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Beats Flex Review {Oct 2020} Read To Buy Legit Ear Buds!

Beats Flex Review

Beats Flex Review {Oct 2020} Read To Buy Legit Ear Buds! >> Get your new wireless music companion home just after reading this review for full information.

Are you stuck with those boring earphones that are hard to manage while at gym? Well, don’t you worry, just get wireless with these crazy Beats Flex ear buds.

In this digitalization age, everything needs to be updated, let it be the old furniture of your place or the simple cupboard in your bedroom. It is the sole reason why countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many more are thriving with this particular product’s production rate.

We stumbled upon these cool and charming ear buds of Beats Flex and decided to elaborate its specifications for our youthful readers with this Beats Flex Review. While the youth is trying to scroll between different types of wireless ear buds, here in this article, we will talk about a specific product that has created a buzz around recently.

We understand it is quite necessary to know the authentication of any particular product before purchasing them; thus, this article will enlighten you about beats flex so that you can make an informed decision at the end of this unbiased product review. 

What is Beats Flex? 

Beats Flex is a renowned wireless ear bud designed by the Beats Company, famous for producing BeatX.  BeatX was the very successful neckband style headphone that created a very profitable market without much effort. Beats Flex Review says that Beats Flex stands to be the upgraded version of BeatX, which is quite impressive for people who are looking for a dignified firm product. 

This brand new version of Beats is enticing people because of its elegant looks and affordable price. It is only for $50, and people can purchase them from different authentic websites. Its specifications are quite tempting, mostly because of its long battery life. 

Specifications of Beats Flex

  • Product Cost- $50
  • Battery Life- 12 Hours
  • Fast Charging
  • On-device Controls
  • USB-C Charging
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Compatible for Android and IoS
  • Fast Pairing 
  • Height- 16mm/1.6cm 
  • Weight- 18.6g/ 0.66oz 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion

Pros of Beats Flex 

Let’s now determine whether you should purchase it or not in the other parts of this Beats Flex Review with some of the trending points that are going in favor of this brand new wireless ear buds: 

  • This product is exceptionally budget-friendly for people who are looking for stylish ear buds without spending much on the purchase.
  • It has a great battery life of 12 hours, where you can enjoy every bit of music without any hurdle of charging it back again and again.
  • Apart from the battery life, you will also be amazed at its auto-pause magnetic buds as well as quick charging facilities. 
  • The sound quality and compatibility with both Android and Apple devices make it the best of both the worlds. 

Cons of Beats Flex

Nothing can ever be perfect; thus, for Beats Flex Review here are some loopholes that you must know before purchasing this product: 

  • These ear buds are not entirely wireless.
  • There is no written confirmation about its resistance power to water or sweat. 
  • Ear tips of these beautiful ear buds cannot stick for a long time because of the absence of wings lock the buds. 
  • This product cannot give a tough fight when it comes to the audio quality and battery life of other products.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

After intense research for writing this unbiased Beats Flex Review for you, we have concluded that beats flex a legit product, and there is no harm or waste of money in purchasing these magnetic ear buds. The only thing that is to be thought about clearly before purchasing it is that if you are ok with the quality of sound and you need to take a test personally before making any decision.

What are people saying about this product? 

We have scrolled the social media platforms for gaining knowledge about people’s perspectives on this product. To our best knowledge, people are having a mixed Beats Flex Review to this new version of wireless ear buds because some are facing trouble to use it as a replacement of AirPods while others are enjoying their new companion for music. 

Final Verdict

This incredible version of BeatX is quite exciting and tempting. It makes sense now why it is so in demand in countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you are searching for something that fits into your preferences and budget, then beats flex is the perfect product for your better convenience. 

Kindly share your experience and comments on Beats Flex Review.

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