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Beetbest Reviews {April} – Is It A Legit Business?

Beetbest Reviews {March} – Is It A Legit Business

Beetbest Reviews {April} – Is It A Legit Business? >> This Online store is nowadays getting attention of lots of digital shoppers. Read our review about this ecommerce website then think about placing order, Be Smart!

Beetbest is an online store, or you can call it an online shop, which sells cell phones, electronic gadgets, toys, sporting goods, home products, and apparel. You must have come across various e-commerce websites from which it becomes quite challenging to choose or select. What makes a website genuine? How can we decide that we are selecting a legal and right online store? To find answers to these questions, it is indispensable to read the Beetbest Reviews from various customers. Website Analysis

Coming to the home page of, you may find some cleansing products also. Apart from the electronic gadgets, the products which are used to kill disinfectants, viruses, germs, bacteria, and pollutants are also added for sale due to the current condition the various parts of the world is facing. It ships to the United States, Canada, European nations. Before purchasing from an unknown website, all we need to follow different measures and steps. This is quite important because lots of scams are there is the market aiming to target you and make you risk your money on these fraudulent. 

The domain beetbest is just three months old. It was active since January 2020. The new websites remain suspicious because it has not yet gained customer’s trust, which takes a more extended period than this. The customer support claims to be available 24*7 and serves with a fully efficient team. The return policy mentioned on the website is the most significant source of doubt and confusion. It says they will charge additionally in case the customer goes for returns of the item. However, they offer replacement of the defective products. But, for that also they are taking additional charges for the same.

Is a scam?

I must highlight a few points about the service they offer. The prices are a bit high than it is supposed to be. To avail of free shipping, your order must cost you a minimum of $59, excluding taxes and other packaging charges. You can reach the customer’s support at They provide a helpline number also in case you need to call them regarding any issue or query. But, all these is useless unless they have a responsive team that goes through the customer’s problem and aims to sort them.  

According to a few customers, the products they deliver are duplicate and not of the original brand it seems to be. Other customers declared that the support team is the big scam of this store. They will neither take your calls nor reply to your emails after the delivery of the product. Some gave a shocking statement that they haven’t received the product. They directly tell everyone not to get trapped by these fraudulent stores. Beetbest reviews seem to be very strange and unexpected. It raises several questions in the mind of the viewer. Although you may find the products at a lower price, they offer an inferior product quality. But, some people recommend this online store also.

Final Verdict 

Please follow a few steps before buying from any site. 

  • Go through the company’s website (from where you desire to buy) and analyze as much as you can. 
  • Search everything from different websites and various resources available to you. Gather the information and get full knowledge of the brand.
  • Consult your friends and people you know from whom you could take their opinions or advices about the service of that company.
  • Visit various social media posts where people share their positive and negative experiences about the product.

Apart from these, you must realize that there are thousands of fraudulent in the market who are having the desire to fool you. Be cautious of the scams which are existing in the market. In case you are cheated, it becomes your duty to alert other people. Don’t keep silent. Complain about the same through various networks available.

So, what is the answer of this question – Is beetbest com legit? is protected by SSL (https), which is a good signal. SSL prevents the middleman attacker from interrupting between any interactions through the website. It will keep the communication of the support team and customers wholly encrypted. No signs of suspicious code are found on It has a mail server also. They lack external links that point to its website, which develops a doubt about the reliability and authenticity of this website.

Some customers indeed gave positive feedback about this company. It may compel you to buy from this company. But, there is a considerable amount of negative feedbacks also which cannot be overlooked.

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  1. I ordered 12 Charmin mega toilet paper rolls. What I received was 10 tiny/miniature rolls of paper. I did try to cancel a few days after ordering but the website was down. The website did come up a week later selling fashion clothes. It is definately a scam website.

  2. I ordered lysol wipes and Clorox wipes which I never received. I contacted customer support that claimed that the logistics team had sent it out. When I asked for tracking number they couldn’t provide one. Not only that, I emailed them stating I feel that they are a fake website and I wanted a refund. They apologized said they would send it out, and have not responded to any of my further emails, and I still have not gotten a refund! DON’T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE. IT’S A SCAM!

  3. I ordered a 3 pack of 80 Clorox wipes and received (3 months later after constant complaints to their reps) a small 50-count surface wipes little package for over $60. I do not recommend purchasing from them. They even tried to tell me that my package was delivered about two weeks ago in a state across the country from where I live. They mixed up my USPS tracking number and tried to convince me that I’d already received it. Luckily I document and save everything until I receive my packages. Do NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!

  4. They are a scam – ordered almost $400 worth of stuff – it was never delivered. I have sent many, many emails and they never corrected. If only they were as quick with customer service as they were charging my credit card. They hold off replying so that it is too late to get the credit card reversed. WATCH OUT!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM

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