my order. Order May 31 got it on August 11. As soon as I open the bag I could smell the plastic. The jacket look like the picture but totally was not. Order a xxl just to be on the safe side and it was still to small. The bag had a fabric freshener inside to combat the strong order of plastic DIDN’T HELP! Now the site is down and no way to contact about return . I have already taken legal action against the company who just let these people start company’s and not take the time to verify at least the products that there selling. They are not getting away with this one. Periodt


  21. ordered my jacket on June 2, 2020, I totally get the fact rona slowed everything down but its now going on 3 months and I haven’t received the items that I ordered. Im now in dispute with my bank. DON’T BUY FROM BERLETTIS

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