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Beathel com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Beathel com Reviews 2020

Beathel com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals? >> This article will help in reviewing a website that sells affordable clothing items primarily for women.

Beathel com Reviews: Are you thinking of purchasing clothing items? Clothes are one of the necessities of everyone. So, we must buy high-quality garments. But, they often tend to be expensive. But there’s a website where you can purchase high quality and premium clothes at much lower and affordable prices. That website is Beathel. Their clothing items are generally for women. 

Many reviews also give us the information that their products are of excellent quality and are carefully designed, keeping all the latest fashion trends in mind. Their user traffic is highest in the United States, and they also enjoy a small amount of popularity in the region.

If you’re thinking of purchasing any products from their website, you should read this article first. There are specific details about this website that you must know, and we’re going to reveal them. We’ll also answer the common concern among users – Is Beathel com Legit? Let’s begin by taking a look at the information available below.

What is Beathel com?

Beathel is an online store that offers clothing items and related products. They have a massive collection of clothing items ranging from Tops to Pants and also includes Jumpsuits, Robes, Lounges, Dresses, and their selection for clothes in Spring and Summer season. 

Their products, in addition to being of superior quality, are also very affordable. These reasons have made them a little famous in countries like the United States. This website, however, doesn’t enjoy a massive amount of popularity.

Let us move further to know more on Beathel com Reviews.

Beathel com Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Clothing items majorly for women.
  • Processing Duration: exact duration unclear.
  • Delivery: 25 days (free shipping over orders of $79).
  • Returns: a 30-day return policy is present on all products with a few exceptions.
  • Exchange: applicable.
  • Refund Period: within seven days of receiving the returned item.
  • Payment Method: Credit Card & Debit Card.

Beathel com Pros:

  • They have an extensive collection of a variety of clothing items.
  • Their products are affordable and come with all the essential policies.
  • The quality of their products is premium and is durable.

Beathel com Cons: 

  • There’s a possibility that this site could be a scam and sells unauthentic items.
  • They charge a 10% cancellation fee on canceling an order after 24 hours of placing it.
  • There is the availability of the mixed Beathel com Reviews.

Is Beathel com Legit?

We did proper research before making any conclusion and commenting on the legitimacy of this website. Despite exhausting research, we are unable to confirm the authenticity of this website. We’ll state the reasons for the same.

The website is not maintained correctly and doesn’t look appealing. The contact information is absent, which is the most crucial website that must be present. Its popularity is also on the lower end. The social media presence is too tiny. 

All of these indicate that this site could be fraudulent. Surprisingly, on a few platforms, the customer reviews are positive, and on others, it’s negative. So, we can’t say anything for sure about the legitimacy of this website.

 Is Beathel com Legit? It could be, but we can’t know anything with certainty. However, buying from this website is risky for the same reason.

Beathel: Customer and User Reviews

We looked at several customer responses from several platforms to determine the customer response to this website’s products. Surprisingly, the customer Beathel com Reviews were different on every platform. 

On some platforms, the answer was positive, and their products received praise for their pricing, quality, and designs. On other platforms, users were critical of this website, and some reports also called this website likely to be fraudulent. Overall, the customer response is mixed with positive responses outnumbering the adverse reactions by a reasonable amount.

Final Verdict

Beathel claims to have been operating for a few years. Their collection of clothing items is massive. The cost of their products is also reasonable. They deliver in all major locations and offer free delivery on selected products. 

All relevant policies, like return, refund are also applicable to their products. But, there are some concerns regarding the legitimacy of this website. So, Is Beathel com Legit? We cannot say for sure, but there’s a small risk associated with purchasing their products.

In our opinion, if you want to take the risk and purchase their products, you can. If not, you can visit any other popular and recognized clothing store. 

Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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  1. I ordered 3 blouses from Beathel in September 2020, and was notified that my order was shipped (from where??) on Oct. 5. The order was tracked to a Pitney Bowes facility in New Jersey, arriving there on Sept. 23. One month later and I have not received it. Beathel says it’s because of COVID and will not give me a refund. The USPS says they know nothing of the facility in NJ. This is not a reliable vendor! I wish I had done some research before I placed my order.

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