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Avocaw Reviews {August 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam?

Avocaw Reviews

Avocaw Reviews {August 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam? >> If you want to buy a portable sewing machine for pet projects, then read reviews here.

Always searching for a good quality portable sewing machine for your home. Then looking at the variety Avocaw has to offer will help you out.

Portable sewing machines are light in weight, which makes sure you can carry it around with you wherever you go.

It is an on the go machine that will help you fix that massive tear on your blouse in minutes.

The product brings us to the Avocaw Reviews that presents an analysis of a site that has been recently established. 

The website provides a United States based address that is commonly used by scam sites. Hence that will be one of the main focuses of this review.

What is Avocaw?

The Avocaw is an online seller of portable sewing machines, sewing kits, and needle threader that could help its purchaser make a garment’s quick repairs

A most unique product on the site is the automatic needle threader sewing inserter. The threading of a needle is always a difficult task, and this product indeed makes that easy.

This website will provide you with the best starter kit for a DIY sewing project. In this Avocaw Reviewsyou will find that the site was created 24 days ago. 

The description in the about us section talks of selling shoes and luxury men’s wear, which is different from product range on it. 

Raising questions of its legitimacy, do you agree? It is essential to notice that the site has no distinction of the product categories, and everything is thrown on its home page.  

There are social media links provided, but they only direct you to your own social media page! 

Specifications of the Avocaw:

  • Products- portable sewing machines, sewing kit, and automatic needle threader  
  • Website-
  • Email- Contact@Avocaw.Com
  • Phone number- (715) 864-8871
  • Shipping/processing time- dispatched on the same day if order placed before 11 am 
  • Delivery time- will depend on the country you live in 
  • Shipping fee- no information provided 
  • Returns- processed within 14 working days 
  • Exchange- same process as the returns 
  • Refunds- usually made within 2-4 weeks 
  • Online Payment- can only be made using PayPal.
  • Valid Reviews – Avocaw Reviews not available

Pros of the Avocaw:

  • The website ships out of the United States 
  • There is a selection of helpful sewing products 
  • They deliver the products worldwide 
  • The website has a valid SSL certificate 
  • The contact information is complete on the site 

Cons of the Avocaw:

  • The address provided on the site is fake 
  • The return date is not offered on the site 
  • All social media links will be redirected to your own 
  • The website was created only 24 days prior 
  • All the products on the site are expensive 

Is the Avocaw legit or a scam? 

After an analysis of the site, we, in this Avocaw Reviews,found that it was created only 24 days ago. Hence there is not enough information to make a precise analysis.

But it can be said that this site possesses a valid SSL certificate that is mandatory for protecting a customer. 

The sites about us section talk about fashion products like luxury men’s clothing and shoes, which is the complete opposite of the products displayed on the site. 

Another noteworthy thing about the site is that the address they provide on the site is entirely fake and is actually a residential lot that is up for purchase. 

So, the email address and the phone number could be a fake too. This strange mix raises red flags regarding the site! However, it is still too early to call the place a scam. 

What do the customers have to say about the Avocaw?

As mentioned above in this Avocaw Reviews that this website was created only 24 days ago. Thus, there are no customer reviews currently available on the site.

The website is too young to make up your mind about the website, making purchases from it potentially unsafe. 

Even though the site has an HTTPS connection, one cannot be sure if you will actually receive the purchase or not. 

Final Verdict- 

The Avocaw site is too new to make any conclusions regarding it. The site is secure, as there is an HTTPS connection present on the site. 

But the simple mistakes in its layouts regarding no product classification or product description make it a shoddy site. 

They may make improvements, but for now, it is best not to invest your money on any product from Avocaw. 

We reviewed Avocaw Reviews with all details.

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