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Bcartor Reviews [April 2020] – Read This Before Buying

Bcartor Reviews [March 2020] - Read This Before Buying

Bcartor Reviews [April 2020] – Read This Before Buying -> In this article, you get to know about an online clothing store for women.

Get your hands on the best clothing site for women, Bcartor.

We were asked about this website recently, and thus we decided to share a review of this website with our readers. As the Bcartor Reviews are not widely available on the internet, customers might find it challenging to know about the site.

As per the recent trends, this website is trendy in the United State, but it makes delivery all over the globe. But if this is so, why are the reviews about this website not available? Is bcartor com scam or legit?

In this blog, you will find the answers to this question along with many other features, advantages, and customer reviews of the site.

If you are a regular online shopper and want to try this site put as well, then read this detailed review and then decide what is better for you.

What is Bcartor?

A clothing site, bcartor com sells clothing items for women. It has categories of tank tops, tees, blouses, shirts, suits, and coats. The company is based out of China and says that it delivers to over 120 countries.

If you are looking for the latest trends and recent styles, then this site might disappoint you. This website has clothing items that were popular 2-3 years ago. You might find rare pieces that go with today’s trend.

But if you are looking forward to buying clothes that seem simple, elegant, and comfortable, then this website can be a preferable one. The site avails free shipping for orders above $50.

Is Bcartor worth the money?

Is every online website worth the money? No, right? But still, we try to discover unique sites that give us unique items. As this site is recently made or registered, we cannot conclude anything as of now.

The website might be genuine but may take some time to develop itself. Or it might be a scam as well. There is not a lot of evidence that we can use to prove anything. Thus, it would be better if we allow some time for this website to speak for itself.

Specifications of Bcartor:

  • Website- women clothing
  • Address- Fujian, China
  • Shipping time- 7 days
  • Delivery time- 5-21 days
  • Cancellation- to be made in 24 hours
  • Exchange- allowed (only within seven days)
  • Returns- applicable but item to be returned in 15 days
  • Refund- allowed (the company will deduct the shipping cost and will refund the leftover amount)
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Debit cards, and Credit cards

Advantages of buying from Bcartor:

  • You can get to purchase comfortable clothing items
  • The price range of the clothes is affordable
  • The company has mentioned all the required info on the website
  • You can exchange and return the item
  • You can also ask for a refund
  • You can select your size of clothing
  • The company delivers all the things globally

Where does Bcartor lack?

  • A customer can make payment online through an online process
  • If you ask for a refund, then the shipping fee will be deducted
  • If you wish to exchange the item, then that has to be done in 7 days which is a lesser time
  • Delivery may take too long

What are customers saying about Bcartor?

The website is a new one, and there is not a lot of buzz about it yet. And also, the website does not mention any customer reviews or ratings on it. But what we found on other review pages is something that we will be sharing with you.

Very few customers were satisfied with what they received. And most of the customers regretted the purchase. According to a few buyers, they did not receive anything from the website even after placing a bulky order. And some did not get the refund.

Final Verdict

As there are so many online shopping sites in the market, people keep purchasing items. But even after having so many online stores already, many companies are coming up with more and more clothing sites along with footwear and accessories.

This website is registered only in 2020; thus, we cannot say much about this one currently. We recommend our readers to check more details about this website in your network and social media pages. As time passes by, we will get more clarity about the site.

Hence, if any one of you would like to try it out, then place your order and share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Total scam! Sent me a old blue hospital mask instead! During the middle of a major pandemic. Then claimed car seats were delivered. Don’t use!!!!!

      1. Omg!!!! Don’t use your carseat. They aren’t quality and a crash will break and kill your baby!! I just read a police report on these “Name brand” car seats being sold for nite than 50% of retail price.

  2. Omg I bought a car seat too. I’m going to dispute it with my bank because I’m not getting a response for why my order hasn’t shipped.

    1. Did I just get scammed 🙁 I am so upset …ugh i guess i should have researched the site way more!! It looked so legit.

    1. I haven’t received mine and no answer from them. Total scam! I’m disputing the charge through PayPal, hopefully I’ll get my money back. Thought because the site let u use PayPal that it would be trustworthy. Wrong!

  3. I ordered a car seat on 4/7/2020…it’s now 4/28/2020 and all the tracking information I have, still show it’s “in process” in China. I have emailed the “customer service” twice and heard nothing! Thankfully I did use a credit card that has Fraud Protection, so I will give them till 5/7/2020 (1 month total)…then I will contact my credit card company!

  4. I ordered a carseat and thought the payment didnt get to the end of the transaction so I went through it again. So I’m toget 2 carseats and bo way to get it turned around. I placed order(s) on April 13th…… Nothing…… the email posted in the transaction for paypal is NON WORKING (I get a mail demon saying it’s an inactive or non working email) the USPS tracking deal says the tracking number has been made but NOT SHIPPED. the paypal info says it’s been shipped. I’ll go to my bank to see about shutting this down and I get my money back

  5. I haven’t got my car seat either! I ordered mine on March 28. I just emailed them again. Have heard nothing. Shoot. Good to know I’m not alone. I have been so frustrated.

  6. I ordered a car seat as well on 4/26. I disputed it with PayPal 2 days later after reading these comments and they investigated this and determined the dispute was valid and refunded my money.

  7. I ordered on April 9th and for some small bag of crap on Sep 24th with USPS. This is total scam. I am disputing the transaction through paypal. This is shit.

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